Cherish the Still Cache at Thunderbird Resort in Binangonan,Rizal

Moments of total unwinding crosses the highway of blog or online and work related norms only and when drastic and tiring Rizal Challenge Travel were beaten, void less office work got its final supervised and mind cramming Computer Works were given a perfect concluding incentives and salary. So for the second time around, I didn’t let myself missed ever a minute of live through at the undeniably luxurious yet harmony equipped spot of relaxation which I used to call “sosyal na bangin.

The View from my Room

A one in a million among other venues for lodging, even though it is not as massive as compared to most of the extravagant and popularly known five star hotels in the urban definitely bestowed us the quietude against the academe-scoped routines. Through the unconditional love of my Pillar Publication family I was invited to end my Rizal Challenge Travel in Thunderbird Resorts Hotel. The said Invitation rose because I have to talk the newbies of the Publication on their Seminar as a guest speaker

At first glance, it couldn’t be imagined that the hilly innermost edge of Binangonan there exists a magnanimous place where families even VIPs bond themselves with their next of kin and carry out team-building activities while freeing from strain. One could not resist the tamed atmosphere in addition with the brilliant sceneries of resembling tranquility.

Thunderbird Resort Hotel, Such site of lodge is considered as one of the best retreat itineraries not just in Binagonan but also in other neighbor metropolis.

In spite of half whirling road along the seemingly ticklish way through the exact location of the Hotel, the overlooking view ahead envisaged the uplifting sentiments at hand. Cluster of lights all over the town sparked the merriment as our wheels smoothly roll towards the thoroughfare. And as I go further, my soul feels astray with what my eyes conceive and the excitement what lies ahead.

Finally, as I set forth with the domain of thunderbird, a horde of eye-gleaming views parade in my sight. Approaching in front of me was the elegant main entrance where the entire panorama of the hotel can be seen. Across it lies the extensive golf course with the evenly trimmed grasses and the petty pond. Undeniably, the roster of luxurious to the simplest car proved that the hotel is really s sought spot for the nature dwellers.
At the very moment we entered the lobby, the relative hospitality of the employees there made us feel overwhelmed. Fostering such fair treatment with their guests engenders a feeling at ease.

A few steps away from the entrance and lobby are the wide array of walled-in units of lodge occupying two-storey concrete structure. Rooms inspired by classic style of designs hone peace and harmony. Its four corners face solemn ambiance and silhouettes laxative.

The Garden
Meanwhile, the clear bluish water of the swimming pool can spotted just beside the terrace of the foyer. Adjacent to it is the alluring Jacuzzi where a circle of guests love to lean around and mingle with their companions. Of course, I also managed to flatter our very own arms and legs win the chlorine-less pool together with or fellows.

On the other hand, who can forget the unlimited Wi-Fi galore! The boundless access in Facebook, Twitter and mostly to comment the Post of my Fellow Bloggers, Chatting online with missed bodies and at the same time watching YouTube will complete your entire day .Undoubtedly, surfing the net is best experience with laptop just in front.

The Shower
After a tiresome yet pleasurable exploring, I savored the palatable set of cuisines offered to us. Though each plate should be shared by two heads, our munching session still found its own way to satisfy my own cravings. The presence of sharing was exhibited on all sides of the seats

At the end of the sumptuous stay, one thing emerged in our mindset. Contentment in life is not just being a materialistic in life and having deluxe obsession. Acquisitiveness should not be taken as prerequisite to fulfill life. I’ll just realize that having a chance to experience such luxurious ending of travel is a great blissful remembrance for a lifetime aside from giving a motivation to the young writers.

Ornamental Coconuts
And I as put one step forward for my farewell step, I gave rise to another promise of bringing back myself in that pick of landscape. Taking a last glance and keeping a picture of the gratification I’ve conquered within
Employee smiling while doing his job

The Hotels

Infinity Pool

Cross Bridge going to the Bar 

Perfect for Picnic

The Plaza

One Way



Golf Area

Panoramic View in front

Golf Area

The Outdoor bar wherein you can use the VideoOK Unlimited

Food to the maximum level

📍 Location: Binangonan, Philippines

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  1. ang ganda ng resort kaya lang, mukhang pang-mayaman nga. hehe.. ;P

  2. Splendid! They have another one in La Union but I have not been to both. Sana you took photos of the interior too :)

    1. The Room is just ordinary room tulad ng ibang hotels, ang kinuha namin ay good for 4 pax


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