Journeying James' Team prepared Filipino Games, Raffles, Bonfire and Night Party.

Adam and Eve ?

September 28, 2013.That was four in the afternoon Journeying James or simply JAMES and Mitch Siy (Program Organizer) Prepared an ice breaker, actually that was all ice breakers, team building, socials, and etc, name it, variety of activities was prepared.

Opening prayer headed by Mitch Siy, and the program proper was hosted my Mitch Siy, the Organizer was Mitch Siy, all in all, Miss Siy was responsible. Hahah! Ikaw na ! Up next,Opening remarks by James with a message “To be Rich or to be Free”. After the very touching and inspiring speech the Raffle started.

I thought it was just a simple raffle but I was amazed with the prizes. Minor Prizes like ROX apparels, free accommodation in one of NAGA’s best hotel (Avenue Palaza hotel), Cebu Pacific Air Goodies, and Universal Robina Corp. products. And the Grand Prize was the Free Palawan Tour.

I won Cebu Pacific Eco Bag and PHP100
What made the participants active are those games, yes! Filipino games, First Game was Apple eating; pairs should eat the hanged apple without using their hands. Second Game was sack race with a twist, where-in participant should wear the “Travelers will change the WORLD” T-shirt before doing the race.

The said sack race was the game I joined; it was not that easy task because “Leroy” (the Tiara’s dog) spiced up the challenge and adds an obstacle by biting the contestants. The third game was the Kalamansi relay with matching flour. Team should do the task as fast as they can. Another game I joined was the Pokpok Palayok, a blind folded contestant should hit the clay pot.

Mitch Siy as she checked the Prize
We received each on us a “Travelers will change the world” T-shirt/Sando. After we got it up, of course a new shirt is worthless without taking pictures with it.

After the said event, chief Arvin prepared food for the dinner. While everyone was busy, I went ahead to my tent to take rest; I am very tired because of Surfing lesson. I did a short “Power Nap”.  I woke up, to grab my dinner. After that, I went back to my tent to rest again. (sarap kaya matulog ng busog).

Travelers will change the World Shirt
Unfortunately, I was not able to join the Bonfire and Night Party. With the music inside my tent, and rain outside, it was really perfect for sleeping. Basta nagising nalang ako, someone was audibly vomiting, maybe around 3AM. It means it was really a party, a real party! Sigh!!

Early Morning, James asked me if I drink, “Yes, I Am a drinker, it’s just happened that I enjoy sleeping inside my tent, it was my first time to sleep in a tent”. “Sayang! We ate Fried Frog” He Said.
“Inggit MUCH”

Sweet Thingy

Winner for Free Hotel accommodation 
Distribution of Shirt : Small !! Mine is Medium, Large!!! XL, XS.  hahaha
After The Games 
Lesson; never ever sleep when party is still going on.

Fame Musical Rehearsal at Copacabana Apartment – Hotel.

RATING : ⭐⭐⭐

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post entitled “I used to become a celebrity in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel.” I was part of “Fame Musical” and it was December of 2012. The Preparation of the said show was really full of effort of the production team both staff and performers. Part of the preparation was of course “THE REHEARSAL”. The management decided to book two units of Apartment Hotel for the performers. And it was Copacabana Apartment – Hotel.

The very reason why the management rented the place it’s because performers came from different location and they are trying to avoid tardiness when it comes to rehearsals. They confined us (actors, singers and dancers)to focus towards the routine, and the apartment hotel served as meeting area, rehearsal area and sleeping place as well (but we actually had a rehearsal place in SM Mall of Asia).

Copacabana Apartment Hotel has easy access to Metro Manila's main thoroughfares including the two major train routes, the LRT and MRT. It's just a 15-20 minute drive to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the domestic airport, financial district of Makati, Manila's tourist belt and convention centers. Forms of entertainment are within reach such as the Mall of Asia as well as numerous bars and clubs lining EDSA's entertainment strip. Copacabana Apartment Hotel is just along EDSA right after Rotonda. It is beside Heritage Hotel which is near Baclaran.

