๐Ÿ“น How Do I Think Of A Topic In My Blog? , A Fan Asked.

Watch this video post as Jonathan “Tansyong” Orbuda answers questions from a fan who sent a list of question to him. This post also highlights on how he started his blog and his YouTube channel.

Hello guys, in the video below, an avid fan and my YouTube viewer sent me a list of questions in my Facebook Page. He just started a blog and wanted to know some tips coming from your humble blogger. Well, it is my first time to do a Q and A video due to the fact that I am just new in YouTube. But honestly, I love it because I discovered how to be more interactive to my viewers by answering questions.

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I hope that I can do more Q&A videos in the future.

Thanks for watching guys! If you like this video just share this to your friends if you think that this might be helpful to them. If you also have suggestions consider leaving your comments down below at the comment box.  Don’t be reluctant to keep in touch in my social media.


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