How I Celebrate My 2022 New Year In a Solo Lifestyle?

 Celebrating my 2022 New Year is not what you’ve thought was as vibrant as yours. I just woke up at 11:50PM on December 31, 2021, just to quickly cook my favorite instant Korean Ramen and grab a bite after. I have some ingredients to prepare in welcoming the 2022 Year but since I have no one to celebrate with – I just decided to cook something that’s enough for my consumption. In addition, I have my relatives from Bohol who are still recovering from the devastation of Typhoon Odette; and if I celebrate it, seemingly, that defeats the purpose.  

I also noticed when I check on my window, outside is quite silent in comparison to 2019 New Year’s Eve. There is NO to few fireworks that I can only see from the next city – Taguig. And, that only lasted for 5 minutes. I observed my neighboring establishments and households around my area and it is also dark and silent. I may say that everyone is still trying to recover from the downfall of the economy because of the span of two years with COVID19.  

I checked on Facebook, there are still some individuals sharing happy celebrations - it is a good sign that we are still trying to be more resilient despite the challenging experiences in 2021 and excited about what 2022 can offer to each one of us. 

Since 2021 is over, GIVE THANKS to the person who was there when you were at your lowest. 



On December 18, 2021, I was able to join the White Party that the Philippines’ Britney Army organized at In the Zone Ramen and Cafรฉ in Malate, Manila to celebrate Britney Spears's 40th Birthday. Undeniably, this was 24 hours after the typhoon Rai (Odette) whipped my relatives’ houses in Bohol. At that time, I didn’t know how extreme the typhoon was and still joined the party. In addition, no one from my relatives gave me an idea because they lost power supply and internet connection.

 Even so, I still enjoyed the meet-up with my friends - who I haven’t physically met since the COVID19 pandemic started in March 2019. We have only done some virtual chats using Zoom since then. It was refreshing to see them okay. Sharing laughter, same as we shared when we regularly had meetings before pandemic – e.g. Charity Events, Dinner, Visiting Manila Zoo, Stay-cation, Birthday Parties, and Beach Outing.

Happy New Year Everyone! And may, 2022 is a year for us.

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