Short Film - Mama Mayumi - Gawad Sining 2021 Official Entry

Starring Madam Floie May Spearson and Directed by Sam Costanilla, official entry Gawad Sining 2021Streaming is extended until January 16,2022. 


An LGBTQIA+ member named Ivan Cortiz had a crush on his neighbor Calvin.  However, he is having a hard time expressing his true emotions to him. But all these hesitations change, when one day, he saves a beggar from abusive strangers, who turns out to be a genie named Mama Mayumi ( Mother Beautiful ). He was then given 3 wishes as a reward. What wish did you think he ask for? Was it worth it? Was it meaningful? Was it satisfying? Was it something you would also wish for? Or did he has some regrets?

If you really wanted to know, then don't miss watching this film!

Watch the Trailer:

How to Avail The Ticket:

1. Open this link on your browser: to SIGN UP for FREE using your email

2. Click ADD TO CART to purchase e-Ticket for  ₱150 (You may buy multiple tickets in one order using your Credit/Debit Card, GCash, PayMaya, and GrabPay)

3. Download your e-Ticket (contains QR code and password that is sent to your email

4. Scan the QR code to open the film page and type the password when prompted. Enjoy streaming! 

5. Please also vote by clicking "Vote for this short film". A Google Docs form will open to a new window. (Type your email address as your RAD username. Drop a comment too to cheer for the Team Mama Mayumi!)


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