๐Ÿ”ดWEBCAST | The 10 Questions of Boy Abunda's 2022 Presidential Candidates Interview.

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     1 Interviewer, 5 Presidential Candidates with 10 Common Questions, answerable in 5 minutes each of the questions, 60 seconds to answer the Personal Issue-based question, a political fast talk and, one final question, a Gong sound; all answers are unedited. These were all happening in a one-hour 2022 Presidential Candidates’ Interview conducted by the celebrity–host turned vlogger, Boy Abunda. 


    Within the whole week starting from Jan 24-28, 2022, the recorded interviews from the 5 Presidential Candidates are being uploaded one by one; on Boy Abunda’s YouTube Channel daily at 6:00PM.  The said interview became trending and voters use the said interview to hear the candidate’s point of view – that affects the voting decision. 

    • Senator Ping Lacson | January 24
    • Senator Bong Bong Marcos | January 25
    • Vice President Leni Robredo | January 26
    • Mayor Isko Moreno | January 27
    • Senator Manny Pacquiao | January 28


    List of Questions.

    Environment on Mining Specific.| Isyu sa Pagmimina.

    Mining is one of the most controversial issues. On April 2021, President Duterte lifted the 9-year moratorium under Executive Order 130 from No Permit to granting new permits on mining. Meanwhile, in December 2021, DENR lifted the Ban of an Open Pit via administrative order 2021-40. These were praised by the Mining Industry but criticized by numerous environmentalists and human rights defenders.

    Question: If elected, are you going to strengthen these proposals or will totally ban them?

    COVID -19 Pandemic Issue.

    We’ve (Philippines) been suffering from the Pandemic Starting March 2020. According to DOH, as of 2022, we have already reached 3 million cases with 50 thousand death. In addition, per Johns Hopkins University – COVID19 Dashboard, as of 1/30/2022 – 372,960.394 total cases with 5,659,574 death worldwide. We already knew that this virus is vicious and unpredictable. We already heard different variants from mutation – e.g.  Delta, Omicron etcetera. It mutates, but the question of when and how can’t be answered, but one thing is clear, it’s killing people and the economy.

    Question: Given the viciousness and unpredictability of this virus, if elected, what is your program?

    Poverty | Kahirapan.

    According to PSA (Philippine Statistic Authority), October 2001 reported  3.27M jobless Filipinos; October  2010 has 2.79 Million, October 2016 recorded 2Million, October 2021 had 3.5Million. Meanwhile, according to SWS (Social Weather Station) when it comes to hunger, quarter 3 of 2001 has 9.3% Filipinos who experience hunger, quarter 3 of 2010 has 15.9%, quarter 3 of 2016 has 10.6% and quarter 3 of 2021 has 10% or around 2.5 million of Philippine population. Truly, given the data of 3.5millions are jobless and 2.5millions are hungry; this is an urgent and alarming problem. 

    Question: If elected, what do you do?

    OFW and Migration | OFW at Migrasyon.

    In September 2019, PSA (Philippine Statistic Authority) reported that there are 2.2 Million Filipino Migrants worldwide; this includes 96% as contract workers and 3.2% as non-contracts. Remittance accounted, For 8.9billion USD (2018), 30.1B USD (2019) 29.9B USD (2020), 25.9B USD (October 2021) which contributes 11% of the National GDP. On the other hand, there is a Social Cost that is unquantifiable that contributes to the destruction of the Filipino Family. 

    Question: How do you balance the Economic Positive Effect of having OFWs and the so-called Social Cost?

    Social Media and Pornography.

    Pornhub – online streaming for adult content, reported the 2021 year-end review. According to the report, Filipinos spent 11minutes and 30 seconds watching adult videos which makes the Philippines number 1 consumer, even surpassing France and Japan.

    Meanwhile,  a Grammy award American songwriter Billie Eilish was exposed to Pornography as early as 11 years old. She admitted that it affects her mental state destructively, especially how she looks at sex, and in her 20s – she‘s on her way to recovery.

    Hypothetical Question: What will you do when you discover your young children are addicted to Pornography?

