Experience Christmas any Days of the Year at Casa Santa Museum

Christmas during December is an ordinary story but having Christmas all year round is distinctive tales. Let’s take a look this place located in Antipolo City inside Jardin de Miramar wherein there’s no room for sadness, and red is the dominating color that reflects the happiness, not during Christmas but on a day to day basis.

Casa Santa Playroom

The Modern Santa Claus is a character made up from the combination of two separate figures. The first is Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4rth century bishop of Myra in Lycia, Anatolia in Turkey who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor. The second is Father Christmas, from the 17th century Britain portraying him as a well-nourished bearded man dressed in a long, green, fur-lined robe.

The Dutch brought the ‘Saint Nicolas’ legend to the Americans when they still owned the land of New York. The name Santa Claus was derived from the character’s Dutch name Sinterklaas, whose birthday celebrates on December 5. It was later Americanized to ‘Santa Claus’ but lost his bishop’s apparel and was pictured as a thick- bellied Dutch sailor with a pipe in a green winter coat.

Urban legend has it that the Coca-Cola Company created Santa Claus, in his red and white attire, but this is false; the modern image of Santa Claus was already established in the 1920’s years before the First Coke-promoting Santa was pictured.

Christmas Gift Bringers around the World-Terms Used for Santa Claus:
1.      Santa Claus
2.      Father Christmas ( United Kingdom)
3.      St. Nicolas or St. Nick
4.      Weihnachtsmann (Germany) Means “Holy Night Man”
5.      La Befana (Italy)
6.      Svaty Mikulas (St.Nicolas )or Jeisek (Santa)-Czech
7.      Old man Christmas
8.      Pere Noel (French –speaking countries)
9.      Papa Noel (Latin America)
10.  Viejito Pascuero (Chile)
11.  Papai Noel(Brazil)
12.  Jultomten (Finnish Folklore)
13.  Christkind (“Christ Child”-southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein)

Santa Claus’ Reindeers
1.      Dasher
2.      Dancer
3.      Prancer
4.      Vixen
5.      Comet
6.      Cupid
7.      Donner
8.      Blitzen
9.      Rudolf

In the Philippines the Biggest Santa Claus collection is found in the grounds of Jardin de Miramar at the Santa Casa. It’s more than 3,179 Santas. Casa Santa started out as a small personal collection of Jardin De Miramar’s President Edna Del Rosario and it grew in size until it needed a house where Santas could “Live”. The Casa Santa was converted from a Family rest house into a museum of Santa Clause collection in 2004.

The Casa Santa was featured in international television through Associated and Reuters 2007. It is oftentimes visited by school children and it brings joy to everyone the whole year round.

What to see inside Casa Santa Museum?
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Santa’s little village :
Collection in a room full of miniature Christmas Villages. The Villages wre designed by Bamboo Tonogbanua of Bacolod, who has one of the best village collections in the Philippines. I’m Pretty sure you will get delighted to see the mini-Christmas Villages.

The Lego Christmas Village

Kids and Kids at heart will definitely enjoy a collection of Lego Christmas advent pieces designed by sculpture Ral Arrogante. The Goal of the design was to create a fusion of hip-hop culture and to draw inspiration from three timeless childhood favorites: Christmas, expressed in Lego bricks, and chalk doodles.

Casa Santa Playroom

A room designed to house small and big Santa stuffed toys collection. A colorful room full of toys and entertaining surprises.

Entrance fee is PHP180 per pax, It is open every first and 3rd Saturdays in every month. During Ber Months it is open every weekend from Friday- Sunday 2pm-4pm.

What not to bring inside Casa Santa?
1.      Big Bulky  bags
2.      Food and drinks
3.      Video Camera

Santa’s little village
·         To avoid delays, taking pictures are not allowed during the tour. ( If there is ample time, after the whole group has toured Casa Santa , then those who want to take pictures can return to casa santa. “We have designated areas in the terrace outside the Casa Santa, namely Santa’s sleigh and Santa’s chair w/c can be used for pictorials”, Edna Del Rosario said.

·         Just appreciate the collection but Do not Touch. Any Broken items shall be for the account of the client/visitors and Casa Santa shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred during the tours.

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📍 Location: Antipolo City, Philippines

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