🍸 Obar Ortigas : Unwinding Place for Discreet Gay Men in the Philippines

LGBT Community in the Philippines is now starting to shout out and the community is now starting to accept it little by little. However despite of screaming of the said LGBT people in the Philippines, LGBT still suffered from limited legal rights and discrimination. The Most invisible members of the Filipino LGBT culture yet very active are those discreet gay men or simply called Bisexuals. They look like real men but discreetly they practice MSM. Due to social stigma they tend to hide their practices and lifestyle.

Today, let me narrate my own experience in a bar located in Ortigas named Obar and what to expect inside once you go there.

I was very excited when my online friends planning to hangout and they planned to go somewhere in Ortigas.

What is OBAR?

Setting the standards of the ultimate partying and fun in the Metro, The new O bar is now located at Home Depot J. Vargas, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. In this bar you can experience a bigger; better and bolder fun. O Bar remained to be the favorite hangout of discreet gay men, partygoers and even straight men and women.

A Huge place that is enough for you  to enjoy, party, drink and dance; a better service to provide your party needs with more amazing performances; of drag queens, Fire dancers, ledge dancers and a bolder party experience with limitless ways of having fun and enjoyment plus promotions and offerings in store to valued guests

Is there Any Dress Code Policy?

The good thing about this Bar is they are not implementing a dress code policy compared to Republiq Bar in Resorts World. You can wear anything as long as it is presentable and it will make you stand out from the crowd. Due to its lights colors inside the bar, I advised you guys to wear light colors so that you’ll look pleasant visually. If you are muscular built or gym fit, wear something fitted and I am sure you will captured the crowd’s attention.

While observing the party people dancing, I notice a lot of fashion statements like KPOP culture (those men looks like Korean), YUPPIE Looks (Those who are wearing Long sleeves and with collar, it seems that they just got from work). NIERD Looks (those are wearing large eyeglasses but the truth it has no optical lens). MODEL Looks (Those who are wearing a colorful tops and neon jeans), and above all Those SIMPLE look are visually exquisite (Those who are wearing simple tops and simple jeans)

Can you describe what’s inside O bar?

At the entry point of the said bar, you can already feel the beat of the music from inside. The door really captured your interest to open it and come in because of the LOGO which letter “O” that really makes your curiosity triggered. As you continue, you need to pass through to a dim light yet very pink color and a long hallway before you reached to the main entrance or simply the receptionist.  The Receptionist will welcome you, you have to pay for the entrance fee, the price will depend on the day (weekend is more expensive PHP 350). After you pay the receptionist will stamp your hand as a proof that you are paid already. Don’t worry, Entrance fee is consumable (3 bottles of beer).

Note: don’t bring any drinks inside or else you will leave it at the guard. My friend bought a Starbucks Coffee, unfortunately he need to drink it right away or leave it at the guard.

The Floor: It was made of adobe cement, not that smooth, not that rough. It is enough for you to dance. The dance floor is not that huge, you can see numbers of cocktail tables around that made the location looks like saturated.

The Walls: There are some portraits of a male body parts and sexy men displayed in every corners of the Bar. The white details will add up the lightness of the vividness of the walls.

The Stage: The stage size is enough for the performers. At the front of the stage, a huge portrait of a naked back of a man, even if it is a fully naked, it doesn’t look offensive yet very artistic. At the left side of the stage is the VIP table, the location for VIPs is elevated and I am pretty sure VIP guest can watch the performers visually clear.

The Bar: The bar is clean and based on my observation abundant of drinks are available from soft to hard drinks, from a simple coffee to cocktail drinks, and beers.

If you are in tight budget don’t occupied any cocktail tables or else you’re going to pay for it. The best way is to grab a drink and stand up.

The Wash Room: It is clean during opening or during early hours but when during 1AM onwards just prepare yourself not to breath (I believe most of the Bars in metropolis suffered this predicament). But the Physical set up is best; the motif is still in harmony on what is the motif outside.

The Lights and Music:
Lights are amazing, it’s more entertaining because laser light is available which is usually not available in other Bars I’ve been. The Momentum of the light is in proportion and accompanied by the beat of the music. Music are totally great, most of the music is techno and the mixing is just an ordinary but the important is they played latest music, therefor if you are shy type person, believe me you can’t avoid dancing.

The Obar Employees:

The Guard and Bouncers are very watchful for the security of the crowd. The receptionist/the front liners are all good looking. The Bar Tender and Waiter are very responsive of your order yet when the numbers of guests are rapidly increasing, the service level decreases, sometimes waiters will forget your orders, but the good thing about the crew they are friendly. In fact an Indie Actor from Movie Sagwan is working as a waiter in O bar.

Moreover, the performers are talented like drag queens that are very funny, comical and talented doing their production numbers at the stage. Fire dancers are very skilled doing their dangerous routines. Ledge dancers that are distributed in every corner of the entire BAR are very convincing to uplift the crowd’s temperature to join dancing.

Obar, is now also a place where-in local celebrities hanged out. Like Ruffa Mae Quinto, Anne Curtiz , Kristine Reyes and many more who are very participative joining at the stage.

The Crowd: 

If you are looking someone inside at the Bar, I am pretty sure you will find. Innumerable guests are roving around, dancing, drinking and having fun. Various kinds of people you will encounter. You will have a chance to meet few straight men and women and large number of Discreet Gay Men. You can find Yuppies, Call Center Agents, Elite People, Social Climber, Gym Fits People, Effeminate people, Twinks and oldies. You just need to be watchful and be macro-minded once you visit this kind of Bar. Because you will see, men having kiss with men anywhere. And be cool anytime most especially if  you are a good looking because lot will stares at you and worst thing if they will grab your butt quickly (Someone grabbed my butt while I am dancing).

Truly, the distinctive hidden culture in Obar was due to the fact that LGBT community find ways and sanctuary where-in they can spread their wings freely , free from judgment, discrimination and bullying if they are gonna practice it outside. Since of belongingness is the very reason why MSM people went to this Bar.

“ Di naman Alam ng Pamilya ko at ng Girlfriend ko na MSM ako , kaya pag nakakatakas ako, dito ako pumupunta, Palusot ko lang overtime ”, (My family and my Girlfriend is not aware that I am practicing MSM, usually if a have a chance to escape from them , I usually hang out here, I Just said I am still at work), Mike said when I interview him at the Dance floor.

Overall, that was memorable experience, it was worth blogging for. Until now, Mike and I became a good friend, he always inviting me to go back in O bar. I just replied, “Im on Travel, maybe next time”.

πŸ“ Location: South Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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  1. The Obar looks nice to go to. But it looks like if you are over 30 you are too old. hehehehe

    1. nope, as long as you can spend for drinks no discrimination here


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