Cainta Rizal ; Bantayog ng Mga Bayani The Hunters-ROTC Guerillas Memorial Shrine

The statue or monument near the center is dedicated to the Hunters-ROTC Guerillas Cainta Chapter (1942-1945).

As a tribute to our National Heroes this Aug 26, 2013, I will be featuring a site that will reminds us the heroic deeds of our ancestors. 

Part of our Rizal Challenge is to include the "Bantayong ng Mga Bayani" The Hunters-ROTC Guerillas Memorial Shrine. So there you go! The Shrine is Located in San Juan, Cainta , Rizal. If you came from Ortigas Or Edsa, You can take a Jeepney or Bus bound to Taytay,Angono or Binangonan via Highway. (PHP 25 for Air-con Bus)So basically, Ortigas Avenue Extension is the Main way and Drop of  at HUNTERS-ROTC Avenue. Take another Jeep and tell the driver to drop you of at  6th St, right at the gate 1 of Youngstown Village. (PHP 8 Jeep). Same thing if you came from Sta. Lucia Mall, ride a jeep bound to Binangonan or Angono. If you came from Antipolo, Binagonan and Angono, same thing , all you need to do is to locate the Hunters-ROTC Avenue. 

If you are from Our Lady of Light Parish Church, Cainta Church, just walk coz its just a meter away. (see map). Tip : Don't ask the tricycle Drivers coz they will offer you an expensive ride.

Let me also give you a heads up about this shrine and a bit of history about it. 

Undeniably , once you arrive at the location wherein the shrine was located, you really felt the darkness of the story behind the monument and murals. You will realize how lucky we are living in a current days , compared to the Filipinos during Japanese Occupation. It was devastating situation, yes it was! The cry of the characters that you will witness in every curve and embossed murals' structure will tell us the hue of their life. 

The Japanese Occupation in the Philippines happened between 1942-1945, when the Japan's Empire invaded the Commonwealth of the Philippines  during World War 2. The Outbreak of World War 2  caused serious disturbances to our Origins. This Era was full of challenges, Japanese military quickly started to organize a government system that  leads to our Origins creating a group to contradict the governance and the Filipino  Guerrillas arises

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December 8, 1941 was the start of the invasion. March 11,1942 at Night Douglas MacArthur leaved the Philippines with the promise " I Shall Return". April 9, 1942 American and Filipino defenders who were starving and sick surrendered to Japanese Military .  Year 1943, that was a year full of  struggle,battles of remaining guerrillas who fought for the Philippines , December 14,1944 - 143 Americans Prisoner on War was burned live in Plaza Cuartel, Palawan ,  Truly, the Japanese happily occupied our country for over three years.  however the loyalty of the Filipinos were still in favor of Americans since they were still holding the promise of General MacArthur 's " I Shall Return". Up until October 20,1444 , General MacArthur fulfilled his promise to comeback, he landed in Island of Leyte with 700 vessels and 174,000 men. The great fight Started Up Until September 2,1945 Japanese formally surrendered . What a Victorious story.

The plaques on the left are the list of "The Roll of Honor" of the
Hunters-Rotc Guerrillas Cainta Chapter 
The statue and mural were both sculpted by F. Hernandez in 2004.

While I was taking a glance of the murals, i was like travelling the past , i really felt the hardship and glorifying victory . These murals was just printed only in my History book  when i was Grade 2 in Bohol. I cant imagine i was able to witness it live, It was an achievement for me. The flashback of my elementary years happened while Im staring  the Murals. 

Great Experience.!!! I am Proud I am Filipino and I am Proud of my Origin

1. Japanese Invasion - 1942

2. The Japanese Occupation

3. Guerilla Secret Assembly

4. The Great Heroes in War

5. The "Good" Defector

6. Mission: Surveillance and Provide Food Supply

7. Saving a U.S. Pilot

8. Rolling Troops Camp

9. Receiving Arms and Supply

10. The Leyte Landing - Oct,1944

11. Arising to Victory

12. Liberation of Cainta - Feb 22, 1945

13. "Friendship Day" 

Aug 26, 2013 Happy National Heros' Day

๐Ÿ“ Location: Cainta, Philippines

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  1. Good to know our History! Thanks for sharing this, may ganito pala sa Cainta that is worth visiting.

  2. absent ako sa history class eh kaya salamat sa pag-share nito, ngayon alam ko na. ;)

    1. Ikaw Talaga Maam!! kasi naman matulog kasi ng maaga at ng makapasok ka sa history class mo! nuod kasi ng nuod ng Dragon ball Z haha

  3. Ang galing, very informative. Keep it up Jonathan :D


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