Dhen Bautista Soriano Speaks About Bohol's Tragedy

"I was one of the lucky tourists who were able to witnessed the beauty of the oldest church in the Philippines before the earthquake.. Now, it is so sad to see the fallen of our national heritage." -Dhen


Athan and Dhen at the NAIA Airport to Bohol
Dhen Soriano Baustista is one of  my Travel friend, We've been a team-up for almost four years in travelling the Philippines. She posted her sentiment towards the calamitous event happened in Bohol on her Facebook account. An attachment with an image of her visit and the image of Baclayon church after the 7.2 magnitude Earthquake was posted to shout out her feeling.  A feeling of loss or regret .
"Oo nga eh. Swerte lng tayo at nakadaupang palad natin ang simbahan bago masira. un nga lang hindi na mababalik sa dati yan" or " Yes ! We are fortunate because we were able to conduct an ocular visit in this church before the damage . The thing here, it is very impossible to restore it". she added. 

I answered " Yes, no one should be blamed , it was natural disaster . Yet as a travel blogger, it is very sad to know about it. The churches of the Philippines play a huge role in tourism because it reminds us the colorful history of our country, but now, while staring the ruins of the churches, it reminds us the mourning of Boholanos and Filipinos due to the calamity"

Because of what happened, It might be a wake up call to all the Filipinos to love our heritage. 
Video of Loboc Children Choir who brought hope to us after the disaster. 
(Video Credits to ABS CBN)

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