At Some Point In My Life, I Am Dreaming Of Becoming A Fire Dancer.

Fire Dancing is one of (risky) activities that I am really interested of doing, among others. While watching the performers dancing with the fire, it seemingly invites me to execute it as well. It was like a dare to me.
The first time I tried handling POI was during my Calaguas Travel-few years ago. I've met this POI instructress randomly. She was one of the joiners in backpacking travel organized by a famous travel blogger James Betia. I told her that I‘m really interested in learning such an act. She let me use her Poi saying “Just show me how you dance, with the POI yet without any basic knowledge of Poi dancing”.

“Just feel the music, close your eyes and connect yourself to the poi “she added.

I was surprised because I successfully executed the dance with poi, for the first time.  According to her, it shows on my moves that I am really interested and I have the guts to become a fire dancer.

Believing in her influential statement, I exposed myself to random fire dancers in Puerto Galera whenever I had a chance to go there. It was like hitting two birds – having friends and learning the act for free. They taught me some basic techniques and slowly I learned them after a few sessions.

Until now, whenever I have idle time, I watch some instructional videos on YouTube.

Truly, when you’re interested in something, it is frustrating not to satisfy our impetus. In this case, I really wanted to learn this Fire Dance and I’ll find a way as much as I can to master this craft. In fact, I am saving a portion of my daily allowance so that I can buy POI in the future.

Watch the video below:

๐Ÿ“ Location: White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

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