I am Rizal : Rinell Banda of Pinoy Travel Channel

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In nature, Filipinos are Travel aficionados. We really find ways as long we can move from point A to Point B. Moreover , we can easily adapt the culture of any countries therefore it is easy for us to travel. We are the one who adjust what's with the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Just a heads up , before Travel Bloggers exist, Jose Rizal is the Original Traveler . 1885, when he was 24 years old he went to Paris, France to continue his career as an Eye Doctor. 1886 in German City  and he was able to composed a poem entitled " A Las Flores de Heidelberg" . 1887 Rizal sailed to the East via the Suez Canal and he reached the Saigon. 1888 going to Hongkong and continued sailing to the West. 1889, he was in Great Bratain mainly London. 1890 In France and Belgium  and many more.

Basically, the characteristic of Jose Rizal as a traveler is innate with us Filipinos . We are really a true-blooded wanderer since our ancestors also traveled a lot by means of land and water ( we are lucky nowadays to have an air transportation).

Rinell Banda , as he strongly convinced the Mob in Luneta Park to join  him dancing
So lemme, introduce you, this guy who were able to rove around the globe, named Rinell Banda of Las Piรฑas. I am fortunate to meet him in person in Rizal Park, just an hour ago. He was filming every Countries he visited, " Sa bawat bansa na pinupuntahan , sinisigurado kong ma document ko ito using my camera." he narrated. "Im just lucky enough to wander around the world in all continents, di naman ako mayaman, at di ako pinanganak na mayaman" he proudly said. He compiled all video clips, with a music. "Actually, sumasayaw ako sa mga video ng kinukunan ko sa ibang ibang landmark ng buong mundo, I asked the people around (basically the locals) to join me while dancing" he added. The concept of the Travel Video  was very unique yet it was already made by other foreign travelers named Matt , he will be the first Filipino supersedes the real shape of the World. "Proud ako na  nagawa ko ito, dahil ako pa ang kaunaunahang Pinoy na makakagawa nito" he said "At ako ang kaunanahan naman na nag interview sayo" I answered him with a bang. I asked him, if he had a financier for his travels or is he working in an airline companies or travel companies but he refused to answer me. " For now i cant disclose it, but all i can say is i am lucky enough to have a chance to embrace the World" he ended with a meaningful smile 

His Video is entitled " I dream" , to be lunch on his Youtube Channel  . Everyone are looking forward for this guy on his Video. 

This is his Epic Video Watch it and get inspired 
Watch out !
I will be also posting his video showing how he convinced the Mob to join him
and I will ll be also posting his EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW upclose and personal with me. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW 

Here is his latest Message to me :

Very Inspiring Person, Right?

๐Ÿ“ Location: Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard, City of Manila 1000, Philippines

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  1. Highly descriptive post, I loved that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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  2. hey i love this post. i also featured rinell on my blog. well, we can't blame ourselves. he's really interesting. i've watched the video and indeed, it is epic!


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