Are you a first-timer in Sitio Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales?

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Yes, I am also a first-timer in Zambales. Honestly, I was thinking that nothing special in Zambales except the special story behind devastating damages and casualties due to the landslides during Typhoons and Southeast monsoon.

September 28-29, 2013 was the date that will totally change my mindset about this place. JourneyingJames celebrated its 3rd year anniversary and a thanksgiving party of his project Jomalig. I joined the celebration which was held at Sitio Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales. The very reason why I decided to join is James is my Idol in Travel Blogging and I want to meet him personally, secondly, I need also to have a break from all day working.

For an amount of 2,500PHP per person, the said event covered campfires, surfing and beach party. Including, Roundtrip private van QC-Liwa- Zambales-QC and etc, to cut the story, “ALL IN! PACKAGE” “Hindi na masama, compared to my other Trip” So; therefore I grabbed the opportunity to join

Zambales, is a province situated in Central Luzon, Region. Basically, Iba is the capital of the said Province but Subic is more urbanized because of the Freeport Zone and Subic Bay International  Airport which host to many tourist attractions which include casinos, beach resorts, parks, beachside huts and cottages and historical sites. I’ll just discover these facts when I personally embraced Zambales.

Our tour destination for two days was at Liw-Liwa, actually before the date of the said tour Typhoon Sendong and Southeast Monsoon was still at the location and some part of Zambales was still under the state of calamity. Yet I have to continue this tour since it is once in a lifetime opportunity (a tour with my Idol).

Liwliwa, a sitio in the town of San Felipe in Zambales, is a famous spot known to surfers and who wants to experience it (First Timer). From Manila take a Victory Liner bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. The bus terminal is in Cubao, Instruct the bus conductor to drop you off at the town square of San Felipe or in front of Bobulon Elementary School because the road to Liwliwa is located at the left side this school. The Bus ride takes most likely 4-5 hrs, but since we had our own van, our travel took for 3 hour. only (with Stopover ). From the School just hail a tricycle and tell them to bring you to Liwliwa.

From there, you can choose where to stay and where to eat, there are lots of tent for rent, or hammock or even rooms ranging 250-500 per night. You can ask also look for a variety store and eateries just within the vicinity. Since our tour is camping, we had our tent provided by the organizer at the camping site.  (Don’t worry I’ll be posting my story separately about my First time Camping).

At Liw-Liwa, locals can speak Tagalog, English and Ilokano Dialect, so it is easy for you to communicate them. San Felipe is a 4th class municipality in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

San Felipe is politically subdivided into 11 barangays:
-Amagna (Poblacion)
-Apostol (Poblacion)
-Faraรฑal (Poblacion)
-Feria (Poblacion)
-Manglicmot (Poblacion)
-Rosete (Poblacion)
-San Rafael
-Santo Niรฑo

The place was very amazing; waves are huge and continuous which is perfect for beginners for surfing. I enjoy personally the whole experience. (I will also post my First experience in surfing on my next post).

When you are going home, don’t forget to buy some “ pasalubong” in Subic Freeport Zone. You will enjoy shopping with tax free items. It’s more affordable. (I will be posting also my first time shopping in a Tax –free location).

Truly, everything in Zambales was first time to me. My fear from the “state of calamity” in the province due to the typhoon was replaced by an ecstasy of fun.  Everything is new to me. First, I was introduced to the sporty thingy the so called Surfing. Second, I was able to experience first time sleeping in a camping tent and that was comfortable, and Lastly, I was able to spend my money without paying Tax. WOW!!

I AMOR ZAMBALES. The normal statement of a first timer before leaving is “ I SHALL RETURN”. And I also promise myself to be back in Zambales

The Travelers 
 Morning glory
Friendly waves , as friendly as the Locals who teach me to doggie
After 3 hrs of travel. I was able to reach LIWA 
During Low tide, the placid shore leads you to the relaxing mode
I just realized , the World is huge, you just need to go out and witness it.
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