10 Ways to successful Travel blogging in Five Months Part 2

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6. Build your Community
At first, I exposed myself to those bloggers who exists years online. Try to comment their post and surely they will comment back to you. By building friendship to the other travel bloggers you can start to penetrate their world. By that, you can also gain knowledge from them.

Create social media account, like twitter, facebook, google+ and etc... That helps your blog in terms of promotion. You also need to keep in touch to the people that follow you. Don’t just say thank you, instead try to connect them and build friendship.

            I personally build my own community, every comment in my articles; I really treasure it (even if it is a spam) because if someone leaves their footprints meaning they really spent time to write it. The next thing you need to do is to comment back and appreciate them because of the effort.

Do not forget also to create a page where –in you need to list all your favorite, recommended and idol blogs. By that, you are not just promoting there blog but you are building connections with them.

7. Keep on Travelling
Keep on travelling, that’s the essence of you blog to travel. You cannot create a story if you are not going to get out from the box.

In this tip, I am having difficulty to do this, I am full time employee so therefore I can now allocate a certain budget so subsidies my wanderlust, yet the nature of my work is very stressful and fast pacing and it is very crucial for me to apply a vacation leave for my travel because you need to compete from other employee just to get the allotted slots for the months.

Like what you read on TIP number 3. I prepared my travel ahead, booked the flight ticket, accommodation and all the thingy. And all of the sudden, my application of my “Vacation Leave (VL)” was disapproved, Imagine? What I did was I still went through leaving without pay and preparing for the disciplinary action from manager after my travel. (To the point that I’m about to give up and wanted to resign, I felt that I was a detainee)

In this manner, if you have more time to go for travel, value it, because some are not blessed. Manage your Vacation Leave Wisely. Keep on travelling.

8. Invest on Things that you need the Most.
If you are a blogger there are things that you must have. What are those things? click Here.

If you are travelling, make sure to have a backpack, a backpack that can carry an amount of your baggage in proportion to the number of days of your travel.  By reading the TIP number 3, you are now ready what to bring on your travel. Is it cold or hot location, is it urban or rural, is more on water of terrestrial destination. By knowing your battlefield, you are now well equipped.

I also suggest you to invest in hammock, 2 person tent, portable outdoor cooking set and sleeping bag. These things are necessary in backpacking. But remember, don’t bring heavy baggage, traveling light is more fun.

9. Practice Innovation
This time, consider your blog as a commodity; you have to market this to the right target. (Click here for Tip on targeting the right market).

Lot are asking, Why “I love Tansyong”, Tansyong is my stuffed toy which is trademark of my blog. I used Tansyong (Monkey) as an icon for my travel because monkeys are very tactful and wise, in traveling you have to be tactful and wise also. So Tansyong is the best icon the surely describes my travel.

Above it all, what I did part of innovation. Remember that, innumerable travel bloggers are now superseding on the web. So you need to come up with an idea which different from others. Bear in mind, that for you to stand out from the system of uniformity you have to be different from them. Just like other successful bloggers, they did an epic that made them popular.

10. Enjoy what you are doing.
Lastly, you have to enjoy what you are doing.

In every aspect of our life, no matter how difficult we are currently facing but the most important is you are doing that with a smile. Though the main goal is to win you reader’s heart but what matters most is you were able to bring the story in every article from your heart. Love what you are doing, and everything will follow.

Remember, success is not what you achieve, it’s not about fame, money or name. It is all about waking up in the morning, doing the things with happiness and going back to your bed with productive live.

Today, I still consider myself as a newbie to this thingy; I am not yet able to rove around the Philippines or even abroad but my dream is still part of my night that reminds me that I need to do it.

Within the span of five months of travel blogging, I learned a lot of things; maybe I am not rich compared to others but with my experience during my travel, with those people, places, foods, culture and nature, I considered myself richer. The fulfillment from within is very priceless.

Life is short so don’t live life, instead live life to the fullest.

⛵ My Confession That I Hid in the Darkness of Boracay Island For Long Time.

Boracay is one of the top of the line getaways during summer in the Philippines, not just during summer but all year round I should say due to its picturesque views - most especially the long and white shoreline. Basically, it is one the longest beaches in the whole world and considered as Top 84 Best Beach in the World as per CNN. With its powdery white sand and the clear blue water are assets why Boracay became the top of the line choice of Tourist to visit with.

During daytime, lot of activities are being offered by various hotels and travel agencies within the proximity e.g Island hopping, Scuba Diving, Jetski, Spa and wellness , name it and you can have it here with a corresponding amount.

This is totally a paradise for me. Yes it is! I felt that the whole time of my vacation was really great.

But during at night, it is a different story for me, I had my first and unforgettable experience in my life; It was happened in the span of my Boracay Vacation.