    Rape-related Abortion | Aborsyon para sa nabuntis dahil sa RAPE.

    According to data from Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Networks and Gender Rights Inc; One Filipino girl is being raped every 75 minutes; about 1 in 8 Filipino Women who resort to abortion are rape survivors. 70 women induce abortion every hour; a complication from unsafe & illegal abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal death and hospitalization. In the Philippines, Year 2012 alone, 610 women induce abortion, over a hundred thousand women are hospitalized and a thousand women died because of the complications from unsafe abortion. Due to a lack of access to safe and legal abortion in the country, at least 3 women died every day.

    Question: Is it time to enact a law of abortion to allow abortion to pregnant women due to rape?

    Illegal Drugs | Ilegal na Droga.

    Duterte admits he was wrong on the 3-6 months drug war deadline.

    “I feel so bad [about] all of these things. Kasi nalaman ko, paano ko makontrol in three to six months, ang mga generals na pulis nandiyan. Tapos ‘yung mga Bureau of Customs na inaasahan ko, p*******ina nasa droga. How will I succeed, e nasa droga,” Duterta said in a speech in Ozamis City.

    “Alam ko na nagkamali ako. Nagkamali talaga ako,” he added.

    The President also said the Philippines has now become a “narcotics country.”

    “Now, magtanong kayo, ang Pilipinas, are we or are we not a narcotics country? Yes, we are,” he said.

    “Sabi ko, tama iyang silang mga kritiko ko. ‘Eh sabi mo, noong nag-Presidente ka, three to six months.’ Hindi ko alam pagpasok ko, eh Davao lang kasi ako, so ang template ko Davao… May droga, pero sabi ko, maglaro ka doon, patay ka talaga,” he added.

    Question, How much do you know about Illegal Drugs in the Philippines, are we a Narco-country?

    Philippine Debt | Utang ng Bansa sa World Bank.

    According to the Bureau of Treasury, after Joseph Estrada’s administration, Ph Debt ended up at PHP2.6 Trillion, after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration – PHP5.1 Trillion, after Ninoy Aquino- PHP6.5Trillion and ending November  2021 during Rodrigo Dutere’s administration, we have now a running of the total of PHP11.93 Trillion debt.

    Question: How do you manage paying the debt when elected?

    The West Philippine Sea.

    If we talked about WPS (West Philippine Sea) – e.i. Scarborough Shoal (Bajo de Mansol), the Spratly Islands as the Kalayaan Island Group. These are being also claimed by China’s Territories. In fact, in the Reef of Zamora and Mischief Reef, also known as Panganiban Reef, the Chinese Government illegally construct infrastructure and continuously reclaimed the area. 

    On July 12, 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration - PCA-CPA released a decision that the said areas are owned by the Philippines, but China kept claiming illegally. In addition, ending December 2021, the Philippines already filed 241 Diplomatic Protest, 152 are being responded to by China.

    Question: If all Diplomatic Protest failed, as President of the Republic of the Philippines, do you think we are strong enough and prepared to fight for a defensive war against China?

    Presidential Qualifications | Kwalipikasyon bilang isang Presidente.

    According to the 1987 .constitution of the republic of the Philippines, ARTICLE VII - Section 2. No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.

    Question: Is it time to amend that provision?

    ⛵ Experience the Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences.

    THE AZURE WAVE POOL. A very own man-made beach comes with a wave machine that creates fun beach waves every few minutes.

    We drove 30-40 minutes via Grabcar, all the way from Nichols Pasay to  KM 16 W Service Rd, Bicutan, Paraรฑaque City- where Azure Urban Residences. Since one of my friends named Sol stayed there, she invited us to visit her place and experience the Azure Wave Pool. 

    Azure Urban Residences has nine captivating mid-rise towers that are owned by private residents. But it became open to the public as it has its own amazing resort. In addition, the booming business of short-term lease also known as Staycation turns this place open to the visitors. Every building at the Azure is characterized by modern tropical aesthetics and design The establishment can be indulged and booked through Airbnb, among others.

