The Best Birthday Gift Ever I Gave To Myself – New Condo Unit.

In the hierarchy of needs, “shelter” is one of the aspects that we really prioritized. It is difficult to us, living without the so called home. In this blog post of mine, I’ll be sharing you what gift I gave to myself for my upcoming 30th birthday on September 2017.

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All living things needs home, and so do we – humans – need it the most.  We allocated a portion of our income monthly for our house. That might be for a mortgage payment, rental payment or if you owned your house, you still spend for the maintenance on it. Undeniably, each one of us dreamt of having a decent place where we can take rest after a long day of working.  

Since I was in college, I already dreamt of owning a dwelling place. In fact, I set a time frame that when I reached 25 years old; I should have my own house and lot – under my name. I got extremely disappointed because when I reached 25, I still had no house. However, I was still staying on rental property. It saddens me as I didn’t hit my target time, so I gave up; and started to set another time frame for myself and slowly began to save money for it. Honestly, that was not easy; it was a mixed feeling of pressure and homeless.

Looking back in the past, after a quick computation of my paid rental for a span of how many years I am renting, I got alarmed because looking back to the whole amount that I paid for my rent, I can even now buy a new car in total.

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From then, I started to ask myself “Until when I’m gonna pay the rent and experience with no to little freedom of accepting visitors to hangout inside your place? Until when I’ll feel this unsecured feeling of being homeless?”  With those being asked, I started to search an affordable, micro-living condo which is located in the heart of the metro. I gave up the option of owning a house and lot after realizing that “house and lot” is not appropriate to the needs of the lifestyle that I’m living. I considered my enough monthly income to pay mortgage, the access to my work, and the place wherein many opportunities exist.  And so, the option of owning condo is the top of the list in decision making.

I got some negative feedback that owning a condo is not a practical option for a long term plan. But based on my rational thinking – it is practical for me because the “call of my income source” is located in the urban zone. Indeed, long term versus short term plans is both subjective to each one of us. Your perspective in of a short term might long term for me. I don’t wanna live in a house and lot located in remote areas like Cavite, Rizal or Bulacan wherein I need to travel two-three hours every day just to get to the workplace. This property is perfect for me as a simple employee, Filipino Youtuber , Lifestyle and Travel blogger.

With my determination and strong belief in my dream, I got now a newly built condo located in the metro. I’ll be moving soon on September 2017 and I considered it as the best birthday gift to myself ever, among others. Though I wasn’t able to get it on my 25th Birthday but every blessing comes in the right timing. And now I realized why I didn’t get that dreamt “house and lot” based on my set time frame because every event has a reason.  Maybe that was not for me.

My newly condo unit – I might say that this is one of my best achievements as an individual who is dreaming. Though, my condo unit is quite small but I knew that all of my needs in a home concept – I can get it – accepting my visitors and allowing them to hang out without any fears of getting your landlord mad.  Indeed, it is a micro-living concept, small but homey and that’s what matters that most to me. I’ll no longer pay for the rental and later on I’ll still ended up homeless. Instead, my mortgage bill is like a saving that later on, I’ll still end up having my home under my name.

Truly, I just realized that it’s not the size of the house or the price matters. It is about giving yourself a decent place where you can take rest after a long day of working far away from any bothersome of innumerable “What ifs”. I’m not bragging to you guys that I got a new condo yet this is a way for me to motivate you – you can also dream and slowly reach it with your determination and perseverance. Never get disappointed if you initially didn’t reach your goal because it is sweeter if you’ll hit it in DUE TIME.


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