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16 September 2013

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Outside and Inside Party at Uno Pizzeria Restobar in SM Mall of Asia ,Pasay

UNO! Yes that is right, Not just DOS or TRES but UNO. Uno means number one, personally the number one way for me to relieve my stress from entire week of working is to go out for weekend unwinding. Maybe Traveling out of town, but now since I already had a Travel Schedule for this month of September, the allocation of my budget was already prepared therefore if I have another place to go, it would be better I choose the affordable and near one.

June 14, 2014. When I was in 24th Manila International Book Fair to Attend a Bloggers Seminars My Gym mates called me inviting for Night out. So right after the said event, I went home, rest for a moment and preparing for clubbing. We decided to go at Uno Pizzeria.

Uno Pizzeria is a Resto-Bar at San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Seaside Blvd, Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines. The Exact location of the Bar is easy to locate because that is situated right at the back of SM Mall of Asia.
Here is the MAP

UNO Pizzeria is a great spot to unwind. With its newly expanded 650-sqm dining place that can seat up to 400 guests, the restaubar can now accommodate corporate events and parties. It’s bigger waterfront dining creates a perfect perch for those who like to stay outdoors and chat over the wide selection of food and drinks. UNO is known for these bestsellers: Philly's Cheese Steak Pizza, King and Queen of Hearts: Ruby Ribs Pizza and West Side Shrimp Pesto, Buffalo wings, Kung Pao Chicken Pasta and UNO's Shrimp Scampi. • Uno's Seafood Pizza; King & Queen of Hearts; Buddha's Feast; Venecian Calamari; Teriyaki Wings; Milanese Fish and Chips; Kung Pao Chicken; Uno's Shrimp Scampi; Pasta Da Vinci; Vegas Grilled Chops; Ruby Ribs; and Uno's Chop House Classic. This is perfect for those nocturnal people just like me who have a tight budget because for only PHP 200-499 you can now enjoy all night long.

Offering a fusion of Italian, Oriental, and American cuisine, Uno Pizzeria is a bistro facing Manila Bay. The restaurant makes sure to cater to the needs all sorts of customers, even the health-conscious, dishing up pizzas with an herbed, whole wheat crust, to accompany the other items on their menu. On certain nights, live bands play at the restaurant, entertaining guests with music from 70’s all the way to the present.

The Best thing about this Restobar aside from its delicious menus is the two separate set ups of the place. The Inside and the ouside set up. Inside, you will enjoy the all night long techno music that will surely make you groove. The DJ is great; he really captured the attention of the Mob using his mixes of music with R&B style. The Lights inside are in proportion of the bass of the music. While Outside, is the live performing band entertaining the guests. You can request any songs and the band will do their own rendition that surely the entire listener will enjoy a lot.  Simultaneously, the two set ups are operating, you just need to choose which one you preferred. You enjoy inside dancing with DJ or outside with live band.

Just a heads up, Uno Pizerra don’t have a drink Promo during Saturday due to its numerous guests. You will spend lot of money every Saturday due to the demand. Also, if you go for Saturday make sure you’ll get early or else you’ll wait for vacant table
Overall. I enjoy a lot with my Gym mates. It was another great bonding experience since that was the second time we went out after our First Night out in Tala Bar. Great!

Here is the Video Clip



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