Journeying James' Team prepared Filipino Games, Raffles, Bonfire and Night Party.

We received each on us a “Travelers will change the world” T-shirt/Sando. After we got it up, of course a new shirt is worthless without taking pictures with it.

Adam and Eve ?

September 28, 2013.That was four in the afternoon Journeying James or simply JAMES and Mitch Siy (Program Organizer) Prepared an ice breaker, actually that was all ice breakers, team building, socials, and etc, name it, variety of activities was prepared.

Opening prayer headed by Mitch Siy, and the program proper was hosted my Mitch Siy, the Organizer was Mitch Siy, all in all, Miss Siy was responsible. Hahah! Ikaw na ! Up next,Opening remarks by James with a message “To be Rich or to be Free”. After the very touching and inspiring speech the Raffle started.

I thought it was just a simple raffle but I was amazed with the prizes. Minor Prizes like ROX apparels, free accommodation in one of NAGA’s best hotel (Avenue Palaza hotel), Cebu Pacific Air Goodies, and Universal Robina Corp. products. And the Grand Prize was the Free Palawan Tour.

I won Cebu Pacific Eco Bag and PHP100
What made the participants active are those games, yes! Filipino games, First Game was Apple eating; pairs should eat the hanged apple without using their hands. Second Game was sack race with a twist, where-in participant should wear the “Travelers will change the WORLD” T-shirt before doing the race.

The said sack race was the game I joined; it was not that easy task because “Leroy” (the Tiara’s dog) spiced up the challenge and adds an obstacle by biting the contestants. The third game was the Kalamansi relay with matching flour. Team should do the task as fast as they can. Another game I joined was the Pokpok Palayok, a blind folded contestant should hit the clay pot.

Mitch Siy as she checked the Prize
We received each on us a “Travelers will change the world” T-shirt/Sando. After we got it up, of course a new shirt is worthless without taking pictures with it.

After the said event, chief Arvin prepared food for the dinner. While everyone was busy, I went ahead to my tent to take rest; I am very tired because of Surfing lesson. I did a short “Power Nap”.  I woke up, to grab my dinner. After that, I went back to my tent to rest again. (sarap kaya matulog ng busog).

Travelers will change the World Shirt
Unfortunately, I was not able to join the Bonfire and Night Party. With the music inside my tent, and rain outside, it was really perfect for sleeping. Basta nagising nalang ako, someone was audibly vomiting, maybe around 3AM. It means it was really a party, a real party! Sigh!!

Early Morning, James asked me if I drink, “Yes, I Am a drinker, it’s just happened that I enjoy sleeping inside my tent, it was my first time to sleep in a tent”. “Sayang! We ate Fried Frog” He Said.
“Inggit MUCH”

Sweet Thingy

Winner for Free Hotel accommodation 
Distribution of Shirt : Small !! Mine is Medium, Large!!! XL, XS.  hahaha
After The Games 
Lesson; never ever sleep when party is still going on.


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