We were just 30 performers, and I must say “Quality accommodations that don’t break the budget” Imagine if you are 30 travelers and its only PHP4000 per unit, It would spend you like PHP 266 per person in 24 hours.

According to their Online Portal, Even the most seasoned business traveler will find comfort in Copacabana Apartment Hotel. Newly-refurbished, the apartment-style accommodations of this 11-storey hotel are spacious and comfortable. It is easy to escape the hectic pace of Manila's city life in the relative tranquility of your well-appointed, elegantly designed suite.

The Copacabana Apartment Manila Hotel offers an alternative to the normal hotel experience. “You can count on our 30-year experience as one of the Philippines' best hoteliers to provide you with only the best service”, as promised. Copacabana's top-notch facilities are in healthy competition with Manila's most upscale hotels. Aside from quality service, Copacabana Apartment is the top choice because it won’t break the budget. “Truly, this is the mark of real service and hospitality”, as the site proudly informed.

Basically, as I experienced the unit was very spacious as a matter of fact we were able to rehearse our routine at the salsa.  In addition to that, you can also cook your meal because utensils are provided in their kitchen, like cooking wares and set, plates (from small to large) and the dining area is also well maintained. The cleanliness and orderliness is superb.

For the Info about their accommodations Click Here
For the Facilities and Services Click here

The place is huge and spacious therefore this is not advisable for solo traveler. But if you are a group of friends or travelers who are aiming for a relaxation and hospitable service, then you can try this Hotel (maybe 15 pax in one unit is good enough).It’s like you are renting a transient penthouse, wherein you have everything (ei , kitchen, dining , living area, Rooms, ETC in one unit.)

In the same page, parking is also for free for the guests. You can park your car outside (just in front of the lobby) or you can park it indoor (at the parking area).

I Used to Become a Celebrity in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel.

RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cast of Fame Musical
It was December 2012, when I participated and became a part of my company’s FAME. It was a Christmas Theatre Presentation or should I say a remake of Broadway Musical Shows such as Chicago, Miss Saigon, Rock of ages, and luckily I was part of the Musical for “FAME”.(Click here to view the FAME)

To become a theatre performer is a way for me to experience this Five Star Hotel in Manila named Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel. The only 5-star luxury resort hotel in Manila, Sofitel Philippine Plaza is an iconic property standing amid an expansive tropical setting, known for its spectacular Manila Bay sunsets, the hotel continues to attract both local and international travelers alike with its signature brand of Filipino hospitality and the French joie de vivre that is reflected in its rituals in food and wine, and varied entertainment offerings.

It took 2 weeks for the team to fix all things and getting ready to showcase our talent. From rehearsal, wardrobe, props, and all in production cast and staffs, are well prepared. It was totally a sacrifice for the FAME Team. But then, I was very thankful because in just a short span of time, I was able to experience how to become a celebrity.

The said performance is in Sofitel hotel. Therefore let me share you the story.

About the Hotel

How to get there?
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel is accessible. It is located at CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Centennial Airport and Domestic Airports, take a car or taxi towards Roxas Boulevard, and cross over to the Coastal Shopping Mall. Turn right on President Macapagal Boulevard and head straight toward the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex. Sofitel Philippine Plaza is located right next to the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Review about the Hotel.

To be honest, that was my first time to experience a Five Star Hotel (since I am not capable of paying luxurious hotels). The Production booked a room for our make-up and it also served us our dressing room.

The morning of our performance, we had a dressed rehearsal. I arrived 7PM via taxi at the lobby of the hotel. The employees were accommodating even at the lobby, they wore Filipiniana Dress for girls and Barong Tagalog for men. They instruct me how to get at the rehearsal area. For me to get at the rehearsal, I need to pass through at the SPIRAL.

SPIRAL ( as per Sofitel Website)

Photo Credit to Sofitel : This is the iconic Spiral Stair

Spiral is a restaurant like no other, taking interactive dining to a level never before seen in the Asia Pacific region

The new Spiral is divided into 21 dining ateliers. In France, an atelier is an artist’s special workshop, and in Spiral it is where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes. The range of cuisines is expansive and the attention and detail to each dish has the focus of an artisan.