    One of the amenities -"The Paris Beach Club", is designed by celebrity Paris Hilton. It is a clubhouse in front of the Azure Wave Pool which encapsulates the essence of Paris, showcasing the designer's world-class standard in design, amenities, and services.

    Watch The Vlog.

    At the main gate, strict security is being practiced. You cannot go inside if you have no confirmed booking. In our case, the security guard called the tower's lobby where Sol is residing, to confirm the resident that they were expecting guests. Once arrived at the tower's lobby, another security measure is needed. you have to leave your Identification Card.

    Inside ONE-BEDROOM where Sol resides. It has a TOTAL AREA: 28.863 sqm. 

    There is a LAGOON POOL, but this is only exclusive to residents, the Azure’s lagoon pool is the next option for a more relaxed swim as the Wave Pool is surprisingly crowded.  I must admit, the place has a really fantastic view and can be bragged to your social media.

    According to my friend who stayed there, you can even book a room for one night amounting to PHP1,500 and can accommodate 3-4 people. The Wave Pool has an entrance fee but since we're escorted by my friend, we got it for free. Unfortunately, the wave pool is not continuously offering its so-called waves. There is only a specific time they turn it on. 

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Overall, I must say that, if you're looking for beach fun, this place is an alternative to consider because it is located in the Metro. But if you would like to relax, I cannot recommend it; due to overcrowded common areas. If you would like to visit the place for ocular and photography, then go for it. But seems this place is something that I won't visit again intentionally, just to swim. Somewhat, experiencing once is enough for me just to satisfy my curiosity. 

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences
    THE BEACH BAR. A dynamic hangout in the middle of the Azure beach

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences
    Sol, as she poses in the tropical vibe garden in front of the man-made beach.

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences
    THE AZURE BEACH.An iconic man-made beach facility with fine white sand, undulating waves, and water features.

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences

    Wave Pool at Azure Urban Resort Residences
    • ๐Ÿ“ท Shots from GoPro Hero6.
    • ๐Ÿ’ป Enhanced Using Adobe Lightroom.

    ๐ŸŽฅ VLOG | SSS and PagIbig Fund (HDMF), What Could Have Been Done Better is...

    Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,Social Security System,sss philippines,sss member data change request,sss membership,sss membership online,pag ibig hdmf,pag ibig fund hdmf,pag ibig membership online,pag ibig member data form,pag ibig member benefits,pagibig fund,hdmf pag-ibig fund online registration Hello Tansyong Lovers! In this Vlog - I am going to talk about Philippine Social Security System - SSS and Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF). I went to their office for a phone number update and unfortunately - seemed the process they performed is not in line with the convenience of the members. In addition, I don't understand for a simple "change on the account", they didn't use the advantage of the fast-growing technology that we've been using. 
    What do you think they could have been done better to serve its members accordingly?


    ๐ŸŽฅ VLOG | Nasira Na Ng Tuluyan Ang Aking Induction Cooker.

    YouTube Creators for Change Philippines,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,Dowell Induction Cooker,Love Electronics Repair Shop Review,electronic reair shop near me,Mandaluyong City,Vlogger Mandaluyong,Solo Living in Philippines,induction cooktop,induction cooker,induction cooker repair,electronics repairing,induction cooker board repair In this vlog, I will be sharing with you - what happened to my Dowell Induction Cooker that I left in an appliance repair shop - Love Electronics Service Center, it is located at Facilities Centre, 54B Shaw Blvd, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong. It took months of waiting, and at the end of the day, the damage is no longer fixable.


    Tips on How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing Shoes and Slippers.

    YouTube Creators for Change Philippines,Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,American Bully Chewing Problem,Dog Chewing slipper shoes,tips on taking care of dog, how to stop dog from chewing shoes and slippers, dog training at home, american bully sweet breed, best companion dog is american bully, american bully puppy philippines
      Having a puppy in your life is something that will totally change your life. It will surely bring happiness into your existence. But, it is a long-term responsibility; and taking care of a dog needs a deeper understanding of how they behave and how we should react to that, accordingly. 

