🏡 How to Store Too Many Groceries in a 13 SQM Small Condo Unit?

Hello Tansyong Lovers are you having hard time, where keep you groceries as you have limited space? Now in this #Vlog - another Condo Unit Raid wherein the unit owner shares a secret on how he keep his “too many groceries” in his food storage yet without sacrificing his comfort . Hope you’ll enjoy

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I already showed you guys on how to design your small apartment to accommodate numerous visitors in one setting in my previous blog post. Today, a certified foodie named Migs Bermido will share his own approach on how he maximized his 13 sqm condo unit especially he is a self-confessed Food Hoarder.

Migs loves inviting his neighbour inside his tiny space and cook for them. Indeed, he is fascinated of letting his friends, visitors and neighbour consumed his food supplies.

Congressman nga ang tawag nila sa akin (They even tagged me as a politician) “he jokingly said.

 Undeniably, his cabinetries are full of food supplies, his refrigerator is jam-packed of drinks, his fridge is occupied of too many processed foods and meats, above his cabinetries - you can find a lot of cereals , wines and on the floor, he put a plate rack wherein most of the space is full goodies.

“Isn’t it obvious with my body?” he added.

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Watch the Video Below:
Indeed, he has planned to install more cabinets in the future for more food storage. This guy is truly amazing on how he was able to maximize his small condo unit without sacrificing his love of foods. He even managed to cook foods inside his room using an 8 in 1 multi-cooker.

Moreover, hoarding too many foods inside in small apartment is everyone’s challenge mostly -living in the urban zone. We opted to buy at the fast food restaurant or even frequently bought ready-to eat foods in Carenderia and we tend to forget  – to live a homey feeling – cooking foods, dining after and washing dishes.  And with Migs, he still maintains the lifestyle of living in a big house yet he is inside a 13 square meter studio apartment.

📍 Location: Sierra Madre St. Brgy Highway hills, Mandaluyong City, 69 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines

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