PROOF: Separated At Birth – Queen Rogelia and Super Tansyong . (PHOTOS)

We tend to idolize because that individual might have an impact positively in our life. Perhaps that person motivates us and enriches us – based on his or her life story itself. In this blog post, I’ll share you guys my idol, who recently brought us a massive laughter by his simple gestures – the king of catwalk named Queen Rogelia.

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Irrefutably, I am a huge fan of Rogelia since then, when he was not yet famous. I’ve been following him on his Facebook and IG because of his lifestyle. Indeed, I am also curious how he get his luxurious life in UK, upon eyeing his post in his Facebook account.

In just a short span of time, he became famous when he was discovered due to his funny videos on his social media. Rogelia went back home here in PH to cross the threshold in showbiz. Until his story was featured in MAGPAKAILANMAN and he narrated where he came and started from.

He proudly admitted that he used to be a scavenger of garbage in Payatas. His story is very inspiring and it has a positive impact to me. I didn’t imagine that behind his fancy life in the UK is a humble beginning. It motivates me to be more focus on my dream and be grateful in every single blessing that I have.

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Meanwhile, below are my photos that unintentionally, it has the same shots of Queen Regalia’s photos. I was browsing my old photos saved in my laptop and it’s hilarious to see these photos that are extremely similar to my idol’s photos. What a twist of fate?


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