       When puppies are within their growing stage, you’ll notice some dramatic change in their behaviors. Some might be because of the new environment and some might be due to their physiological change as they grow. Excessive chewing is one of those behaviors that owners find it annoying as it causes property damage – e.g. shoes, slippers, couch, bed, mattress, walls, and edges of furniture. 

       Honestly, my three slippers and one pair of rubber shoes are not exempted in my dog’s chewing problem. Aside from that, wiring on my sound system is damaged, and some parts of my condo’s wall are scratched.


      Here are some of the TIPS that I can share with you how I taught my American Bully named Escobar to stop chewing slippers.


      Understanding Separation Anxiety of Dogs.

      A dog with separation anxiety might try to escape from an area where he's confined when he's left alone or separated from his guardian. But if they can’t escape, they will keep barking or find anything to chew just to ease their loneliness. Most of the accessible things that they can chew are couches, edges of furniture, and walls. To relieve your dog’s longing-ness, you might consider leaving your dirty laundry near to them when you’re not home. Dogs love owners’ smell and they love your dirty laundry too.

       Every now and then, I am observing my American Bully. Whenever he starts to grab my slipper or shoes, I will shout or raise my voice at him. It may sound traumatic and not advised by any dog’s trainer but this worked with my dog. In some exercise, I will put a slipper and a bone in front of him, when he opt the slipper, I will display an anger but when he chose the bone, I will pet him. Then I kept repeating such conditioning until he recognized which one is rewarding and which one makes me anger.

      Drain the Dog’s Energy as Much as Possible. 

       There are dog breeds that are couch-potato, easily get tired, and have breathing problems when brought outside. There are also other breeds that extreme and regular exercises are requisite. Your busy lifestyle due to work demands is understandable, but do find a time to walk your pet daily for at least 30 minutes to one hour. You can let your dog play with other dogs at the park until tiresome. You’ll notice your dog when arrived back at home; he’ll lie down right away until sleep. 

      Invest in Chewing Toys. 

       Some dogs may engage in shoe chewing for entertainment so better purchase chewing toys to divert their attention from targeting your valuable items. In addition, puppies are notorious for chewing shoes, and it's not just because they are perpetually stuck in the "oral phase." So, it is recommendable to buy bones, Kong, or Balls to help satisfy their oral sensation craving.

      Keep Away the Things That Dogs Love Chewing Away.

      Your dog's nose can smell a lot more than yours; so shoes or slippers are a smorgasbord of your scent. Also, your shoe and slipper picked up scents from everywhere you walked. Parks, city streets, the gym, the office, near other animals, and your dog wants to learn about your day's adventures and your shoe is just the place to do so. So, always keep away these things from your dog as these are temptations on their "oral phase.” 


      The puppy Chewing Problem is not permanent and won’t stay longer if taught accordingly. It is part of their growing stage that we have to deal with, and this will stop naturally when they’ll get older – mostly one year onwards. But if the chewing problem persists, I suggest you need to consult a dog behaviorist to evaluate what triggers this destructive action.

      ๐ŸŽ™Here's Your Perfect - Jamie Miller COVER SONG.

      YouTube Creators for Change Philippines,Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,heres your perfect,heres your perfect lyrics,Here your Perfect Cover,heres your perfect lower key,heres your perfect lower key cover,Heres your Perfect Lower Key,Here's your Perfect Pinoy,jamie miller,heres your perfect jamie miller
      Singer Jamie Miller. Photo from Miller’s Instagram account
      Jamie Miller was born September 9, 1997, in Cardiff, Wales He is a Welsh singer and musician currently based in Los Angeles. He was featured on The Voice UK in 2017, where he came in third place. Following The Voice, he signed a deal with Atlantic Records and is currently working on his debut album. His most recent release, “Here’s Your Perfect,” is proof of that—the song is reaching the souls of heartbroken people across the globe. And, I am one of them who love that song.

      In this cover song, I will attempt to express how I love this song. I hope you'll like it,



      REVIEW: Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier and Spices Jar.