Moreover, the restaurant’s very famous Icon is their Grand Spiral Stair. Because of the design, it is famous for Photo-shoot for Wedding Pre nap and other photo-shoots that will showcase wealth.

Click here for more info

The Room: 
Photo credit to Sofitel : This is the Room the we booked(dressing room)
They had superior room, luxury room, Sofitel suite, prestige suite, Opera suite and imperial residence. There rooms are very clean, superb, and you can really feel how life is beautiful.

The Chandeliers, the lights, the carpet, the CR, everything reflects luxuriousness. As an ordinary individual, it really uplifts your alter Ego to dream high and act as a wealthy being in proportion to the environment of the entire establishment.

The Swimming Pool
Photo credit to Sofitel : This is the Top view of the said pool (The famous lagoon shape Swimming pool)
Sofitel is the only resort hotel in Manila who has as its signature facility an exquisite lagoon-shaped pool, breathtaking with its sparkling turquoise waters, two giant slides and cascading waterfalls – a show-stopping centerpiece amid landscaped tropical gardens dotted with palm trees. It is an ideal venue to relax and unwind, and sun beds are available for those who would like to take in the sun.

The Experience.

It was totally one of my unforgettable experiences in life, once I became a celebrity who was able to experience to live like a celebrity, treated as a celebrity in just a short span of time.
Maybe, someday I’ll be back and I promised to myself to comeback, to stay and to eat at the Spiral (PHP1500) by my own expense (nice motivation right).

Anyway, I attached the video below of the said event.

๐Ÿฆ The Renaissance of Philippine Ice Cream AKA Sorbete

This is part of Palawan Adventure

Since Philippines is a tropical country, therefore the weather is hot. By that, the food choice is also in proportion to the climate of the location. Today, lemme provide you an information about this food where in it is already part of the Filipino’s culture and part of everyday routine. The coldness and the deliciousness of this famous food will make you understand the culture of the country.

Sorbetes is the old-style variant of ice cream made in the Philippines. It is different from the similarly named sorbet. Ice cream was introduced in the Philippines during the American Occupation when refrigerators and other cooling devices were introduced. While American ice cream was made with cow's milk, using the milk of the carabao, a kind of water buffalo, resulted in a cheaper product which became known as "sorbetes." Both kinds of milk are widely used today.

It is uniquely made from coconut milk, unlike other iced desserts that are made from animal milk.Coconut milk and cassava flour are two other ingredients used that make sorbetes unique from ice cream made in other countries. Flavors also varied from the usual natural fruits such as mango, avocado, melon, jackfruit, coconut and strawberry to flavors imitating commercial ice cream such as chocolate, cookies and cream, cheese, mocha, ube, etc.

Sorbetes is usually consumed as a snack while travelling. It can also be served as dessert.
The sorbetes industry competes with commercially available ice cream from giant companies operating in the Philippines such as Arce Dairy, Magnolia, Nestlรฉ, and Selecta, which also started peddling their product in the streets in more sanitized carts. As an innovation, many fast foods offer commercial ice cream/sorbets as part of their menu. It can be a topping for a drinks or it can be a main dessert which ever will work best for you.

Sorbetes is peddled by Mamang Sorbeteros using colorfully painted wooden carts which usually can accommodate three flavors, each in a large metal canister. Nowadays, the modern card is made of stainless steel with signal sound. Peddlers get their carts from makers scattered around the cities of the Philippines in the morning and walk the streets the whole day, calling consumers from their houses by ringing a small handheld bell.

Today, Mamang Sorbetreos with modern cart no longer using a handheld bell but they are now using an electronic sound as a signal which captured more towards the children attentions. Peddlers of sorbets (Mamang sorbetero) provide several serving options. The Sorbete may be served in a small plastic cup, a wafer cone, a sugar cone or a bread bun, at varying prices. A serving can include one flavor or, for no extra charge, a mixture of available flavors.

