⛪ Wandering in Cainta’s Our Lady of Light Parish.

First day of Rizal Travel, Cainta Rizal was our first town we visit. We went directly to the Church named “Our Lady of Light Parish”.

The Cainta Church is located along A. Bonifacio Avene, San Andres, Cainta. From Manila, you need to ride a bus at Robinson Galleria bound to Taytay. Tell the driver to drop you off at Juction or Ever Gotesco Mall. From Juction or Ever Gotesco Mall, ride a jeep with Taytay Bayan, ask the driver if the jeepney will pass through at the Cainta’s Church (PHP 8.00 is the fare.)

The Stone Church is under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antipolo. On December 1, 2007, the newly renovated altar and new historical marker of the church were blessed.

When it comes to architecture, Cainta church is a baroque style where-in even at first visit, you will notice the exaggerated motion and the clearness. You can quickly and easily interpret the details of the interior design which is full of drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, and architecture.

Cainta Church was finished in 1715 by the Jesuits. It has a simple early-Renaissance facade with paired columns, niches and square windows at the choir loft. A connected bell tower has semicircular arched windows. However, the church today is not the original architecture because during the Philippine-American War, the church was burned together with the original icon of Our Lady. It remained a ruin until the 1960s.  Cainta rebuilt the church, the restoration and reconstruction of the parish was completed on February 25, 1968.

Therefore, you can no longer witness the early-Renaissance façade style but you can still appreciate the modernized church. It is now made up of Adobe, Sand, Gravel, Portland cement and Steel. A wide parking area is available outside to those who are car owners.
A wedding ceremony during my ocular visit
At the time of our arrival at the church, a wedding ceremony was still going on. I was impressed the largeness of the church which is very perfect for a wedding ceremony.  The aisle is very long enough therefore the bride can really feel her walk towards the altar.
Tablet of 10 commandments
As I walked around within the proximity, there are other structures that you can enjoy seeing with. Tree house is in the left side, mini garden; the tablet of 10 commandments is in the right side and lot more.
Our Lady of Light Parish Cainta Rizal Schedule of Masses 
Our Lady of Light Parish Formation Center or Information Center?
A dramatic outdoor Grotto 
Garden of Peace

Coming up next, our next stop is the Cainta’s Kakanin.

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