🎬 Fun Getaway at Bet ‘N Choy Farm & Resort – Catigbian,Bohol.

Going back to the childhood is everyone’s goal – those moments that you’re only enjoying life and there was no room for bothersome on your future. In this blog post, I’ll be bringing you to a resort located in Catigbian,Bohol named Bet ‘N Choy wherein I experienced back the way I live my childhood.

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Together with my High School Batchmates – Mirazol , Celyn, Adonis, Melgerie and Dong-dong. We agreed to have a getaway to the nearest resort as much as possible. This plan is a part and a continuation of our “San Isidro High School Grand Alumni Homecoming 2017”. The original plan was to go to Panglao Island yet the majority agreed that it is much better to choose the nearest one. The agreement was being formulated during our first day of Reunion Party held in San Isidro National High School on May 11, 2017.

May 16, 2017, right after the celebration of the San Isidro Town fiesta, we headed towards Bet N’ Choy Farm and Resort which is situated in Catigbian, Bohol. We were disappointed because those who originally attended the meeting did not join and we were only few to continue to the said getaway. But we still continue executing the plan.

We brought the leftover foods from the Fiesta – Lechon Paksiw and we drove towards the resort. Mirazol, together with Celyn drove her car and Melgerie and I rode with Adonis in his car. While our policeman batchmate named Dong-dong drove his motorcycle. Indeed, we’re only few but everyone was excited.

Bet’N Choy Farm and Resort is a newly established recreational place in the Province of Bohol. It offers a lot of swimming pools that has corresponding prices of the entrance fee that will surely fit your budget. There are also cottages to choose to, depending on your needs. This resort is perfect for Boholano’s and visitors from different surrounding provinces of Bohol. Bet’N Choy resort is a family friendly place since this is a family owned business by one of the town’s ex-mayor. Undeniably, the names of the pools and places inside are named after their sons and daughters.
Infront of the SNACK BAR – where you can pay for the pool entrance and cottage. It is a separate fee from the main entrance.

I noticed that the entire vicinity was still under construction and continuously expanding the area. In fact, this place is a talk of the town due to its newly built pools and the facilities were also latest and clean.
Ice cream time (From the left) Celyn Balatayo Orbuda, Melgerie Samuya, Adonis Astronomo, Jonathan Orbuda and Mirazol Pasco.

On my first glance when we arrived, it reminded me of a theme park which is the same concept in some resorts in Luzon. But the difference of Bet’N Choy , it is situated in the middle of nowhere .This is perfect if you really want to escape the urban zone and  you want to change your surrounding into fully green trees and plants.
Bonding moment with Adonis Astronomo. During our high school days, he was one of the womanizers in the batch 2004.

Infront of Doni Ray Lagoon ‘n Cavern Spa. Unfortunately , we were not allowed to swim inside this pool because it wasn’t part of our paid entrance

I tried to flirt the guard in Doni Ray Lagoon ‘n Cavern Spa so that we can go inside and take some photos.

Upper view,  as Melgerie captured my landing moment at the pool after the breath taking slide.

Honestly, I did not enjoy the slide. It was so scary; I just did it for my VLOG.

Our Kulitan Moment with Adonis as we played Karate.

Indulging the moment. (Picture by Melgerie)

Adonis and I, inside the Cavern – A cave concept pool wherein the light’s color changes every now and then.

(From the left) Adonis Astronomo, Jonathan Orbuda and Diosdado “Dong-dong” Sumipo . I never imagine that these two guys are now dad and it is obvious on their tummy. 

As we are going to climb to the top of the “VIEW DECK”

At the top of Bet ‘n Choy viewing deck. (From the left), Diosdado “Dong-dong” Sumipo – he is now a policeman, married with one kid. Mirazol Pasco, a seaman’s wife with one kid and a businesswoman. Melgerie Samuya – she is working in the police station as non-uniformed employee. Celyn Balatayo – a seaman’s wife and working wife. Adonis Astronomo -  a seaman.Jonathan Orbuda – Employee, Youtuber and Blogger.

On the top of Cavern

Inside the Cavern.

Truly, it was a fun getaway with my childhood friends; all of us are already matured and each of us has each own walks of life, but I saw on their face while we were enjoying the jiffy that they missed so much their childhood. I saw how they became stubborn, wild, crazy and limitless when were at the moment and it shows on their gestures, laughter and smiles.

📍 Location: Catigbian, Bohol, Philippines

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