The National Inland Fisheries Technology Center (NIFTC) traces its roots from the one-hectare provincial fishery project established by the province of Rizal in 1939, primarily for the collection and identification of flora and fauna of Laguna de Bay. After the war in 1947, it was transferred to the Division of Fisheries under the Department of Agriculture and Commerce and was renamed Tanay Limnological Station.

Tanay National Inland Fisheries Technology Center 

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In 1954, it was expanded to 2.5 hectares and developed as the Central Luzon Demonstration Fish Farm for the culture of freshwater fishes under the Bureau of Fisheries. It was later expanded into the three hectares and renamed Tanay Freshwater Experimental Station under the Philippine Fisheries Commission. The station was renamed as Tanay Research Laboratory in 1970 and its main thrust was mass production of carps.

With the reconstitution of BFAR as a line bureau, the station was designated as the national center for carp production and research. The center is located at Km 52 Manila East Road, Suyoc, Tanay, Rizal. It is accessible by both the old provincial road and the Manila East Road.

The NIFTC has the following functions:
• Serve as the Philippine germplasm center for common carp and major carp species and other freshwater fishes;
• Conduct stock assessment and limnological studies of Laguna de Bay and other major lakes / reservoir;
• Develop / verify appropriate aquaculture technologies for packaging, replication and dissemination;
• Organize and implement specialized training courses to upgrade the skills and competence of BFAR regional farm managers / technicians and scientists;
• Provide specialized advisory / technical services to aquaculture project management and operations

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