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Facebook reached 1.11 billion users in the world as of May 2, 2013. The Philippines is currently ranked 8th for the most number of users worldwide.  88.96 Percent of its total netizens are Facebook users. Because of its pioneering easy-sharing feature, Filipinos spent most of the time going online to check updates from their friends and family.  From any Ages , economic status and etc, Filipinos are really hooked up with facebook.

Filipinos use Facebook to connect to our friends, family and love ones. It gives us freedom; it gives us an opportunity to post everything we want. It has been part of our daily lives; from posting messages, uploading pictures, uploading videos and playing online games. However, freedom comes with responsibility and we cannot simply post everything without considering the people who could read those messages. Posting offensive messages may become a reason for them to unfriend or block you.

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Here are the possible reasons why your friends unfriend/block you on Facebook.

1.) Too opinionated – It’s annoying if you post your opinions about everything. Imagine posting an idea, then suddenly one of your friends make a comment then ends up with a heated argument. FYI, this is not a debate and we don’t care if you are a member of the debating team of your school.

2.) Too much bragging – We understand that you are a graduate of an exclusive school, you work as an executive in your company, you can afford to travel abroad every month, you can afford to buy expensive things (LV, Chanel, Hermes etc.). Too much post like these makes us feel how poor we are (;( Sob! ).

3.) Too Much Info – Yes, too much info can sometimes be annoying. I don’t understand why people post where they are, where they eat, what time they wake up, what they are wearing right now on a daily basis.

4.) Trigger happy – What I mean is those persons who do not post messages but instead clicking “like” on everyone’s post and pictures. Isn’t that annoying?

5.) Poking – I hate when someone poke me on Facebook. Just like in real life no one wants to be poked.

6.) Public Display of Affection – It’s cool to see couples post their pictures and post sweet messages to each other but too much of that can do some harm. This is true especially on breakup scenarios. You don’t want arguments from your boyfriend/girlfriend to be read by someone else right? So as a tip keep those messages private; send him/her a personal message instead.

7.) Hash tags – This is a new feature on Facebook, so just like tweeter we can now use hash tags on Facebook as well. From my observation, this is becoming the most abused feature on Facebook. Imagine one of my friends posted Good Morning! #cupofcoffee #sunshine #feelinglucky #backtowork #breakfast #gym. One word – HILARIOUS!

8.) Tagging Ugly Pictures – Imagine your friend uploading your group picture from the Party you attended last night. You look at the picture and you’ll see how gorgeous she is in her black gown, but when you take a closer look at the picture you will see that you and your other friends are not looking at the camera your hair is a mess and you all look like her personal assistant.

9.) The boy who cried wolf – Do not lie! If you post messages or pictures all of your friends can see/read it. I remember a Colleague who called in sick. She was absent for a week but when you check her Facebook status you can clearly see pictures from her trip to Boracay. Worst of all you can see her riding in a banana boat.

10.)  Game request – Everyone would agree that it is annoying to see notifications coming from friends inviting you to try a new game. They send you tons of gift request and these notifications are flooding your wall every day.

Truly, Filipinos are now electronically connected to the World of no Boundaries. Our knowledge is value-laden to sign up and use the benefits of social networks. By that, I must say that I am proud being a Filipino because in any aspect of Technological concern we are competitive. Not only that, Filipinos are great Blogger and I am thankful that I am one of guest writers who have a chance to write in this blog.

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