Cainta,Rizal ; The Native Goodies Capital of The Philippines

Let us Travel to Cainta Rizal and Eat their food products.

Filipinos and Filipinos at heart who love foods, which are business minded or even who loves to travel. I recommend you to include Cainta Rizal in your itinerary. The Municipality of Cainta is just a little town in Province of Rizal; it’s already an Institution in field of Kakanin production. Well, basically it is the “Native Goodies Capital of the Philippines”. You will find a lot of native tidbits around the corner of this town.

As Part of my Rizal Travel Challenge, buying kakanin is one of the thingy that I’ve allotted a portion of my budget. So after we went to the Church of Cainta, together with my team, we directly looked for the nearest kakanin factory.  Along A. Bonifacio Ave (just meters away from the church and a few minutes away from Junction intersection along Felix Ave) we found “Aling Kika’s Food Products”.

As we enter the Store, the aroma of the various foods will welcome you, on the left side was the corner where-in colorful goodies were displayed. Bibingka (Rice Cake),Kalamay (Rice pastries Spread), Cassava Cake, Suman, Sapin Sapin, Galapong Monggo, Biko (White-Violet), Majabuko,leche plan and Jalaya. There were also Chicharon, Yema, Pop Corn, Banana chips, Sweet Dilis and many more.

While we were busy taking photos, an overseer approached us. Aling Minda brought us inside the production area and totally I witnessed the cleanliness of the whole room. As soon we’re done with the production area, we went ahead to the prayer room. Believe it or not, adjacent to the production was the prayer room, where in life sized statue were perpetually prayed (actually during our ocular visit there were few are praying).

Moreover, we went back to the store, we decided to buy one. For 50PHP you can now enjoy a kakanin in two flavors. It was really delicious goodies, no wonder that this Store became a famous supplier of goodies. “Matagal napo talaga ang pagawaan na to” the caretaker said. This Store was huge help to the locals since their laborers were also Caintanos. Simultaneously, they accepted bulk orders for the retailers. 
Yellow Puto
In addition, Every Fiesta of the said Town is the top of the line topics in every TV, Radio stations and Newspapers because of its displayed giant Rice Cake which is the Caintanos’ pride.

Leche Plan and Puto
Hali Cainta-yo!
Here is the MAP

πŸ“ Location: Cainta, Philippines

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