I Smell Something Fishy at Jala Jala, Rizal ( Bighead Carp versus Milkfish)

On our way to Jala Jala Rizal, along the highway I saw a group of men loading fishes to a delivery van. And take note not just an ordinary fish, but huge type of fish. We asked our driver to stop for a while, so that we can do a short interview.

We took pictures of the fishes and the scenario as well.

Kuya! Anong klaseng Isda po yan? (Sir, What type of fish is that?)” I asked
“Big Head Carp!” as he answered.

Bighead carp, or simply "karpa," has Supersedes milkfish or simply “bangus” as the superior freshwater fish breed in Laguna de Bay, Since Milkfish production in fishpens in Laguna Lake has shrunk. Jala Jala, Rizal has also been in the forefront in refining and popularizing the propagation of the bighead carp.

Bat parang wala akong nakikitang bangus?(Why it seems you don’t have a milkfish)?” wondering.

“Bighead carp has edged out bangus as the preferred fish for stocking in fish pens in the freshwater lake” he answered “Aside from that, Bighead Carp is more affordable compared to Milkfish, we the fishpen owner we choose to culture a breed which is not risky to our investment/capital. Return of investment in this kind of fish is faster and there is an assurance unlike Milkfish, if typhoon will damage our fishpen, expect the high deficit amount” he added

For a long span of time, its culture never caught on owing to lack of consumer acceptability. But it appears that demand is increasing and many private hatcheries now produce bighead carp fingerlings.

Bighead Carp will be delivering to Navotas Fish Port.

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