The wooden cart has two large wooden wheels at the front part to easily push the cart though latest carts are already attached to bicycles. The cart is stuffed with shaved ice sprinkled with salt to produce a lower temperature around the metal canisters and keep the sorbetes frozen longer.The whole sorbetes cart is also available for private gatherings when negotiated with the sorbetero. It is usually cheaper than buying gallons of ice cream to be served to guests that is why it is advisable to buy in bulk if you are going to prepare it for party

๐Ÿธ Obar Ortigas : Unwinding Place for Discreet Gay Men in the Philippines

LGBT Community in the Philippines is now starting to shout out and the community is now starting to accept it little by little. However despite of screaming of the said LGBT people in the Philippines, LGBT still suffered from limited legal rights and discrimination. The Most invisible members of the Filipino LGBT culture yet very active are those discreet gay men or simply called Bisexuals. They look like real men but discreetly they practice MSM. Due to social stigma they tend to hide their practices and lifestyle.

Today, let me narrate my own experience in a bar located in Ortigas named Obar and what to expect inside once you go there.

I was very excited when my online friends planning to hangout and they planned to go somewhere in Ortigas.

What is OBAR?

Setting the standards of the ultimate partying and fun in the Metro, The new O bar is now located at Home Depot J. Vargas, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. In this bar you can experience a bigger; better and bolder fun. O Bar remained to be the favorite hangout of discreet gay men, partygoers and even straight men and women.

A Huge place that is enough for you  to enjoy, party, drink and dance; a better service to provide your party needs with more amazing performances; of drag queens, Fire dancers, ledge dancers and a bolder party experience with limitless ways of having fun and enjoyment plus promotions and offerings in store to valued guests

Is there Any Dress Code Policy?

The good thing about this Bar is they are not implementing a dress code policy compared to Republiq Bar in Resorts World. You can wear anything as long as it is presentable and it will make you stand out from the crowd. Due to its lights colors inside the bar, I advised you guys to wear light colors so that you’ll look pleasant visually. If you are muscular built or gym fit, wear something fitted and I am sure you will captured the crowd’s attention.

While observing the party people dancing, I notice a lot of fashion statements like KPOP culture (those men looks like Korean), YUPPIE Looks (Those who are wearing Long sleeves and with collar, it seems that they just got from work). NIERD Looks (those are wearing large eyeglasses but the truth it has no optical lens). MODEL Looks (Those who are wearing a colorful tops and neon jeans), and above all Those SIMPLE look are visually exquisite (Those who are wearing simple tops and simple jeans)

Can you describe what’s inside O bar?

At the entry point of the said bar, you can already feel the beat of the music from inside. The door really captured your interest to open it and come in because of the LOGO which letter “O” that really makes your curiosity triggered. As you continue, you need to pass through to a dim light yet very pink color and a long hallway before you reached to the main entrance or simply the receptionist.  The Receptionist will welcome you, you have to pay for the entrance fee, the price will depend on the day (weekend is more expensive PHP 350). After you pay the receptionist will stamp your hand as a proof that you are paid already. Don’t worry, Entrance fee is consumable (3 bottles of beer).

Note: don’t bring any drinks inside or else you will leave it at the guard. My friend bought a Starbucks Coffee, unfortunately he need to drink it right away or leave it at the guard.

The Floor: It was made of adobe cement, not that smooth, not that rough. It is enough for you to dance. The dance floor is not that huge, you can see numbers of cocktail tables around that made the location looks like saturated.

The Walls: There are some portraits of a male body parts and sexy men displayed in every corners of the Bar. The white details will add up the lightness of the vividness of the walls.

The Stage: The stage size is enough for the performers. At the front of the stage, a huge portrait of a naked back of a man, even if it is a fully naked, it doesn’t look offensive yet very artistic. At the left side of the stage is the VIP table, the location for VIPs is elevated and I am pretty sure VIP guest can watch the performers visually clear.

The Bar: The bar is clean and based on my observation abundant of drinks are available from soft to hard drinks, from a simple coffee to cocktail drinks, and beers.