The time that I started to write this article for my Blog post,I was reluctant to continue writing my story and experience in my Boracay nightlife. Maybe No, for some reason it can be too vulgar or too sensitive and it can be taken against me. Maybe yes, because this is really what I've experienced, and it was the reality. I also considered the Pros and Cons. Was the story is worth blogging for or do I need to keep it - to myself. There are things that we need to keep it in a state of secrecy but hiding the story is really difficult if the story is worth telling for. Moreoever, that story is already part of my past. So here we go.

First night  :

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Having "FUN" with MSM people, Yes I admit it; (it doesn’t mean that I am proud of it or regret). I am a member of a specific dating site, yadeh yadah so to cut the story short, I came up meeting with various gay men in Boracay, who came from Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and majority were from Manila. It’s just happened that we planned meeting each other impromptu by the help of that Social media during night.

I was online using my phone to that specific gay social network (to be specific you can locate the online members within your area). I received a lot of messages asking if what bar I was located at, or what station was my accommodation, can we go drinking, or can we meet. Lot of messages from other members (who were also online that time) were in my inbox.

At that time I was watching the Fire dancers performing.

 “I am here at station 2 and currently watching the Fire dancers”. I replied one of the messages.

 “Me too, I am here, where are you located specifically?”.

 “I am here at the right part of coconut tree wearing white sando and yellow board short” I answered.

 “Are you Athan?”, A moment passed by and someone touched my shoulder uttering those words.

 When I looked behind, I saw a gym fit man with white tops and short, smiling. I just answered, yes.

“I am jake”. he extended his hand to me.

Then he was the one who sent me a beep in that social network. He invited me for a drink, and we stayed at Juice Bar ( bar of MSM partyphiles). While drinking, he told me that he invited all the online members to come together at Juice Bar so that we can meet, all of us.

Few minutes, some approached “Are you Jake?”,

Another man came , as soon as I finished my cocktail drink, I just realized that we were already ten in table. Chatting each other and everyone were busy checking their phones because they were trying to gather all the MSM who were online and located from Station 1 up to 3.

Undeniably, I was just indulging the drinks since it was for free, it looked like everyone were financially capable of spending too much penny for that party except me.

12:00 Midnight, I was aleady dizzy , I grabbed my phone and checked.

 “Oy Athan Uwi kana kasi gigimik Tau” my travel buddy named Dhen texted me.

 So, I said that “I have to go guys”,

“No no no! You have to join and stay with  us,”.

 I promised to stay until 1:00 AM.

Drink, Drink, Drink! ....

Cocktail and variants of hard liquor were being served . Until, I felt I was about to throw up, I was already drunk, I already felt the dizziness and the surroundings looked like in slow motion twisted. I just noticed one guy helping me out, and he brought me to a certain place which was not familiar to me, but the only thing I remembered , it was still part of Boracay, yet I wasn't aware if what station it was . I ended up with “Lights off”.

When I woke up, An ambiance light existed inside the room and I believed I'm in an expensive hotel room, I stood up with unstable and imbalance state when I saw a very shocking scene. “I was surrounded with 10 men having s*x each other.

Yes it was, and  no single woman was there, everyone were drunk.  They were my co-partyphiles in Juice Bar because I can still recognized their faces despite of the Dim Light.

One man turned on the light, and I saw in one corner those used syringes and few tablets and capsules with “Sky” named embossed on it scattered on the table. But still others were still doing what they did.

“Dude, can you take me to Station 2 (where my room is located)”. I asked the guy who turned on the light.

“No, because we are both wasted and drunk, we can’t make it there , here is the Juice, drink it so that you will feel better.”  He offered a glass of juice which he got from the table where the tablets were scattered.

I just found out that he drugged me, when I felt something different ….. The Rest is History.

Drugs exist in Boracay, when you rove around during at night, s*x is also in public especially in the dark part of the beach and I can prove it personally. Prostitution is a secrecy within the island but very open during at night when the darkness started to embrace the surroundings. These things are still prohibited but still exist.

Truly, Boracay is a paradise to me, but I just realized that even in a paradise, there is still darkness. In the dark, you can do what you want; you can also explore yourself and know who you are. I thought when I was young, you can’t see anything in the middle of the dark but when I experience entering it, I was able to see what is in the middle of the dark, real hidden story, real secret happenings that is invisible during day time.

The Cosplay Culture in the Philippines

A baby cosplayer, she was very cute

Cosplay is short for "costume play", it is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers or those who wears the costumes often interact to create a subculture centered on role play. Cosplay costumes vary greatly and can range from simple themed clothing to highly detailed costumes.

I was very entertained when I roved around the area I saw a lot of cosplayers were roaming also around. Due to their colorful and visually pleasant costumes, you can’t really ignore them instead what I did was asking them to pose with Tansyong.

