๐Ÿ‘— Taytay Rizal: Garments Capital of the Philippines

Clothing is one of human’s basic needs, and we all know that necessity is a mother of all invention. Human are still innovating based on what we need. In the same page, Clothing is one of the inventions that clothing really part of our daily life and even in an early era.

In like manner, Garment is an article of clothing that nowadays it is associated with fashion, functionality, quality and its purpose. That’s why a lot of garment industry is now rapidly growing because in proportion the population also increases.

Speaking of Garment, I witnessed personally the colorful dresses and get upright in the Garment Capital of the Philippines in Taytay Rizal displayed in every corner of the TOWN. I can separate myself on checking the prize and it was very affordable. It is advisable to buy in bulk because you will get a large amount of discount.
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Taytay is the second richest municipality in the province of Rizal after Cainta based on the income that the government earned. Aside from Garments industry, Taytay is also known as Woodworks Capital of the Philippines exporting quality furniture and wood arts. The Velocity of the Money of the Town is very fast therefore the livelihoods of its locals are sufficient to have a quality life.

As we went ahead, we were checking the entire store where-in from underwear to Formal wear are available and more. I asked one of the salesladies if where they ordered the items. “We sell items that are purely Taytay-made. That is why it is more affordable compared to the branded imported clothing” She answered. As I observed and checked the products, I can say its durable especially the underwear like Sando, brief and boxers shorts.

No wonder, Taytay Rizal is considered as a Garment Capital of the Country!

Quick Tip:
• When buying an item make sure to ask a discount.
• Always roam around in all stalls so that you can compare the prices.
• Much better to buy in bulk for a huge discount.

Not only garments are available, Home decors are for sale also

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