๐Ÿ”ดWEBCAST - TIPS on How to Stay Longer in a Company!

TIPS on How to Stay Longer in a Company,job interview,how to live longer,how to be healthy,Tips in staying longer in a company,work ethics in the workplace,work ethic motivation,How to Stay Longer in Call Center Industry,adulting tips,adulting tips 101,career growth and development Hello Guys! Another webcast LIVE and This time, we're going to give some advice to our online followers on How to Stay Longer in a Company. In addition, we will also talk about growth - career and personal life.

This Episode is a test Livestreaming for an upcoming Regular Webcast hosted by Jonathan "Tansyong" Orbuda and William "Princess" Pombo.

  • 0:00 Opening.
  • 3:20 Big Announcement.
  • 10:00 Talking About Our Old Companies.
  • 22:11 How to Stay Longer in a Company.
  • 24:20 Separate Personal Life Over Professional Life.
  • 39:00 Reading Comments.



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