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While watching, the event most of the cosplayer are in teenage group. I asked one of the Cosplayer, “ Magastos ba ang ganyang hilig(Is it expensive vice )”. “Yes Kuya, We usually allocate a certain portion from our school allowance just to buy costumes and wig”, A cosplayer answered. “Yung iba naman kuya, sila na mismo gumagawa ng costumes nila from recycled materials” another cosplayer answered.

I spent one hour for picture taking to them, while staring and comparing their costumes. I noticed that there were made of recycled materials and there were also “expensive costumes” based on the designs. Undeniably, with this kind of interest, it really need also sacrifice. Sacrifice you school allowance or spent lot money just to pursue this cosplay culture.

Costume play culture and its rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby started since 1990 has made the phenomenon a significant aspect of popular culture. This is particularly the case in Asia, where cosplay influences Japanese street fashion. But, now even Philippines adopted this kind of art.

Moreover, in the Philippines we have Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao (born March 9, 1988) who is a very popular Filipina cosplayer. She was named by UNO Magazine as one of the Most Influential Women in the Philippines due to his popularity of being an artist of Costumes. Due to her constant contribution to the cosplay community in the Philippines, Gosiengfiao has been invited into various international cosplay conventions and events as a participant, performer, and judge or simply to attend as a guest.

Not only women are hooked by this form of art but also teenage men exist in every contest.

I’ll be posting below the pictures :

Lunch at Daranak Falls in Tanay Rizal.

Aug 10, 2013 Tanay Rizal

After our ocular visit in San Idefonso Church in Tanay Rizal, we bought this Binahog for our Lunch (A rice with Toppings) amounting to 15 pesos, Banana-Q for our snack amounting to 15 pesos  and after that we went ahead to Daranak Falls.

Daranak Falls is a government-owned park and part of the Laguna watershed. It is a waterfall that considered as Tanay’s Tourist Spot. Daranak falls is a famous summer getaway for locals, neighboring towns and ocular visit for travel bloggers.

How to get there?

Stairway to the Picnic Tables

From Manila you need to take a Jeepney or FX bound to Tanay. Terminal is located at Shaw Blvd near MRT Station infront of Starmall. Transportation is continuous that runs one hour. From the Market you can take a tricycle to Daranak Falls. Just be tactful in dealing with the tricycle drivers because opportunistic drivers will offer expensive price.

Daranak falls is located in Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, a few minutes from Tanay market.

If you are going by private vehicle, just follow the road going to Laguna from Antipolo. At the Daranak-Tanay junction (see waypoint), turn left and head straight uphill. You will see a sign "To Daranak Falls" at the left side of the road. You have to turn left here. It's hard to miss since there are several fruit stands on both sides of the road which sell fruits in season. Once you have turned left, just go straight, passing by several farms of poultry and hog which you will notice by the smell. Check your brakes as you will pass by rocky steep roads.
You will arrive at the parking area of Daranak at the end of this road.

What to expect?

You have to pay for parking amounting to PHP40 (but the woman told/disclaimed me at the counter, parking lot has nothing to do with Daranak Management, so meaning it is a Kotong. ), entrance fee about P20/person and cottages about P350 for a small one.

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What we did was we pay the parking for our transportation service, and the Entrance fee. Then the security guard checked our belongings for security purposes, deadly weapon is not allowed inside. Then we proceed to a bridge, this bridge connects from the entrance to the other side of the river where in waterfall is located. At the bridge, you will notice lot of masterpieces of Rocks Balancing.

How we ate our Lunch?

Cottages are scattered around, but we were not renting. We just ate our lunch in one picnic cottage quickly so that no one will notice us or else we need to pay for the rent. It was very exciting, at first we were hesitant to occupy the table but my co travelers were very convincing. “Ok guys, kakain lang tayo ng mabilis, di yan mahahalata” Irene said. So we get our Binahog and eat with bare hands (don’t worry we washed our hands) and then we proceed to the waterfall for picture taking.

A short talk with a Life Guard

Unfortunately, the color of the falls was not clear due to the strong current of the water because the night before we went there was raining heavily (no one was allowed to swim). I interviewed one of the life guards; they (all the employees) were paid by the Municipality of Tanay . As per to the life guard, Daranak is came from the word “Danak” which means during revolution a bloody war was happened within the proximity of the location.

At the Top of the Falls 

Two Life Guards

We went ahead to Batlag falls which is near Daranak falls located at upper part; however the entrance fee is PHP 100 so we are very frustrated that time. We decided not to go there, the reason of expensive entrance because it is now maintained by private sector.

Thumbs Down

First Time to Taste a Pizza using Arabic Crust aka Pita Bread.

After our night-out in Punchline comedy bar, we went ahead to Angeline’s house located in Executive heights, ParaΓ±aque City.

