Angono, Rizal “The Art Capital of the Philippines” and “Home of Original Hegantes”

Angono is located in the province of Rizal, about 30 kilometers east of Manila in the Philippines.

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During the last day of my Rizal Challenge Adventure, Municipality of Angono was the last town I visited prior on going ahead to Thunderbird Resorts and Casino .Since the shuttle bus terminal is located besides the Angono Plaza, I grabbed the opportunity to roam around.

Angono is located in the province of Rizal, about 30 kilometers east of Manila in the Philippines. It’s situated along the Laguna de Bay, a lake surrounded by the southern part of the metropolis, Rizal, and Laguna province. When you are from Manila, you can ride an FX infront of SM Megamall or another FX Terminal infront of Starmall in Shaw Blvd. Municipality of Angono is a Town after the Municipality of Taytay and a Town before you will reach Municipality of Binangonan.

There are several business establishments present in the booming town of Angono from bank, commercial establishments, hotels, resorts, restaurant , bars , Trade and commerce are very active, such data processing and more, just named it and you can find it within the Town Proper. Basically, Angono is a first class urban municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines,

Angono is politically subdivided into 10 barangays:
• Bagumbayan
• Kalayaan
• Mahabang Parang
• Poblacion Ibaba
• Poblacion Itaas – the least populous barangay with 612 persons
• San Isidro – the most populous barangay with 26,505 persons
• Santo Niño
• San Pedro
• San Roque
• San Vicente

While I’m walking at the Plaza of Angono Town Proper, I just realized that most of the travelers are wandering abroad yet we tend to forget visiting our own. While looking at the place, I saw a huge Hegantes displayed at the Municipal Hall. It was tremendous, entertaining and visually colorful, so I took pictures. At present, the Higantes can be seen in fiesta celebrations around the Philippines and in national cultural presentations but the original Home of Hegantes originated in Angono. In fact the original three old higantes of Angono consists of the family of giants – the father, mother and child higante, can only be found in Angono. Therefore, come up with Hegantes Festival. The Festival advocates creating and showcasing more Hegantes that play a biggest role of Toursim Growth not only for Angono but the Philippines.

Moreover, the body of the traditional higante is made of bamboo and colorful cloth and its faces of paper mache but now many uses modern way to produce a durable output. Hegantes are mainly made for street parades but when you rove around the town, Hegantes served as a display of most restaurants and establishments.

Not only that, Angono is is known as "Arts Capital of the Philippines. It is home to the Angono Petroglyphs which the oldest known work of art in the Philippines. Aside from being a fishing village because it is facing town in Laguna Lake, Angono is renowned home of national artist of the Philippines.

I only roved most likely 30 minutes before the Shuttle Bus gave a signal that we are about to leave. With my short span of time staying at the location, lot of learning I acquired. So quickie, yet I promised myself to comeback in Angono, to experience the Cuisine in Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, to take a look at Petroglyphs, Museum and more tourist spots.

📍 Location: Angono, Rizal, Philippines

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