πŸŽ’ At the End Point of Rizal Province, there is a Paradise named JALAJALA

Second day of Rizal Adventure is more exciting especially discovering a hidden paradise. We ended up at the end of Rizal Province which is the Municipality of JalaJala.

What about JalaJala? Well, Honestly, I don’t have any idea about JalaJala, as a matter of fact when you search that keyword in google, very rare if you can find specific information about the Place and beyond. Maybe you can get an answer in a few websites but a review towards the place is very limited.

Therefore, it’s more exciting to visit a place without knowledge what are things to expect ahead from us (The Rizal Challenger).

JalaJala is the last Municipality of Rizal before you reach the boundary line going to Province of Laguna. If you are planning to visit the place, and you came from Manila just ride a jeepney of FX from EDSA/Crossing Going to Tanay. Tanay is the town before Pililla, which is the gateway to Jalajala, via Barangay Quisao in Pililla. From Tanay, Rizal, There are Jeepneys bound for Jalajala within the Tanay terminal.

Jalajala is on a headland situated 75 kilometres (47 mi) southeast of Manila in the largest freshwater lake in the Philippines, Laguna de Bay and it lies on the eastern part of the Rizal. Jalajala’s political boundary on the north is the Panguil River, wherein it shares the boundary with the town of Pakil in Laguna. On its southern, eastern, and western boundaries lies the Laguna de Bay.

Here are the Baranggays
• Bagumbong
• Bayugo
• Second District (Pob.)
• Third District (Pob.)
• Lubo
• Pagkalinawan
• Palaypalay
• Punta
• Sipsipin
• First (Special) District (Pob.)
• Paalaman

At the entry point of the said town, you will see a huge arch with a notaation “MALIGAYANG PAGDATING, BAYAN NG JALAJALA, PARAISO NG RIZAL.” By that statement, you will wonder what made the Jalajala as a paradise of Rizal.

As our tricycle continues to travel, you will find out the answer. (I’ll be posting the images).

The municipal hall is very distinctive with pink color. Staring at the Building is visually amazing.
The Highway is very smooth and accessible, while during your joyride, you will enjoy looking at the green fields and in the other side is placid and picturesque Laguna Lake. You will see the locals with a simple living, you will also notice livestock and fishing for livelihood.

Quick Facts:

• Dalaylay Festival in JalaJala is a celebration of Feast St. Michael the Archangel, every September 29. It featured street dances participated by the people of Jalajala from its different barangay and schools in colorful, artistic and ingenious costumes.

• Of all the Municipalities in Rizal who suffered from a catastrophic Typhoon “ONDOY”, JalaJala is the Only Town that didn’t even rain last September 29th (That’s the reason they Celebrated

•  JalaJala came from the Word “HALAAN” Means a shore covered with shells.

πŸ“ Location: Jala-jala, Rizal, Philippines

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  1. akong taga Rizal, hindi pa naka punta sa Jala Jala hehe, thanks for taking us along this trip Tansyong :)

    1. nako, pasyalan mo din yang JALAJALA malapit lang yan sa inyo eh

  2. D'Dalalay festival is moved to March 27 where JalaleΓ±os Celebrates the Foundation day of Jalajala. :)


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