      Vlogger,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,micro living philippines,simple life in the philippines,humidifier how to use,humidifier solution,fog solution,fog solution for fog machine,aroma humidifier,aroma for home,spice jar,condiments organizer,lazada haul,unboxing lazada,spice organization,urban deca tower edsa,kitchen organization
      Unboxing my newly-purchased - Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier and Spices Jar - that I bought from Lazada
      Unboxing my newly-purchased - Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier and Spices Jar - that I bought from Lazada Sale.

        Watch the Unboxing Video.

        Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air. Water vapor, the gaseous state of water, is generally invisible to the human eye. Humidity indicates the likelihood for precipitation, dew, or fog to be present. Humidity depends on the temperature and pressure of the system of interest. 

        Maintaining humidity in a small room that has air-condition is a challenge. you need to have a humidifier. A humidifier is a device, primarily an electrical appliance, that increases humidity in a single room or an entire building. You can put water on it that will convert into vapor and will help maintain the humidity of your room. In addition, you can add aroma solution into the water so when it converts into gas, the room will also smell good.

        There are aroma solutions that can be purchased in the market, it can be an oil base or water base. What I am about to share with you is a water-based concentrated aroma solution.

        Collection of  Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier.

        Shangrila Scent.


        Shangri-la Scent is the first Aroma Fog Solution that I bought from this online seller in Lazada. I was truly in love with the scent; in fact, the solution only lasted for 2 weeks as I frequently refilled my humidifier. 

        Unfortunately, I haven't stayed yet in any Shangri-la Hotel Room but I might compare this scent when you entered Shangri-la Mall's door, you'll be welcomed with a strong wind from the airconditioning and the scent is similar. The Shangrila Scent in a yellow color solution is one of the favorites that I can strongly recommend. The aroma is very familiar to me as I am regularly sauntering this Mall as I lived 3-minute away - located in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong near MRT Shaw Blvd. Station.

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Shangri-la Scent.

        Marriott Scent.


        Honestly, I have already visited Mariott®️ Hotel; maybe twice but not yet stayed in their hotel's room. Manila Marriott®️ Hotel is located at  2 Resort Dr, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila besides Resort's World Manila. If you are actually flying in and out from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, you can easily drop by inside the hotel because it is accessible via an overpass - crossing from the side of the airport going to the Resort's World Manila.

        That is the scent that was similar to. Inspired by the Marriott®️ Hotel Attune scent, - combined notes of apple, grapefruit, and a calming floral blend and white cedar. These create a warm, inviting atmosphere with this luxurious scent but affordable. The smooth, nuanced scent comprised of jasmine, rose and cedarwood made me feel like I am in an astonishing Marriott®️ Resort.

        I can also recommend this to you.

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Marriott Scent.

        Okada Scent.


        I haven't been given a chance to visit Okada at all. It is located at New Seaside Dr, Tambo, Paraรฑaque, 1701 Metro Manila.

        Okada Hotel Inspired Air Humidifier Scent is the thing that gets you up in the morning and made you more vibrant. Enjoy this elegant fragrance in your home, office, car, and special spaces because I can strongly also recommend this fragrance; as this is also one of my favorites.

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Okada Scent.

        Brewed Coffee.


        Scent's appreciation is subjective and honestly, Brewed Coffee is my least favorite - almost hate it. 

         On the contrary, I am a coffee lover and consumed 3-4 cups of brewed coffee that I personally prepared at home, every night during my work. I also love the aroma from the various coffee shops like Starbucks, among others - whenever I passed through, I kept savoring the aroma. But this Fog Solution that I bought is extremely not my favorite. 

        It has a chemical feeling that makes me dizzy and to be transparent with you guys, I got a headache every time I used it. The smell is similar to coffee but chemically prepared, it is not really natural and you can clearly distinguish it because coffee is something that you can smell every day as part of your routine. 

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Brewed Coffee Scent.

        Lavender Scent.


        Aside from the fact that my American Bully Dog hates this scent; my dog kept sneezing every time I am using it, Lavander Scent is my top 1 choice. It has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy at the same time. It has soft, powdery, or smokey notes as well.

