#MotivationalMonday; Why We Have To Be Rational In Choosing Friends?

Another Motivational Monday, A blog post that will surely make you smile since this post is very realistic and quite funny. You guys can relate to on this.

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Good Morning! It’s Monday and same old song, it’s the start of the week in whom everyone asks – Ilang araw nalang ba? Weekend na! What a brilliant way to motivate thy selves to face the whole week with no absences in the work. Well, I understand, we’re in the same page. Kahit ako, ganyan din. I used “countdown method” to motivate myself going to work and unconsciously, it’s already weekend.

Speaking of inspiration, let me share you this somewhat funny motivational photo blog (PLOG). Actually, this is an original content that I wrote, maybe four years ago after I came back from a travel in Calaguas Island. Obviously, that photo was captured on the top of the hill in Calaguas with my newly travel friends.

Ang pagpili ng kaibigan ay ginagamitan ng katalinuhan.Bakit? Dahil ang pakikipag-kaibigan parang Greenhills yan. Alam mo namang puro PEKE, Bakit mo pa pupuntahan” – Tansyong Orbuda.

Maybe there is no need for me to illustrate the meaning, isn’t it? Indeed, we all have to be rational in choosing a friend; because choosing friends is like shopping – you have to distinguish which is real and which is fake.

Once again happy Monday.

๐Ÿ“ Location: Calaguas, Camarines Norte, Philippines

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