Together with my co-workers, Angeline aka Anj invited us for drinking session. It was 3:00 AM when the comedians were done with their Primetime show. Everyone agreed to continue the party in Anj house.

When we reached at the location, everyone was busy preparing for the continuation of the Party. Anj prepared a Pizza for the group. I interviewed Anj while she is preparing, she used to work abroad as a chief cook and she shared her recipe to me.

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The Pizza Ingredients she used were black olive, red bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and beef. But what captured my interest was her crust. Instead of using normal pizza dough, she used an Arabic Bread the so called Pita as an alternative. Pita is a slightly leavened wheat bread, flat, either round or oval, and variable in size

Moreover, the word pita is a Greek term, which means “flat.” However, the word also has ties to Hebrew, Aramaic, and Romanian languages.  Therefore as a Filipino it is very new to me to taste such food which is famous in other geography. Eating Pizza is just a normal taste for Filipinos but eating Pizza with Arabian approach is totally new to me. The savory mozzarella cheese melts on the crust but still the distinctive taste of the dough/crust is desirable.

We ended up with a bang  ; combination of beer and singing with guitar.

Experience the Punching Jokes at Punchline Comedy Bar in Quezon City.

Moreover, Expressing of lively amusement is the main goal of my officemates why we have to contribute for a fund. We want to escape from our daily work routine and to experience a delightful feeling outside from the work place. We decided and planned to spend the said collected fund for team night out and our first choice was to allocate the money to experience a comedy bar.

Correspondingly, we mediate to go for Punchline Comedy Bar. Fortunately, one of my officemates had a friend who is an event organizer and currently employed in the said bar, so he shoulder the tickets w/c is amounting to 350php each and he can get it for free. But the thing is we need to purchase our drinks and foods inside (bot bad).

 October 20, 2013 Sunday 9PM

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I woke up late, and I was not feeling well because I got a hangover from my Saturday Gimik last night at Bellagio square. My officemates and my manager called me; they were already at the bar. I quickly took a cab.

How to get there? 
Punchline is located at 1399 Quezon Ave. South Triangle, Quezon City.  Your major landmark is GMA Kamuning MRT Station. Go to Quezon Avenue and wait for a jeepney infront of GA sky suites bound to Quezon Ave.

Punchline is one of the several comedy bars/bars along Quezon Avenue. The place is not too big; it is crowded during Friday and Saturday nights due to the reason of popularity. Lot of well-known local TV comedians now actually used to work here like Vice Ganda, Chocoleyt and Ethyl Booba.

When I arrived, I noticed right away the attractive lights on the entrance. And a huge signage will welcome you from outside.  As I continued to walk going inside, a help desk is in front where in you need to pay the entrance fee. Since I have free entrance, I proceeded to the table where my officemates at.

Since it was Sunday night, the venue was not overcrowded and not all tables were occupied. The Bar is air-conditioned and still you can smoke inside. The design of the stage is very colorful and festive. The Audio is great and appropriate for the size of the entire bar. If you are occupying at the back, no worry for visual because TV monitors are provided for those who are not sitting closer to the stage.

The washroom is clean, and the toiletries are complete from hand wash, sanitizer toilet paper, beside the sink is a box for tip is located, a crew is waiting at the door to serve you inside the washroom. So, when I noticed the Tip, I backed off in using toiletries and decline the service of the crew or else I got force to pay.


Since I woke up late, I was not able to grab a bite on my way to Punchline, so I ordered a heavy meal. Fried Boneless Bangus and Egg with rice amounting to PHP190 and PHP30 for extra rice which was quite expensive for an ordinary meal. But I still bought it; I was too hungry so there is no way for me considers my tight budget.


The Comedians

Comedians performed that night were Mang Arnel, Kiray, Donita, Geo and Ace. All were great performers and comedians. From the opening of the bar up to 11PM was timeslot for Videoke singing for those who wants to sing on the stage from the audience. This timeslot also is the Okrayan time where-in the comedians are going to make fun on stage to those singers during interview. Fortunately, I was nominated by my officemates to sing infront, of course I was the center of bullying that time, while the crowds were staring at me, but I am prepared of it. “Nakipagsabayan ako sa Okrayan”. 11 PM up to 3AM is the so called Primetime; where in the comedians start to narrate funny stories.
At the Entrance/help Desk
• Waiters and Crews

Waiters were very attentive to serve the orders, maybe because there were few guests. The DJ is also clever to play appropriate scorings for the comedian’s punch line. The guards and bouncers are very guest-oriented staffs.
Truly, I was laughing the whole time watching the performances of the comedians. Gay comedians are really great. By 3AM lights was off. Others decided to go home while others choose to continue the party at Angeline House. Click here for the story



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