        Every time I used it, the atmosphere becomes a spa-like environment - enormously powerful calming and relaxing properties that can help ease away all that stress, tension, and worry. It is like, you're being sedated and wanted to sleep. It is perfect if I  use it during a home-service massage. 

        I really love it. 

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Lavender Scent.

        Bamboo Fresh.


        A medley of lush green bamboo notes balances with a hint of spice and a shimmering tropical floral accord to create this fresh summer scent. A base of orange blossoms surrounds a clear musk accord to support the botanical sensation.

        This Product can compare with Downy fabric softener but more on the subtle side which creates a natural aroma and is not too chemically modified. It has a white solution. 

        Did I like it? Yes but not something that I would buy again. I think another variant is more of what I am looking for.

        Aroma Fog Solution for Humidifier - Bamboo Fresh.

        Spices Jar.


        Packaging-wise, it was safely wrapped with a bubble wrapper and arrived without damage. Quality-wise, it is durable and aesthetically recommendable as it gives an elegant vibe when displayed in a rack in your kitchen. 

        When it comes to functionality, you can choose it, depending on your needs, e.g. Brush for oil, Honey, and condiments. 

        But these jars are not recommendable, even if it has a lid that you can close tight after using, it is still not sealed because the cover on the top where the spoon and brush are being attached, these can be easily open and air can enter.  It is important to seal the spices or you'll lose its aroma's potency. This jar is only perfect when spices and condiments are being used continuously like on the tables in restaurants, or in a food-service establishment - where constant usage applies. 

        Aesthetically speaking, I love it, but the function defeats its purpose - your spices, honey, salt will just become a waste on the latter part if you use these as a container. 

        Boxed Spices Jar.

        Spices Jar, Oil Jar, and  Honey Jar.

        Where Did I Buy?

        WATCH: Tutorial How To Eat Balot (Duck Embryo ).

        Balot,Balut,Chicken Embryo,Food,Food Porn,FoodTrip,Philippines,Pinoy Food,Filipino Foods,Food Vlog,Vlog,Blog,Video Blog,Comedy,Funny,Humor,Pinoy Vines,Filipino Vines,Exotic Food A balut (spelled standardized as balot) is a developing bird embryo (usually a duck or chicken) that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It originates and is commonly sold as street-food in the Philippines.

        5 Videos of Escobar's Cuteness - the American Bully

          Indulging, Relaxing, and Enjoying - Escobar the American Bully.

          Every time we went walking outside. He really enjoyed rolling on the ground. 

          WATCH THE VIDEO:

          Escobar The American Bully - Monster-Looking but very sweet Dog.

          Many are getting afraid of the look on my American bully but they're very gentle. It's like they're a puppy trapped in a big body.

          WATCH THE VIDEO:

          Escobar Stole the Spotlight.

          Whenever I go for vlogging or do TikTok videos, he always stole the spotlight. He is very attentive on the tone when the video is recording, he knew when to get alarmed.

          WATCH THE VIDEO:

          Fire in the Eyes

          Isn't it amazing? Whenever the lights reflect on his eyes, it will illuminate like a hellhound. This adds to the blaze of the dog.
          WATCH THE VIDEO:

          Indoor Dog Exercise Inside A Small Condo Unit Apartment.

          Look how stubborn he is. We kept playing inside my condo unit when we missed walking for a day.

          WATCH THE VIDEO:

          ๐Ÿ”ดWEBCAST - TIPS on How to Stay Longer in a Company!

          TIPS on How to Stay Longer in a Company,job interview,how to live longer,how to be healthy,Tips in staying longer in a company,work ethics in the workplace,work ethic motivation,How to Stay Longer in Call Center Industry,adulting tips,adulting tips 101,career growth and development Hello Guys! Another webcast LIVE and This time, we're going to give some advice to our online followers on How to Stay Longer in a Company. In addition, we will also talk about growth - career and personal life.

          This Episode is a test Livestreaming for an upcoming Regular Webcast hosted by Jonathan "Tansyong" Orbuda and William "Princess" Pombo.

