πŸŽ‚ Sweet Memoir at Sugar Cravings Unlimited Desserts – Quezon City.

If you’re a sugar-lover, then join me in this food trip as BEST BITE visits this buffet restaurant that caters for those who are yearning for sweetness.

“Sugar Cravings” is a buffet restaurant that offers unlimited sweet foods which only cost PHP199. Anything comes up in your mind that has something to do with diabetes este, sweet dessert, it is available. Cakes, Muffins, candies, Champrado, Fruit Salad, Juice and Syrups and many more – you can find it here. The said restaurant is located at #17, Sgt. Rivera St, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Aside from the sweets, they also offer an ala carte meal which is amounting to PHP100 – Garlic Beef Tapa, Porkchop Alaprobre, Creamy Chicken Fillet and Fried Bangus which are perfect to balance the sweetness (nakaka-umay din). They also served various flavours of potato fries which is good for sharing and it only cost another PHP100 on the top of PHP199. Bottled Soda, Pasta and Hot Drinks are also available with another corresponding price.

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The price is amounting PHP 199 and you’ll enjoy the unbounded sugariness of this buffet restaurant. Personally, it is worth for the price for the reason that if I’m gonna breakdown the sum of what I ate, it will be probably amounting more than what I paid (Mukhang nalugi nga ata sila sa akin, kasi one week ako di kumain para paghandaan ang foodtrip na to). The availability of the sweets is being displayed, not just for the eyes only, but to satisfy your gastronomic cravings.

The ambiance of the place is perfect for pink-lovers, which is for me, it is so feminine; well, there’s a saying - real men wear pink so, men are also welcome here (just don’t feel awkward and insecure on your masculinity) . Noticing the restroom signage, “MEN to the left because WOMEN are always right”, obviously, this is a place that celebrates the power of women (Gabriela ata may-ari nito haha!). 

This is also ideal for lovers who are just starting to build up the relationship (yung kilig moment pa) or those who tried to fix the relationship (yung pahiwalay naman... HAHAHA! ) .But I must articulate that kids will definitely enjoy the most inside this place because the whole design including the furniture is visually playful. The colours and saturations remind me of a doll house.

The desserts that are being offered are freshly served and don’t worry; the restaurant has a good ventilation, so food spoilage is not an issue.

What I love about this restaurant was that – You can request a banana split (or kahit ano) in a plate with a design on it for free. You can write your name or messages using colourful syrup. It is perfect for social media users because personalizing and posting it in social media is a big thing in sharing a rigid experience. Somewhat, it is also beneficial for the restaurant when it comes to marketing and branding.

Nevertheless, the desserts are worth it naman and hopefully di ako magka diabetes. I was just overwhelmed when I arrived at the restaurant and grabbed all the sweets into my plate. Please be advised to make sure that you should munch through what’s on your plate since they have “NO LEFT OVER POLICY” and “NO BRINGING IT TO YOUR HOME”.

That is it for our BEST BITE Episode. Tell us your experience in this RESTO; bad and good; just leave your comments down below if you have any suggestion that they could have done differently to improve their service.

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πŸ“ Location: 17 Sgt. Rivera St, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila, Philippines

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