Taytay, Rizal’s Motto: Fly High Taytay.

The First Day of Rizal Challenge, Right after visiting Cainta, Rizal We went directly ahead to Taytay, Rizal. It is 8PHP jeepney fare from Cainta Town Proper. Municipality of Taytay is one of my memorable places because I worked here for six months; actually it was my first job after college graduation. I used to be a records attendant in a bank in the said Municipality.
Old Municipal Hall

Municipality of Taytay is a first class, dully supplied by inhabitant municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. It is currently the third most voluminous municipality in the country. No wonder, based on my experience here travelling daily going to my work way back 2011, I always got late due to heavy traffic. It is surrounded by Cainta on the north, Pasig City and Taguig City on the west, Antipolo City in the East and Angono on the South.

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Moreover, all I can say is that the said Municipality is a small Town. As a matter of fact, it is politically divided into five barangays only namely Dolores, San Isidro, Muzon, San Juan and Santa Ana. But the land area size is not the baseline of its development status. Taytay, Rizal business environment are highly showcasing the capacity to compete, industrialization, trading industry, commerce and many more, you can find it here. In like manner, nightlife here is famous, especially in Barangay Muzon, you can catch numerous bars and gimik places.
New Municipal Hall (Photo credits : Wiki)
It is the "Woodworks and Garments Capital of the Philippines". (I will be posting their Wood production and Garments production industry). Just a heads up, this town is popular to its “Ready to Wear” Dresses and Wood Products that surely gave a huge amount of income in its Local Government unit.

Undeniably, this town’s economic status is continuously growing, the proofs of that are the Terms “BAGO and LUMA”. They had the LUMANG PALENGKE and BAGONG PALENGKE (simply the old and new market), LUMANG MUNISIPYO and BAGONG MUNISIPYO (simply old and new Municipal hall). In the addition, SM City Taytay is also a proof of inclined economy, in the first place, it is the first SM Mall established in Province of Rizal.

As I observed, in connivance of the local government unit, the private sectors and the people of Taytay, I believe they can really FLY HIGH.

📍 Location: Taytay, Rizal, Philippines

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