          • 0:00 Opening.
          • 3:20 Big Announcement.
          • 10:00 Talking About Our Old Companies.
          • 22:11 How to Stay Longer in a Company.
          • 24:20 Separate Personal Life Over Professional Life.
          • 39:00 Reading Comments.


          ๐Ÿ”ดWEBCAST - I am Working 3 Jobs to Feed 10 Mouths in My Family; Tale of Abused Breadwinner.

          Parents Having a Child as Insurance and Investment when getting Older,Evaluate Your Personal Finance Before Helping Others,Working 3 Jobs to feed 10 Mouths,Duties of a Breadwinner,Communicate to your Family that earning Money Is Not Easy,adulting,Life Story,toxic filipino culture examples,toxic filipino culture podcast,toxic filipino family culture money Hello Guys! Another webcast LIVE and This time, we're going to give some advice to our online follower who is the breadwinner for a family that has 10 members.

          Kaep Yang is a 28-year-old daughter who worked three jobs to subsidize her family - both immediate and extended family members. This is a classic story of  Filipino family, obligation, and personal life; which many of us can relate to. This is the time to debunk such an issue and learn from her story.

          • 0:00 Opening
          • 7:00 Update on the Upcoming Webcast.
          • 18:26 Abused Breadwinner.
          • 22:43 Parents Having a Child as Insurance and Investment when getting Older.
          • 28:39 Evaluate Your Personal Finance Before Helping Others.
          • 32:31 Working 3 Jobs to feed 10 Mouths.
          • 35:00 Communicate to your Family that earning Money Is Not Easy.


          This Episode is a test livestreaming for an upcoming Regular Webcast hosted by Jonathan "Tansyong" Orbuda and William "Princess" Pombo.

          TRAVEL GUIDE: Hulugan Waterfalls, Talay Waterfalls, & Hidden Waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna.

            Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna; three to four hours from Manila when driving early in the morning. This is the location where the three famous Waterfalls are situated and can be visited in one day – Talay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls. Sounds worth the time, effort and expenses as we can visit them all.

            WATCH VIDEO

            We left at our meeting place in MRT Buendia Station at 4:00AM via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). We are actually a group of weekend travelers from a company and some outside joiners contributing to a two-van rental. I am really patronizing in group travels, it is simply because you just have to pay, and the rest is convenient. In addition, you’ll also be able to meet random travelers during the trip.

            The Jump-off Point.

            On our way, we stopped over in a convenience store. Others grabbed some snacks; several went to the washroom and I, managed to quickly by Taho to start my day.  We arrived at Kap's store where the registration is located for P15.00 per person at exactly 7:00AM. After we registered, a short briefing from local guides was conducted - to reiterate about safety, what to expect during the trek and when we arrive at our destination.  Local guides are also very strict when it comes to reminding the tourist about not leaving any single garbage at the falls. 

            After you register, you will be accompanied by a local tour guide. It's a requirement to have one local guide for every 5 hikers. The tour guides wear standard IDs with their picture, name, and number. There is no specific amount for the tour guide fee but you’ll notice, they will give the best assistance by bringing your bags, slippers or water so be generous because in five members in a group you can just contribute the amount and hand to your guide at the end of the day.

            Things To Consider.

            1. Always bring water inside your hiking bags. Luisiana, Laguna is truly a Little Baguio due to its cold weather but the moment you started to trek, no matter how cold the location is, you’ll still feel exhausted and thirsty. 
            2. Bring high sugar snacks like chocolates and candies. Bring minimal and light basic necessities like your personal hygiene items, medicines if any. Aside from the reason that, when you buy snacks at the location, undeniably it is quite pricey so better buy those in Manila. Because trekking takes a lot of strength, might as well prepare high-sugar foods inside your bag.
            3. Prepare coins.  Everything is not free here. From using the washroom, tricycle, and event registration fee.  
            4. Wear trekking footwear or any hiking pants with stretchable material. The way heading to your destination is not easy. Muddy, slippery, and full of grass. 

            Talay Waterfall.

