Why Travel Blog Fails?

In every aspects of life there will be ups and downs. Fluctuation is normal but continuous, rapid and negative losing your travel blogging momentum is not anymore good. There are factors that affect the numbers of your readers and followers. When it comes to increasing the numbers, there are various ways and tricks how to increase your readers. But how about the reasons why readers left? Usually we ignored this thing.

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In this Post, I will be writing my own experience why a reader evaporates unconsciously that affects your traffic. 

Wrong Target Readers.

Within two months of superseding the world of Travel Blog, I found out a major reason why Travel Blog failed. One major reason is your wrong target readers, why I said so?

During my first month of blogging, my momentum of eagerness to travel and write is a lighthouse, too high and light giving. My focus is to write and narrate my own story about my travel. 

Furthermore, I’m also reading those travel blogs which I idolized the most. I am writing my articles, leaving footprints to the other travel blog posts and at the same time I adapt their style of blogging. I’m writing my own tales to inform the travel blogger community that I also blog. So far, the response was good, in my first post there were two or three comments from a travel blogger saying “Great post, very informative, and etc”. 

Moreover, having those comments made me feel success and satisfied, it’s a bit of bliss but it was a huge wrong perception. 

I just realized I am not blogging for other travel bloggers however the main intention of my blog is to inform all readers. My travel blog style was made unconsciously to cater the travel bloggers and not anymore to the readers. I used terminologies which a travel blogger can only understand, maybe because of too much idolizing of famous travel bloggers. Therefore, as an ordinary reader who is only searching in the internet for the specific information will leave right away. 

Remember :  
An Attorney that blog about Law will get readers which are Lawyers also. But an Attorney who wrote a blog to cater the clients will get client readers. The thing here is, attorney’s populations are few but client readers are innumerable. In the same fashion, A TV Network is not producing a program so that the other TV networks can watch, instead they created a quality programs for their Televiewers.

Now, if you want to become a successful travel blogger, don’t blog for your co-travel bloggers yet write a blog that will bring the stories to your readers. 

I tried to change my writing approach, and the result was great. I got more comments from Anonymous users compared to the numbers of co travel bloggers who only leave “Great, Very Informative Phrases”. 

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, I checked your blog . it was great adventure. hope we can meet soon to do an adventure

  2. Interesting post with some very valid points. I especially think the thing about target audiences is true, although just 'not travelling' probably doesn't help either!


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