If you are in tight budget don’t occupied any cocktail tables or else you’re going to pay for it. The best way is to grab a drink and stand up.

The Wash Room: It is clean during opening or during early hours but when during 1AM onwards just prepare yourself not to breath (I believe most of the Bars in metropolis suffered this predicament). But the Physical set up is best; the motif is still in harmony on what is the motif outside.

The Lights and Music:
Lights are amazing, it’s more entertaining because laser light is available which is usually not available in other Bars I’ve been. The Momentum of the light is in proportion and accompanied by the beat of the music. Music are totally great, most of the music is techno and the mixing is just an ordinary but the important is they played latest music, therefor if you are shy type person, believe me you can’t avoid dancing.

The Obar Employees:

The Guard and Bouncers are very watchful for the security of the crowd. The receptionist/the front liners are all good looking. The Bar Tender and Waiter are very responsive of your order yet when the numbers of guests are rapidly increasing, the service level decreases, sometimes waiters will forget your orders, but the good thing about the crew they are friendly. In fact an Indie Actor from Movie Sagwan is working as a waiter in O bar.

Moreover, the performers are talented like drag queens that are very funny, comical and talented doing their production numbers at the stage. Fire dancers are very skilled doing their dangerous routines. Ledge dancers that are distributed in every corner of the entire BAR are very convincing to uplift the crowd’s temperature to join dancing.

Obar, is now also a place where-in local celebrities hanged out. Like Ruffa Mae Quinto, Anne Curtiz , Kristine Reyes and many more who are very participative joining at the stage.

The Crowd: 

If you are looking someone inside at the Bar, I am pretty sure you will find. Innumerable guests are roving around, dancing, drinking and having fun. Various kinds of people you will encounter. You will have a chance to meet few straight men and women and large number of Discreet Gay Men. You can find Yuppies, Call Center Agents, Elite People, Social Climber, Gym Fits People, Effeminate people, Twinks and oldies. You just need to be watchful and be macro-minded once you visit this kind of Bar. Because you will see, men having kiss with men anywhere. And be cool anytime most especially if  you are a good looking because lot will stares at you and worst thing if they will grab your butt quickly (Someone grabbed my butt while I am dancing).

Truly, the distinctive hidden culture in Obar was due to the fact that LGBT community find ways and sanctuary where-in they can spread their wings freely , free from judgment, discrimination and bullying if they are gonna practice it outside. Since of belongingness is the very reason why MSM people went to this Bar.

“ Di naman Alam ng Pamilya ko at ng Girlfriend ko na MSM ako , kaya pag nakakatakas ako, dito ako pumupunta, Palusot ko lang overtime ”, (My family and my Girlfriend is not aware that I am practicing MSM, usually if a have a chance to escape from them , I usually hang out here, I Just said I am still at work), Mike said when I interview him at the Dance floor.

Overall, that was memorable experience, it was worth blogging for. Until now, Mike and I became a good friend, he always inviting me to go back in O bar. I just replied, “Im on Travel, maybe next time”.

Skillful and Resourceful Philippine People during Scarcity

In every catastrophic event, problems, challenges, trials and devastating situations, Filipinos are still strong. The good thing about having some downs, Philippines inhabitants’ learned to become tactful and being resourceful and those we can easily adopt and adjust on what is happening around. Encounter in Zamboanga, Tyhoon in Luzon and Southwest Monsoon Rains are some tragedies that we currently facing. Despite of those devastating events we still rational and skillful to look for any solutions either it is for a long term of short term plan.

In the same page, The Philippines is located in the typhoon belt. Every year, an average of 20 typhoons enters our country. These typhoons bring rains and winds that destroy our buildings and homes. Rainy season begins on July and last up to October. On these months we experience rains and sometimes typhoons. An the worst case if southwest monsoon rain will follow that results to rapid increase of water level and flash floods arises.

