🏑 Discovering the fully secured Duavit Compound in Binangonan, Rizal.

Ynares and Duavit are two names which are politically inclined in province of Rizal. I must say that that their names are very famous in the whole province. Not just one, two or even three but innumerable of their family members are politicians and public servants.

In the same manner, a family which almost leads the province of Rizal also lives life as normal individuals. And this family can be found in one home which is located at Jose P. Rizal St., Dalig, Batingan, Binangonan, Rizal. At the back of Batingan Barangay Hall

We all know that if you are politician, you are guarded with numerous personal security guards as well as the home itself. As a blogger, I am very fortunate to be able to conduct an ocular visit of this place despite of strict security. It is Duavit Compound, a very wide compound. Before you can rove around, you need to pass first at the main entrance which located just beside Rizal Science High School. Securities are very strict but since we had a connection inside, together with my Travel partner that time Vinna Villaluz, we were able to proceed inside.

The Place is very big, it seems that you are about to check in a resort. In order to reach the mansion, you need to walk like a couple of minutes. Once you arrived at the mansion, you will see a very elegant swimming pool, the man made waterfall adds up the details of the mansion’s outdoor scenery.

The office of Duavit is also located within the proximity; I was able to see also the storage room wherein the entire four corners of the room is full of trophies, medals and plaques. I asked one of the caretakers if why they stored such things. Is it a collection of awards? “ Hindi po, Yan po yung pinamimigay kapag may nanghihingi ng trophies, medals at plaques para sa pacontest, liga ng basketball at mga graduations.” He answered.

We roved around and witness to see the entire area. We were also offered a snack by their helper.

Truly, the experience of exploring the fully secured establishment is such an achievement especially if it is impossible for individuals like us to visit a private property that you need to undergo challenges But those challenges are rewarding, as soon as you can discover what is inside.

The exact location is at the back of Batingan Brgy Hall

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