When Tansyong Meets JourneyingJames.

It’s been one year and five months since my cousin referred me to check Journeying James Blog. We were wondering around at Intramuros Manila when she mentioned about travelling. What if we are gonna travel, and we gonna blog,we will rove around ,yadeh yadah ! So on so forth.  Up until she mentioned about this blogger who traveled the whole Philippines, the cheapest way possible.  A traveler who gave up his job and travel by his own.

I checked his blog when I got home, I read his articles and I was impressed of all his adventures. I can’t believe and I was amazed how he did those things. Even losing a job is such a devastating situation a person can experience, and this man decided to resign so that he can travel.

From, then I idolized James who owned the blog, his writing skill is very keen. The approach is informative and the jolliness is still there that helps the readers to patronize and remain as followers up until now. He travels with his backpack and his hammock, His story is very inspiring, that leads to his reader to become a traveler as well.

James and Athan
Follow Follow.,…. Read updates, …..I  admired his press media releases and TV appearances.

After one year and five months of following his Blog. I got a chance to meet James in person.
When he organized a beach party in Liw-Liwa Zambales as a celebration to his 3rd year in blogging, I grabbed the opportunity to reserve a slot to the said event.

For an amount of PHP 2500.00, I deposited it in his Bank account. I sent the deposit receipt to his EMAIL and he replied that it was all set. He also texted to remind me what to bring and the latest changes of meeting place. (WOW si IDOL NAGTEXT)

Septmember 28, 2013 3AM Quezon Avenue Macdo near MRT-

On my way in the Taxi, I am excited to see him. Pwamis!!

At last, I was able now to meet my Idol. (Honestly, I never idolized an actor or even an actress the most both local and foreign). A simple man with Tanned skin welcomed me to the group. At first, I was not able to recognize him until I noticed his board short; it was the board short that I usually saw in his blog. “Hi, I am Jonathan!” I introduced myself.

James was busy that time; we were more than thirty travelers all in all so he needs to talk each one of us especially to those who are newbies. Before departure, he gathered all of the travelers for some reminders and he assigned us which Van we will ride.

September 28, 2013 8AM Quickie Stopover at The Magic Lagoon Bar in Olongapo City-

Everyone was out of the van since that was already 8 in the morning, the whole “James’ Aura” is more visually good to see. He is taller than me, he really looks like a real traveler, and actually he is. I can’t still believe, I am travelling with my IDOL. He started to converse every one of us, he is friendly to all of us regardless of diversity.

September 28, 2013 9AM Arrival (Setting up the Tents)

Some grabbed their bite, some were waiting and some were preparing for the Tent to be Set Up.
James with his waive-1 started to set the tents at the Campsite.

September 28. 2013 10 AM Surfing with JAMES.

With James and his local friends (instructor), we started Surfing / Training.

September 28, 2013 12 nn Heavy Lunch

I was impressed James, eating with bares hands.

September 28, 2013 4PM Games and Fellowship.

James with his organizer Mitch Sy, organized a Filipino games to break the ice. Before the “game proper” James speaks for the opening remark. “To be Rich or To be free?”

To be Rich or to be free?

(This is James' True Story)

Someone emailed me for a meeting; she was a Financial Analyst working in BGC, she set up a schedule. So, basically we met somewhere in BGC. She discussed about getting rich, how to save, how to invest in a stocks. And lot more. Yadeh yadah !!!so on and so forth…

After she discussed most likely about 15 mins, it was time for me to shine, I answer her. “I DON’T WANT TO BE RICH!” The woman was shocked due to my answer, I can see it in her eyes and she can’t even speak or even rebuttal towards my statement. The only phrase she uttered was “HOW, WHY?” Maybe she is not prepared about my answer.

I answered “ALL I WANT IS TO BE FREE! Getting rich is so easy and overrated; try something more challenging like being free and touching people’s lives. Getting rich is everybody’s ambition, it is so common. Being free yourself is the best achievement and ambition.

Tansyong’s Reaction: Yes it is true; imagine you are working 7 days a week. Earning money is your priority yet the bottom line is you are not happy and you will feel incomplete, you are not aware that the WORLD is huge; you just need to go out inside the box, explore and enjoy life. Being rich is not measured through the amount of your assets, instead the happiness of the way you live life is the most important.

September 29, 2012 James said “If you are already 21 years old, try to separate yourself from your Parents”

Together with the newbie travelers, we were having fun at one corner, when JAMES tried to reach out the group and joined our conversation. He started asking everyone a slambook approach questions. Everyone was laughing due to the fact that JAMES started to punch some haveey jokes, (but lot of waleey joke hahah). Up until he started a topic.

The Topic was about age, he stated that “If you are already 21 years old, try to separate yourself from your Parents”. Why? Because the time that you are about to settled
 And build your own family, you are 21 age above and you are still under with your parents, and time will problem comes, the tendency is YOU ARE GOING TO GO BACK YOUR PARENTS AND STILL DEPENDS ON THEM, YOU WILL NOT LEARN TO STAND AGAINST THE PROBLEMS THAT YOUR OWN FAMILY GUYS ARE FACING.

Tansyong’s Reaction: I agree on that, being separated from the parents’ custody is one motivation to everybody to become mature. You can able face the reality of the World; you will become responsible to yourself and allow yourself to accept any job for a living. “EH ANG SISIW NGA HUMIHIWALAY SA INA PAG MALAKI NA”

September 29, 2013 2PM BYE LIW-LIWA (Shopping at Subic Bay)
Travelers after the shopping (The last Picture that will surely last )
Truly, the experience of meeting in person of my idol is such a great gift for me in my Birthday September 4. I was able to learned some things, thought of a man who already proved of his capacity. He was able to influence anyone who already read his blog.

The time my feet leave the place, I’m not sad because I was able to bring home the best pasalubong. The tales of this place and the event with Journeying JAMES that I can narrate to my friend and especially to my cousin who referred me to his BLOG

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  1. Nice trip! I should check and follow journeying james blog also! Inspiring yong story nya.

    1. Opo , his story is very inspiring, Actually madami syang follower, at believe ako sa kanyang lakas ng loob na gawin ang gusto nya

  2. wow astig u finally met one of my idol

    1. Yes KULAPITO! it was very fulfilling deep within to meet a person that you really looked up. akala ko diko sya makikita, since he inspired me to do a travel blog, dapat ko sya makita, para mainspire ako magsulat


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