Shin Ramyun is Undeniably a Savory and Addicting Korean Spicy Food.

 Shin Ramyun is a brand of instant noodles (including cup ramyeon) that has been produced by the South Korean food company Nongshim since 1 October 1986. It is now exported to over 100 countries and is the highest-selling instant noodle brand in South Korea. In the Philippines, it became popular recently due to the influence of Korean Pop culture –which the Filipino is one of the nationalities who can adapt easily. 

Shin Ramyun, well known for its spicy flavor, is produced in at least four varieties: the original Shin Ramyun and Shin Ramyun Black, which was introduced in 2011, as well as Super Spicy, which was released in 2019, and, finally, a shrimp flavor that is only available in China.

A standard package of Shin Ramyun consists of noodles, a packet of flavoring powder (soup base), and a packet of vegetable flakes. Shin Ramyun Black contains an extra packet of beef stock soup, which gives the soup a more intensely savory flavor.

Eating spicy food in the Philippines is not everyone’s cup of tea except in the Bicol Region which is famous for spicy local cuisines. But, if we talk about the rest of the whole country – it is really individuals’ preference. 

Recently, I just discovered this Korean Product Shin Ramyun and I got hooked on it. At first, I can’t tolerate the level of the spiciness, even on the original Shin Ramyun – which is according to others; Shin Ramyun Black is spicier. But the taste of it is addicting, there is something that you can’t explain and you’ll crave more spiciness. 

I haven’t tried the cupped version but I’ e tried the original Shin Ramyun has only 1 broth packet, but it makes a super spicy broth and  Shin Ramyun Black’s noodle is chewy and bouncy, which is so much better than the regular Shin.  The original Shin Ramyun is amounting to a retail price of PHP45 to PHP50 and the Shin Ramyun Black is amounting to PHP90 to PHP110 depending on the store. 


Original Shin Ramyun’s Nutritional Facts.

Shin Ramyun Black’s Nutritional Facts.

Looking at the nutritional value, it has high sodium content. Remember, too much sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. It can also cause calcium losses, some of which may be pulled from the bone. The addicting taste is really challenging to refuse and I am guilty of that. I am trying to consume moderately to avoid any problems in the future. Though, sodium is beneficial, as the body uses it- to maintain fluid levels. A balance of fluid and sodium is necessary for the health of the heart, liver, and kidneys. It regulates blood fluids and prevents low blood pressure. But again, too much is dangerous.

Maybe in the future, I will consider buying the other variant since they have 8 products as of the year 2022. Shin Ramyun Noodles is Undeniably a Savory Korean Spicy Food.


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