Bulawan Floating Restaurant in Pililia, Rizal

On the Second day of our “Rizal Challenge”, our next Stop is the Municipality of Pililia Rizal.

 It was tiring day yet very exciting and interesting, given the fact that we were 1 hour far away from Metro Manilla. On our way to Pililia, Rizal, we saw a lot of livestocks along the highway that tells us that Pililia Rizal is also abundant of livesticks industry. As we went ahead, we saw innumerable wide rice fields with carabaos and nipa hut on it, so basically it was a typical province set up. Prosy highways were totally developed already therefore the driving experience was smooth and great. During your ride you will enjoy watching the green and large trees along the highway that adds up the atmosphere exciting. The accessibility of the said town was easy for commuters since a lot of Public Utility Vehicles were continuous. Jeep and tricycles were the main public transportations within the Town.

Town of Pililia,Rizal
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Meanwhile, from a long span of trip, there we go! We reached the Famous Restaurant in Pililia named Bulawan Floating Restaurant .The Team was already aware about floating Restaurant since we already experienced Loboc River’s Floating Restaurant in Bohol. At first I thought that we are going to ride a Banca’s just like in Loboc, Bohol but when we arrived at the location, it was a floating and fixed restaurant at the verge of Laguna Lake.

Rice field in Pililia Rizal
Bulawan Floating Restaurant is located at Km. 59, Manila East Road, Pililla, Rizal. If you are a commuter who came from Metro Manila, you can take a jeep bound for Antipolo, Tanay or any jeep that will go to Pililia. If you have a car, take the Antipolo, Tanay highway route, don’t be bothered in looking for the exact location (I’ll be posting also the Map), because that Restaurant is very Famous in Pililia. Unfortunately, there are no major and huge landmarks around the area because the front part of the restaurant is still empty and there are no other hotels, resorts, restaurants near the place but you can ask the locals where it exactly located.
Bulawan Floating Restaurant came from a Visayan word Bulawan which means Gold.  It is a seafood restaurant owned by Joey and Nora Virrey who are both former OFWs. It’s been serving good food since 1997 and it is still among the top restaurants people go to in this part of Rizal Province.
Floating Cottage
At the parking area, you will see a signage showing the restaurant’s Brand name which is perfect for picture taking. Since, my team was so tired, I was the only one who proceeds inside and I left them.  At the main gate, you will already notice that everything is floating. From the cottages, the bridges, and Etc. As I went ahead, a waiter was approaching me. “May mga kasama kayo Sir”, he asked. “ Nasa labas, Im only here for ocular visit, I am a blogger, can I take pictures inside?” I responded. The waiter allowed me to go inside. “ Im not ordering anything Kuya” I added. Unfortunately, due to limited time and budget, there was no way for me to enjoy the food and stay longer in the area. I roved around and took pictures.
Comparatively, the location was great, it was not moving restaurant like what I’ve thought yet I’m pretty sure if you choose this location for food tripping, then you will enjoy it a lot.  A 1.2 hectare fishpond surrounded by bridges, floating cabins and huts, a newly renovated swimming pool and Jacuzzi and the main kitchen area itself.  The ambiance was very Asian, the water is clear to green; identically it was a restaurant floating in a Pond. Fishing activity is offered here, as a matter of fact; you can catch fish here for 80PHP per kilo and you can bring it to your home or you can grill or cook it right at the kitchen of the location. There were few guests catching fish as I roved around.
You can do fishing here

Discovering new places during travel in a short span of time is factor for you to go back on that location so that you can enjoy it for the second time around. Personally, I’m planning to go back on that place to experience their menu and to do fishing. Maybe, next time, I can stay longer and maybe that time I can write a blog post about their foods. For the meantime, I left the place with the idea and a promise to myself “ I SHALL RETURN”

Bulawan Floating Restaurant
Manila East Rd, Pililia, Rizal
(02) 557-6645, 0918-2402750

📍 Location: Pililla, Philippines

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  1. Nice Place! Parang malapit lang puntahan. I will include this on my list of good place to visit.

  2. That is a very interesting place to visit. Seems like the activities they have out there are fun and exciting. Think I'll add that up to my list of places to go in the Philippines. :)


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