TRAVEL GUIDE: Hulugan Waterfalls, Talay Waterfalls, & Hidden Waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna.

    Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna; three to four hours from Manila when driving early in the morning. This is the location where the three famous Waterfalls are situated and can be visited in one day – Talay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls. Sounds worth the time, effort and expenses as we can visit them all.


    We left at our meeting place in MRT Buendia Station at 4:00AM via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). We are actually a group of weekend travelers from a company and some outside joiners contributing to a two-van rental. I am really patronizing in group travels, it is simply because you just have to pay, and the rest is convenient. In addition, you’ll also be able to meet random travelers during the trip.

    The Jump-off Point.

    On our way, we stopped over in a convenience store. Others grabbed some snacks; several went to the washroom and I, managed to quickly by Taho to start my day.  We arrived at Kap's store where the registration is located for P15.00 per person at exactly 7:00AM. After we registered, a short briefing from local guides was conducted - to reiterate about safety, what to expect during the trek and when we arrive at our destination.  Local guides are also very strict when it comes to reminding the tourist about not leaving any single garbage at the falls. 

    After you register, you will be accompanied by a local tour guide. It's a requirement to have one local guide for every 5 hikers. The tour guides wear standard IDs with their picture, name, and number. There is no specific amount for the tour guide fee but you’ll notice, they will give the best assistance by bringing your bags, slippers or water so be generous because in five members in a group you can just contribute the amount and hand to your guide at the end of the day.

    Things To Consider.

    1. Always bring water inside your hiking bags. Luisiana, Laguna is truly a Little Baguio due to its cold weather but the moment you started to trek, no matter how cold the location is, you’ll still feel exhausted and thirsty. 
    2. Bring high sugar snacks like chocolates and candies. Bring minimal and light basic necessities like your personal hygiene items, medicines if any. Aside from the reason that, when you buy snacks at the location, undeniably it is quite pricey so better buy those in Manila. Because trekking takes a lot of strength, might as well prepare high-sugar foods inside your bag.
    3. Prepare coins.  Everything is not free here. From using the washroom, tricycle, and event registration fee.  
    4. Wear trekking footwear or any hiking pants with stretchable material. The way heading to your destination is not easy. Muddy, slippery, and full of grass. 

    Talay Waterfall.

    Routing to the first waterfall named Talay falls is a 40-minute walk from the jump-off point. On our way, we saw some houses of the locales, chickens roaming around, and other livestock. Even as early as 8:00AM, there were already other tourists that we bumped into on our way, who came first from the Talay Falls and headed towards the next destination. Even on our arrival, there were so many crowds that I didn’t expect. 

    Talay falls is a 2-layered waterfall – one small and the other one is medium. Unfortunately, last night was raining; the water is not clear and muddy. The water current is also extreme, there is a basin right on the first layer of the falls but according to the tour guides, it isn’t swimmable. 

    Talay Water Falls, Luisiana, Laguna

    Hidden Waterfall.

    It is literally hidden. You have to pass in a narrow way, climb through the rocks, and provide bamboo ladders before you witness the second waterfall. It is hiding above the Talay Waterfalls, and it is challenging to climb up there; wherein most of the “ma-arte” visitors opted not to go up there.

    The Hidden Falls has no basin and it is not also swimmable. The highlight of the waterfalls is just the tiny-to-vapor waters as it has rocks that make the water into droplets. 

    Hidden Falls, Luisiana, Laguna
    Gennifer, Jonathan, and Donita - coworkers.

    Pandan Plantation.

    Heading to the main destination- Hulugan Falls. You will pass through this instagramable Pandan Plantation. Luisiana, Laguna being an agricultural municipality is blessed with abundant Pandan trees. 

    Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus genus, which is commonly known as Pandan. It has fragrant leaves which are used widely for flavoring in the cuisines of Southeast Asia and South Asia. From these trees; residents of Luisiana have long been sourcing their daily income from weaving its leaves. 
    Pandan waiving is an integral part of the lives of Lusyanahins. Bayong and Banig are the most weaved Pandan product from Luisiana, it is more commonly known in Luisiana as balulang. Bayongs are available in various sizes, siga and Manukau are the most common. Though there's a lot more products that can be made out of pandan; hats, mats, souvenir,s and decorative items and boxes to the more complex, trendy, and fashionable bags.

    Small Bayongs are being intentionally woven as packaging for famous Bibingka that are available at the jump-off point and being sold as pasalubong.

    The Pandan Plantation - Luisiana, Laguna. It is instagram-worthy because of the illusion that makes you smaller. 

    Hulugan Waterfall.

    Hulugan Waterfalls is magnificent. It is satisfying when arrived at the location when you can feel the cold and humid atmosphere because of the dews from the falls. Undeniably, relaxing and worth it, as the green from forest surrounds which make more of a jungle adventure – way different from the city. 

    Breathtaking view of Hulugan Falls in Luisiana, Laguna.

    This is one of the tallest waterfalls I have been to, particularly in Laguna province. The height of the waterfall is easily 70 to 80 meters (200 feet or so). It is also quite wide, maybe 20-25 meters (60-70 feet), and has a strong flow of water. It is visually a perfect waterfall. One of the things that really blew me away was how many visitors were there, mostly locals – honestly jam-packed. One of the reasons I thought this would be a good place to visit is that it didn’t seem well-known. On contrary, when you see this magnificent work of nature, it’s no wonder it has quickly caught on as a popular place to visit in Laguna province, especially with locals.

    It is truly difficult to take a photo in nature and try to eliminate the human presence when the spot is crowded. I think that is why local guides kept reminding us about our garbage because when tourists came and go, leaving plastics might occur if isn’t stopped at the beginning.

    The basin is swimmable which you can spend most of the time soaking and indulging in the water as if you’re being massaged by strong hands of nature. On the right side, an open cave is another spot worth picture-taking. Inside the cave, you can drink the running water and it tastes like mineral water. Just be careful because everywhere you go, it’s all slippery; I was even a victim of such an accident and got wounded after I slipped. Thank God, I didn’t hit my head on the rocks but I can still feel the pain in my back. The said accident made my whole day –not so enjoyable because of the pain.

    This photo was taken inside a cave located on the right side of Hulugan Falls. 

    We conquered Hulugan Falls.

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