Jardin de Miramar : Your Private Garden in the Sky

Just a minute away from Ortigas is a beautiful green haven called Jardin de Miramar. Located at 276 San Jose Extension, Antipolo City, the mountain ranges , springs and waterfalls make Jardin de Miramar the perfect, cool setting for elegant weddings and all kinds of celebrations, or for simply relaxing with family and friends

It was an achievement for me to interview the owner of Jardin De Miramar, Aug 9, 2013 up-close and personal, Mrs. Edna Del Rosario an owner of Miramar Realty who is residing in Makati , narrated her success story on how she come up with Jardin de Miramar. “Miramar is my first Company that I owned” she said. “Since this is a Garden, I came up with Jardin De Miramar” as she added.
Upclose and Personal with The Owner.

With the full green surrounding and a picture perfect location, make sure to load your camera’s batteries into100% because every corner of the place are great area to capture.

Jardin de Miramar is open to any ocular visits to all travel bloggers. If you came from Metro, you can take any means of transportation as long as you will get in Antipolo Cathedral, from there just ask the locals where you can ride a tricycle going to Jardin de Miramar. Take note that the fare is 10 pesos only. Just go directly to the reception area and tell them that you’re a blogger and they will assist you the most.

Jardin de Miramar offers you the following facilities:


Such amazing like Garden in Eden
Simply Italian for Paradise.
The stately royal palms and serenity waterfalls of Paradiso create a totally new ambiance of a tropical paradise. This multi-level garden can accommodate 200 people and can flow into the Pergola, so you can have a party of almost 1,600 people using adjacent area.

The Meaning of pergola is an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants.
Adjacent to Paradiso, this handsomely manicured yet nature-inspired garden can be dressed up beautifully for wedding since a Pergola, strategically located in the area serves as a place where a Mass or a service can be performed. Pergola seats 80 people comfortably and can open up to Paradiso, which can seat another 200 people.

It means a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance
A three-tiered terrace that can accommodate 100 to 870 people. The unique layered architecture of this area makes it ideal for private family get-together.


Mass or service are also conducted here
 True to its name, Intramuros is a mini –version of Manila’s old walled city with adobe walls reminiscent of turn-of-the-century Spanish Architecture. Plants are encrusted in the arches of the wall and open up to a second area called plaza. This enclosed area gives any celebration privacy and can accommodate 100 to 120 people.


The Plaza, The Real Panoramic Plaza
It means an open space or square
With a slightly different ambiance from Intramuros, Plaza provides a natural extension to Intramuros, It can also be used as a totally separate entertainment venue. Plaza can accommodate 170 to 630 people.


The Perfect children’s playground and party place. Galera has an imposing 30-footer boat, a lighthouse, bridges and totem poles, reconstructed from an actual 50-year old fishing boat. It is also has seesaws and swings and a pyramid tree that can actually be climbed. Kids are sure to have a ball in this place. Can accommodate 150 to 250 guests.

Casa Santa.

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Casa Santa : House of  Thousand Santas
Enjoy Christmas all year round. Everything and anything Christmas that is sure to give joy to the hearts of kids and even adults. Group tours are encouraged and a minimal entrance fee is charged. Reservations are requested prior to visit.

More of Casa Santa Click here

For more information and reservations:
Tel nos.  576-4358 * 817-1591
Fax : 817-1591 Mobile : 0917-5764358

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๐Ÿ“ Location: Antipolo City, Philippines

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