Whenever there is flood, or any military fight, people from affected areas need to evacuate. We have a lot of evacuation centers throughout our country. Usually, Schools and Churches are converted into evacuation centers. These places become crowded with families who became victims of floods or war. These evacuation centers provide temporary shelter to those people affected by the calamity.

Because of that, every individual’s survival instinct become active, we become skillful and resourceful.  That is one of Filipinos characteristics that we should be proud of. We are able to survive in accordance to the system of uniformity, we are able to produce a valuable thing out of nothing, we are able to feed our siblings despite of scarce resources, and we are able to smile even though there is still a tear in one corner of our eye. That’s how Filipino is.

Compared to other countries we are far behind in terms of providing the needs of our evacuees. The picture above shows an example of what evacuations should look like. Each family affected was given a tent where they can sleep comfortably. They are given food, clothes, medicines and other stuff too. Government officials from other countries allocate their funds to create evacuation centers that can be used at times of emergency such as calamity. Furthermore, they have a disaster action team that is responsible for planning the rescue and evacuation of the victims.

Overall, I am writing down this article due to the fact that we are currently facing problems now. The War between “Philippine Military” versus “Missuari faction MNLF forces” that result into evacuating, the increasing numbers of casualties due to Southwest monsoon rains which cause of flash floods in Zambales and Bataan (as of Sept 24, 2013).
I believe that Filipino can still stand up and smile. Maybe not now but tomorrow

Let me leave you this thought

“ Hindi Kasalanang Pinanganak kang Mahirap, Pero Kasalanang Mamatay ka sa HIRAP”

It’s not your fault if you are grew up underprivileged, BUT it’s your fault if you are allowing Poverty kill you.

(Guest Writer)

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) located in Taguig or Makati?

Today, I’ll be featuring you guys the place of the Philippines which the Economic Growth was rapidly increasing in just a short span of time. The development of each businesses and commercial establishments are tremendously developing. I witnessed the rough transitions personally in every visit I made.

Bonifacio Global City is situated in………….. Let me check first…. For accuracy…uhm actually I don’t know, but as far as my last visit it is officially owned by Taguig City yet for now I don’t know , I am now confused.

The confusion starts when the Clash of two titans arises. These Titans named “Cayetano” from Taguig City and “Binay” from Makati City are currently fighting for the BGC. The Court is their battlefield. These two mayors are disputing who owned the Bonifacio Global City.

BGC as a new business complex where in huge amount of taxes can be collected is one factor why these two mayors are battling. Cayetano said "Kapag inagaw ng Makati ang Fort Bonifacio sa Taguig, paano na ang benepisyong nakukuha ng mga Taguigeรฑo,” But Binay declared a moratorium for tax collection from any establishment in BGC last six months of 2013.

Well personally, BGC is the place that I can recommend establishing your business, a place where in restaurants are really sophisticated and BPO industry are numerous therefore the BGC is operating 24hrs.

But despite of the development, there is still a question until now that made confused not only myself but also travelers, Is Bonifacio Global City (BGC) located in Taguig or in Makati? We have to watch it out.

Chinese Cuisines Craving, North Park Noodle House is the Answer.

From the entire day of working, seven days a week, you deserve to have a break. Join me as bring you in a restaurant wherein Chinese Cuisines is highlighted.  Eat and feel what the real meaning of life through plates.

North Park Noodle House is a Chinese Restaurant located in the entire Metro Manila. But for now let me visit their branch at Pasay City SM near Mall of Asia.

North Park Noodle House is situated at Jetti Macapagal, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Jetti Gas Station Pasay, Metro Manila Philippines.

The Location:

From Sm Mall of Asia, You can take a bus/or Jeepney bound to Coastal Mall. Just tell the Driver to drop you at Jetti Business center. You will notice jetti Gas Station. Just go ahead and look for North Park Restaurant.

The Food:

Stir Fry Beef with Imported Broccoli Flower : Stir fry savory lean grass-fed beef mixed with tender-crisp cancer- fighting broccolii florets. This makes a GReat topper for fried rice, P311.30
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu Fillet: Heart healthy, thinly sliced fresh fish fillet, pan-fried then generously coated with our signature sweet and sour sauce. P311.30
Menus being offered in the restaurant are Chinese foods. Innumerable delicious foods are perfect for casual dining.

