10 Ways to successful Travel blogging in Five Months Part 2

Starting a travel is not easy for, believe me. I started this Travel Blog July 1st of 2013 with the commitment to continue this way of life up until the end. Eagerness, focus and love of what I’m doing are my motivations to linger this kind of hobby. Hobby? I believe it is a way of life rather than using the word hobby.

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6. Build your Community
At first, I exposed myself to those bloggers who exists years online. Try to comment their post and surely they will comment back to you. By building friendship to the other travel bloggers you can start to penetrate their world. By that, you can also gain knowledge from them.

Create social media account, like twitter, facebook, google+ and etc... That helps your blog in terms of promotion. You also need to keep in touch to the people that follow you. Don’t just say thank you, instead try to connect them and build friendship.

            I personally build my own community, every comment in my articles; I really treasure it (even if it is a spam) because if someone leaves their footprints meaning they really spent time to write it. The next thing you need to do is to comment back and appreciate them because of the effort.

Do not forget also to create a page where –in you need to list all your favorite, recommended and idol blogs. By that, you are not just promoting there blog but you are building connections with them.

7. Keep on Travelling
Keep on travelling, that’s the essence of you blog to travel. You cannot create a story if you are not going to get out from the box.

In this tip, I am having difficulty to do this, I am full time employee so therefore I can now allocate a certain budget so subsidies my wanderlust, yet the nature of my work is very stressful and fast pacing and it is very crucial for me to apply a vacation leave for my travel because you need to compete from other employee just to get the allotted slots for the months.

Like what you read on TIP number 3. I prepared my travel ahead, booked the flight ticket, accommodation and all the thingy. And all of the sudden, my application of my “Vacation Leave (VL)” was disapproved, Imagine? What I did was I still went through leaving without pay and preparing for the disciplinary action from manager after my travel. (To the point that I’m about to give up and wanted to resign, I felt that I was a detainee)

In this manner, if you have more time to go for travel, value it, because some are not blessed. Manage your Vacation Leave Wisely. Keep on travelling.

8. Invest on Things that you need the Most.
If you are a blogger there are things that you must have. What are those things? click Here.

If you are travelling, make sure to have a backpack, a backpack that can carry an amount of your baggage in proportion to the number of days of your travel.  By reading the TIP number 3, you are now ready what to bring on your travel. Is it cold or hot location, is it urban or rural, is more on water of terrestrial destination. By knowing your battlefield, you are now well equipped.

I also suggest you to invest in hammock, 2 person tent, portable outdoor cooking set and sleeping bag. These things are necessary in backpacking. But remember, don’t bring heavy baggage, traveling light is more fun.

9. Practice Innovation
This time, consider your blog as a commodity; you have to market this to the right target. (Click here for Tip on targeting the right market).

Lot are asking, Why “I love Tansyong”, Tansyong is my stuffed toy which is trademark of my blog. I used Tansyong (Monkey) as an icon for my travel because monkeys are very tactful and wise, in traveling you have to be tactful and wise also. So Tansyong is the best icon the surely describes my travel.

Above it all, what I did part of innovation. Remember that, innumerable travel bloggers are now superseding on the web. So you need to come up with an idea which different from others. Bear in mind, that for you to stand out from the system of uniformity you have to be different from them. Just like other successful bloggers, they did an epic that made them popular.

10. Enjoy what you are doing.
Lastly, you have to enjoy what you are doing.

In every aspect of our life, no matter how difficult we are currently facing but the most important is you are doing that with a smile. Though the main goal is to win you reader’s heart but what matters most is you were able to bring the story in every article from your heart. Love what you are doing, and everything will follow.

Remember, success is not what you achieve, it’s not about fame, money or name. It is all about waking up in the morning, doing the things with happiness and going back to your bed with productive live.

Today, I still consider myself as a newbie to this thingy; I am not yet able to rove around the Philippines or even abroad but my dream is still part of my night that reminds me that I need to do it.

Within the span of five months of travel blogging, I learned a lot of things; maybe I am not rich compared to others but with my experience during my travel, with those people, places, foods, culture and nature, I considered myself richer. The fulfillment from within is very priceless.

Life is short so don’t live life, instead live life to the fullest.

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