Pack Of Science for Dogs ; Pro-Mass® Advance, Groplus Evolution, Nuprime and Milky Dam.

Escobar - The American Bully, my Lockdown Baby.


    My American Bully got a pack of science as a PR parcel that includes Groplus Evolution, Nuprime, and Milky Dam. These are dog supplements that help my dog in having a healthy life. The company sent me the product after I featured Pro-Mass® Advance on my Channel and got thousand of views. And so, let me share with you these awesome dog products that may help your goal of having good-looking and healthy dogs. 

    Escobar - the American Bully during his lanky stage transformation.

    🔰Watch The Video.

    🔰PRO-MASS Advance®

    (Anabolic Canine Weight Gainer  & Muscle Developer)

    “The Ultimate Weight Gainer & Muscle Builder”

    “We Don’t Just Claim It, We Prove It!”(Many Times)


    • ✔️Designed for Hard Gainer dogs
    • ✔️Build, develop lean, and define muscle physique 
    • ✔️Fast weight gainer
    • ✔️Boost Immune system
    • ✔️Appetite booster
    • ✔️Faster Recovery during training exercises
    • ✔️Made from human food-grade ingredients
    • ✔️Safe and effective
    • ✔️No side effect, no adverse reaction on mood
    • ✔️Works with all kinds of breeds 2 months and older
    • ✔️Works with all Canine Feed Programs

    Made from human food-grade and premium ingredients.

    Minimal exercise is required to build muscle mass and definition.

    Absolute results are guaranteed as early as 30 days.

    Dosage and administration:

    Below 10kg - 1tsp twice a day

    Above 10kg - 2tsp twice a day


    NUPRIME Liver and Kidney Supplement

    • ✅Improves Liver and Kidney performance
    • ✅Improves gut digestion thru the added essential digestive Enzymes.
    • ✅Improves growth and weight gain
    • ✅Appetite booster
    • ✅Improves breeding performance
    • ✅Works with all feed programs and other food supplements
    • ✅Guaranteed safe and has no negative side effects.
    • ✅Registered in Bureau of Animal Industry in the Philippines
    • ✅Trusted by Canine Medico and Nutri Professionals


    GRO PLUS EVOLUTION with CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor)

    All in one dog dietary supplement equipped with essential VITAMINS and MINERALS, fortified with complex essential DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, AMNO-ACIDS BUILDERS, CHLORELLA GROWTH support, and Immuno booster PROBIOTICS. Designed for overall health performance.

    • For All Dog Breeds Age 1 Month and Older
    • Daily supplement for all breeds and all stages; puppies, young adults, studs, gestating and lactating dams
    • Promotes Dog Healthy Gut
    • Improves Puppies Growth and Development
    • Improves Immune System
    • Improves Feed Efficiency
    • Improves Litter Size Quality
    • Improves Digestion and Absorption

    🔰Milky Dam

    A milk enhancer like Milky Dam may be of help in increasing the breastmilk for a lactating dam for the puppies to be satisfied. Milky Dam milk enhancers are have been proven to be effective and safe for both the dam and puppies. Milky Dam supports the responsibility of the dam for encouraging her body to naturally process milk to make her puppies benefit from breastfeeding. Milky Dam is made from chelated vitamins and minerals fortified with immune booster probiotics specifically designed to stimulate the natural production of milk in lactating dam. This natural milk production will satisfy the puppies with the right amount of milk. Excellent results are observed in following the right and appropriate dosage use of Milky Dam milk enhancer. Dosage and Administration: Breeders: half teaspoon per meal of lactating dam. (Start adding Milky Dam from 50 days of pregnancy until 30 days after puppies birth)

    • Design for lactating dam.
    • Increase the secretion of milk.
    • Promotes healthy breast milk supply.
    • Safe and effective.
    • Boost immune system.
    • Experience the health and bonding benefits of breastfeeding of dam and puppies

    🔰How to Order?

    For Inquiry Contact :
    📌#5 J. Eustaquio St. Brgy. Progreso, San Juan (near old sta mesa bridge )

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