Motivating the Future Reportorial Writers and Travel Bloggers.

Sharing your experiences in life that you’ve went through is a tremendous help to anybody. In a persuasive approach of telling your story, it can be a huge change to an individual. That is my purpose during my talk as a motivational speaker in a Seminar at Thunderbird Casino and Resort in Binangonan Rizal.
Aiming High, and Team Spirit
I was sharing emotionally

It was August 11, 2013, the end date of my Rizal Travel. I was invited to speak in a seminar on journalism. It was a three-day seminar for Campus Journalism. Since I was also nurtured in four corners of a newsroom when I was in college; it’s my pleasure to share the learning that I acquired in a whole span of time I stayed in The Pillar Group of Publication. Giving a heads up on what are things ahead to them is a preparation to become an armored journalist in the future.
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Moreover, the Young journalists enjoyed already the Facilities of the said resort since it was their second day of accommodation. As per Dr. Shelanie Dacumos, Adviser, they already tackled some topics about journalism during the first day of the palaver with some speakers.

I admit I can write but not as well as other journalists since Journalism is not my major course. I am a graduate of Economics course who became a writer by training and what I can share is not focusing on the technicalities of writing however what I can share to the newbies are things how they become motivated writers despite everything that hinds them to become productive.

The young reportorial team members were divided into two separate groups to build a sub-team. The First Activity was a team-building game followed by brainstorming for their upcoming Le Pelier Magazine. Prior to the conceptualization proper, it was my moment to share a few of my motivating words.

This is what we called listening skill

Hello My Dear Journalist.

Read more about my speech…. To be posted soon

Lucresia : She Sacrificed her Bra to Win
Truly, Sharing is Caring, the Newbies listened carefully and I can feel that they absorbed those words of wisdom. I Travel not only to enjoy but to create value-laden stories and to experience things that I can share in the future.

Don’t just keep your knowledge; instead, you share it with those who are willing to listen and absorb it. 


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