Dimsum, Noodles in Soup, braised noodles (dry), Yee Mien Noodles, Superior Soup, Special Fried Rice, and Served with Rice, Signature Dishes, Best Sellers, Hot Pot Dishes, Roast Specialties, Superior Congee, Simple Congee, Desserts, Drinks, and Tea Treats are the Cuisines being listed in their menus at the table. The said restaurant is famous because of its tender Lechon Macau, the skin is crispy yet the meat is very juicy and their savory fried noodles

Surely, your gastronomical craving now has a solution by dropping at their restaurant and consuming their foods. You can sit and relax while patiently waiting your order for 15-30 mins depending on the order, because their foods are freshly cooked and served on the spot.

You can order in bulk or good for one and the quality is still the same. This is perfect for call center agents who worked at night because they are open early to serve their customers for breakfast. Actually, most of their customers are from BPO industries working in SM Mall of Asia Complex who are doing the usual Team Breakfast.

I personally like their Lechon Macau, the meat was very tender and juicy inside but still the crispiness outside is superb. This is perfect with Plain Rice and with oyster sauce.

Next on the line that really shakes my appetite was the Lapu lapu Fillet. It was really great fillet with savory sweet and sour sauce. I’d love it so much to the point that I almost consumed four cups of Yang Chow Fried Rice.

The Establishment:

The establishment at Jetti Branch is quite small yet it can still accommodate numbers of guest. Once you arrive at the restaurant, an elegant wood-framed door will welcome you. Actually, without the foods, the establishment doesn’t look like a Chinese Restaurant except once you look up at the counter then you will notice Chinese Lanterns which add up details to the interior design.

The establishment is quite saturated, once you go ahead and look inside, you will see a four cubicles dining area in middle of the four corner room which is not visually pleasant due the fact that the heaviness of those furniture leads us to a limited spaces to move.

The furniture like the tables and Sofas are elite and it provides a luxurious effect to the interior design. Outside, they extend more tables and chairs for those customers who want to eat outdoor. It is advisable for smokers to occupy the outside tables.

(Dislaimer: Sinulat ko lang ang nakikita ko for review purposes, I don’t care about the setup and the design of the restaurant, What I love about this restaurant are the foods, Mamatay Man!! It was very superb)

The Service and the Employee:

The service level is good, employees are nice and friendly. Based in my observation they are knowledgeable enough on what they’re doing.

 I am grateful for them: I was taking pictures for this blog; I notice their display “Types of noodles” which is perfect for blogging. It was placed at the location where-in a photographer really suffered from hardship taking a perfect angle. I was still trying to capture it yet I was hesitant to do it at first because it was displayed near at the counter and authorized person only allowed to go there. Suddenly, a waiter approached me and asked “What are you doing”. I was surprised and answered “Im taking picture for my blog”. He smiled and quickly get the display and said “Ito na po Kunan nyo”. I was under the impression that he will stop me yet he started a conversation. “I will make a blog post about North Park” I said. “ Sure we will read it” he answered.

When we are about to go home with my friends and officemates, he approached me again. He gave a Promo Card and he get my contacts “Sir kindly, write your contact here and your blog so that we can easily read your comment about us and we can also contact you directly to notify you if we have some offer” he said. I gave my information and also answered their survey for the service.

Truly, another memorable food adventure for Chinese Cuisines I’ve tasted. Until now, I can still remember the Lechon Macau and the Fish Fillet. Promise!!!

The noodle is a type of basic food made from some type of unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. While long, thin strips may be the most common, many varieties of noodles are cut into waves, helices, tubes, strings, or shells, or folded over, or cut into other shapes. Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water, sometimes with cooking oil or salt added. They are often pan-fried or deep-fried. Noodles are often served with an accompanying sauce or in a soup. Noodles can be refrigerated for short-term storage, or dried and stored for future use. (As per wiki)

Types of noodles:


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