            Routing to the first waterfall named Talay falls is a 40-minute walk from the jump-off point. On our way, we saw some houses of the locales, chickens roaming around, and other livestock. Even as early as 8:00AM, there were already other tourists that we bumped into on our way, who came first from the Talay Falls and headed towards the next destination. Even on our arrival, there were so many crowds that I didn’t expect. 

            Talay falls is a 2-layered waterfall – one small and the other one is medium. Unfortunately, last night was raining; the water is not clear and muddy. The water current is also extreme, there is a basin right on the first layer of the falls but according to the tour guides, it isn’t swimmable. 

            Talay Water Falls, Luisiana, Laguna

            Hidden Waterfall.

            It is literally hidden. You have to pass in a narrow way, climb through the rocks, and provide bamboo ladders before you witness the second waterfall. It is hiding above the Talay Waterfalls, and it is challenging to climb up there; wherein most of the “ma-arte” visitors opted not to go up there.

            The Hidden Falls has no basin and it is not also swimmable. The highlight of the waterfalls is just the tiny-to-vapor waters as it has rocks that make the water into droplets. 

            Hidden Falls, Luisiana, Laguna
            Gennifer, Jonathan, and Donita - coworkers.

            Pandan Plantation.

            Heading to the main destination- Hulugan Falls. You will pass through this instagramable Pandan Plantation. Luisiana, Laguna being an agricultural municipality is blessed with abundant Pandan trees. 

            Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus genus, which is commonly known as Pandan. It has fragrant leaves which are used widely for flavoring in the cuisines of Southeast Asia and South Asia. From these trees; residents of Luisiana have long been sourcing their daily income from weaving its leaves. 
            Pandan waiving is an integral part of the lives of Lusyanahins. Bayong and Banig are the most weaved Pandan product from Luisiana, it is more commonly known in Luisiana as balulang. Bayongs are available in various sizes, siga and Manukau are the most common. Though there's a lot more products that can be made out of pandan; hats, mats, souvenir,s and decorative items and boxes to the more complex, trendy, and fashionable bags.

            Small Bayongs are being intentionally woven as packaging for famous Bibingka that are available at the jump-off point and being sold as pasalubong.

            The Pandan Plantation - Luisiana, Laguna. It is instagram-worthy because of the illusion that makes you smaller. 

            Hulugan Waterfall.

            Hulugan Waterfalls is magnificent. It is satisfying when arrived at the location when you can feel the cold and humid atmosphere because of the dews from the falls. Undeniably, relaxing and worth it, as the green from forest surrounds which make more of a jungle adventure – way different from the city. 

            Breathtaking view of Hulugan Falls in Luisiana, Laguna.

            This is one of the tallest waterfalls I have been to, particularly in Laguna province. The height of the waterfall is easily 70 to 80 meters (200 feet or so). It is also quite wide, maybe 20-25 meters (60-70 feet), and has a strong flow of water. It is visually a perfect waterfall. One of the things that really blew me away was how many visitors were there, mostly locals – honestly jam-packed. One of the reasons I thought this would be a good place to visit is that it didn’t seem well-known. On contrary, when you see this magnificent work of nature, it’s no wonder it has quickly caught on as a popular place to visit in Laguna province, especially with locals.

            It is truly difficult to take a photo in nature and try to eliminate the human presence when the spot is crowded. I think that is why local guides kept reminding us about our garbage because when tourists came and go, leaving plastics might occur if isn’t stopped at the beginning.

            The basin is swimmable which you can spend most of the time soaking and indulging in the water as if you’re being massaged by strong hands of nature. On the right side, an open cave is another spot worth picture-taking. Inside the cave, you can drink the running water and it tastes like mineral water. Just be careful because everywhere you go, it’s all slippery; I was even a victim of such an accident and got wounded after I slipped. Thank God, I didn’t hit my head on the rocks but I can still feel the pain in my back. The said accident made my whole day –not so enjoyable because of the pain.

            This photo was taken inside a cave located on the right side of Hulugan Falls. 

            We conquered Hulugan Falls.

            Try checking our side trip:

            Isdaan Floating Restaurant - Calauan, Laguna.

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