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     1 Interviewer, 5 Presidential Candidates with 10 Common Questions, answerable in 5 minutes each of the questions, 60 seconds to answer the Personal Issue-based question, a political fast talk and, one final question, a Gong sound; all answers are unedited. These were all happening in a one-hour 2022 Presidential Candidates’ Interview conducted by the celebrity–host turned vlogger, Boy Abunda. 


    Within the whole week starting from Jan 24-28, 2022, the recorded interviews from the 5 Presidential Candidates are being uploaded one by one; on Boy Abunda’s YouTube Channel daily at 6:00PM.  The said interview became trending and voters use the said interview to hear the candidate’s point of view – that affects the voting decision. 

    • Senator Ping Lacson | January 24
    • Senator Bong Bong Marcos | January 25
    • Vice President Leni Robredo | January 26
    • Mayor Isko Moreno | January 27
    • Senator Manny Pacquiao | January 28


    List of Questions.

    Environment on Mining Specific.| Isyu sa Pagmimina.

    Mining is one of the most controversial issues. On April 2021, President Duterte lifted the 9-year moratorium under Executive Order 130 from No Permit to granting new permits on mining. Meanwhile, in December 2021, DENR lifted the Ban of an Open Pit via administrative order 2021-40. These were praised by the Mining Industry but criticized by numerous environmentalists and human rights defenders.

    Question: If elected, are you going to strengthen these proposals or will totally ban them?

    COVID -19 Pandemic Issue.

    We’ve (Philippines) been suffering from the Pandemic Starting March 2020. According to DOH, as of 2022, we have already reached 3 million cases with 50 thousand death. In addition, per Johns Hopkins University – COVID19 Dashboard, as of 1/30/2022 – 372,960.394 total cases with 5,659,574 death worldwide. We already knew that this virus is vicious and unpredictable. We already heard different variants from mutation – e.g.  Delta, Omicron etcetera. It mutates, but the question of when and how can’t be answered, but one thing is clear, it’s killing people and the economy.

    Question: Given the viciousness and unpredictability of this virus, if elected, what is your program?

    Poverty | Kahirapan.

    According to PSA (Philippine Statistic Authority), October 2001 reported  3.27M jobless Filipinos; October  2010 has 2.79 Million, October 2016 recorded 2Million, October 2021 had 3.5Million. Meanwhile, according to SWS (Social Weather Station) when it comes to hunger, quarter 3 of 2001 has 9.3% Filipinos who experience hunger, quarter 3 of 2010 has 15.9%, quarter 3 of 2016 has 10.6% and quarter 3 of 2021 has 10% or around 2.5 million of Philippine population. Truly, given the data of 3.5millions are jobless and 2.5millions are hungry; this is an urgent and alarming problem. 

    Question: If elected, what do you do?

    OFW and Migration | OFW at Migrasyon.

    In September 2019, PSA (Philippine Statistic Authority) reported that there are 2.2 Million Filipino Migrants worldwide; this includes 96% as contract workers and 3.2% as non-contracts. Remittance accounted, For 8.9billion USD (2018), 30.1B USD (2019) 29.9B USD (2020), 25.9B USD (October 2021) which contributes 11% of the National GDP. On the other hand, there is a Social Cost that is unquantifiable that contributes to the destruction of the Filipino Family. 

    Question: How do you balance the Economic Positive Effect of having OFWs and the so-called Social Cost?

    Social Media and Pornography.

    Pornhub – online streaming for adult content, reported the 2021 year-end review. According to the report, Filipinos spent 11minutes and 30 seconds watching adult videos which makes the Philippines number 1 consumer, even surpassing France and Japan.

    Meanwhile,  a Grammy award American songwriter Billie Eilish was exposed to Pornography as early as 11 years old. She admitted that it affects her mental state destructively, especially how she looks at sex, and in her 20s – she‘s on her way to recovery.

    Hypothetical Question: What will you do when you discover your young children are addicted to Pornography?

    Rape-related Abortion | Aborsyon para sa nabuntis dahil sa RAPE.

    According to data from Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Networks and Gender Rights Inc; One Filipino girl is being raped every 75 minutes; about 1 in 8 Filipino Women who resort to abortion are rape survivors. 70 women induce abortion every hour; a complication from unsafe & illegal abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal death and hospitalization. In the Philippines, Year 2012 alone, 610 women induce abortion, over a hundred thousand women are hospitalized and a thousand women died because of the complications from unsafe abortion. Due to a lack of access to safe and legal abortion in the country, at least 3 women died every day.

    Question: Is it time to enact a law of abortion to allow abortion to pregnant women due to rape?

    Illegal Drugs | Ilegal na Droga.

    Duterte admits he was wrong on the 3-6 months drug war deadline.

    “I feel so bad [about] all of these things. Kasi nalaman ko, paano ko makontrol in three to six months, ang mga generals na pulis nandiyan. Tapos ‘yung mga Bureau of Customs na inaasahan ko, p*******ina nasa droga. How will I succeed, e nasa droga,” Duterta said in a speech in Ozamis City.

    “Alam ko na nagkamali ako. Nagkamali talaga ako,” he added.

    The President also said the Philippines has now become a “narcotics country.”

    “Now, magtanong kayo, ang Pilipinas, are we or are we not a narcotics country? Yes, we are,” he said.

    “Sabi ko, tama iyang silang mga kritiko ko. ‘Eh sabi mo, noong nag-Presidente ka, three to six months.’ Hindi ko alam pagpasok ko, eh Davao lang kasi ako, so ang template ko Davao… May droga, pero sabi ko, maglaro ka doon, patay ka talaga,” he added.

    Question, How much do you know about Illegal Drugs in the Philippines, are we a Narco-country?

    Philippine Debt | Utang ng Bansa sa World Bank.

    According to the Bureau of Treasury, after Joseph Estrada’s administration, Ph Debt ended up at PHP2.6 Trillion, after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration – PHP5.1 Trillion, after Ninoy Aquino- PHP6.5Trillion and ending November  2021 during Rodrigo Dutere’s administration, we have now a running of the total of PHP11.93 Trillion debt.

    Question: How do you manage paying the debt when elected?

    The West Philippine Sea.

    If we talked about WPS (West Philippine Sea) – e.i. Scarborough Shoal (Bajo de Mansol), the Spratly Islands as the Kalayaan Island Group. These are being also claimed by China’s Territories. In fact, in the Reef of Zamora and Mischief Reef, also known as Panganiban Reef, the Chinese Government illegally construct infrastructure and continuously reclaimed the area. 

    On July 12, 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration - PCA-CPA released a decision that the said areas are owned by the Philippines, but China kept claiming illegally. In addition, ending December 2021, the Philippines already filed 241 Diplomatic Protest, 152 are being responded to by China.

    Question: If all Diplomatic Protest failed, as President of the Republic of the Philippines, do you think we are strong enough and prepared to fight for a defensive war against China?

    Presidential Qualifications | Kwalipikasyon bilang isang Presidente.

    According to the 1987 .constitution of the republic of the Philippines, ARTICLE VII - Section 2. No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.

    Question: Is it time to amend that provision?


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