πŸ‘¨‍🍳 A Formal Cooking Show Turns Into a Comedy Vlog.

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After we finished distributing the goods to the street children along Roxas Boulevard in Malate, Manila; we – the Pinoys Heart Britney together with yours truly- headed towards Ortigas , Pasig City as William Pombo booked an overnight  room for us at Oakwood Premier Joy- Nostalg Hotel.  The said overnight stay-cation is a celebration for the success of “Why Don’t You Do Somethin’?- Charity event.

We arrived at 10PM in the hotel; the others were assigned to buy stuff for our dinner and the other half were assigned to cook. It was agreed that we’re gonna cook our dinner just to feel the celebration (YUNG TIPONG NAGHAHANDA which is a Filipino Culture). Well, it was crazy as I took advantage of the clean and pleasant kitchen of the hotel. I came up an idea of filming the cooking session of ROY (one of the Britney Armies). Honestly, it was actually my first time to meet these guys during the event (except William Pombo since he is my office-mate); and truly, cooking is really the best way for bonding and knowing them personally.

In fact, the planned-party became a cooking show and later on, turned into a comical vlog. Originally, I was just planning to create a formal cooking show just like Erwan Heussaff ‘s Youtube Channel but sadly, it became a hilarious content as everyone is punching a joke. The others were even disturbing us while filming.


Undeniably, I should say that I love the companion of these guys. We’re all diverse and has different upbringing but the overnight stay-cation with them runs harmoniously – full of laughter and joy. Thank you guys for the experience and merry Christmas.

🎁 Filipino Fans Emulate Britney Spears’ Philanthropic Act in the Course of Gift-Giving To Street Children.

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“Not all are aware that Britney Spears is a Philanthropist, mostly to majority of kids that has cancer, and that’s what we (Britney Army in the Philippines) are trying to emulate here.” William Pombo, a member of Pinoys Heart Britney, a fan-based community of Britney in the Philippines.

On December 17, 2017, as a social media influencer, I was invited to join and cover a charity-oriented activity named “Why Don't You Do Something”. The said event is emphasizing and giving love during Christmas season as the participants give some used clothes, second-hand toys, books and foods to the street children living along Roxas Boulevard in the heart of Malate, Manila.

“This is actually our fifth year but our first four years were only being held in Cebu City. Indeed, it is our first year to execute such charitable-centric program here, in Luzon” William Pombo added.

Pinoys Heart Britney collates donation from its members, some donated used clothes, books, and toys; members who are financially stable donated cash to buy foods while those members who are still studying offer their time and strength to help make the event possible.

The volunteers strode the stretch of (Baywalk) Roxas Blvd, and (sidewalk) Pedro Gil St. to distribute the goods. Undeniably, it was quite risky as there are few street peddlers who were under the influence of solvent (drugs), stopped them and forcefully grabbed the goods. The original plan was just to give only to the street children yet it wasn’t perfectly executed due to the fact that there were by-standers harassing the volunteers and forcibly snatched the goods while sauntering the area.


“We can no longer control the scenario nor change it; this is really the situation of Roxas Blvd. We already did out part, however, the important is the spirit and thought of giving this Christmas that somehow it touches their lives and I’m pretty sure , they’ll also pay it forward to other people they knew.” Pombo uttered in an emotional voice.

Meanwhile, the Pinoys Heart Britney CEBU Chapter was also successful in executing the same event.

Truly, as an eye-witness and a part of the event, it was really indescribable feeling- seeing those people genuinely smiling because of the small gift that they received seemingly they felt being valued. That is the spirit of Christmas – giving love and care, not just only to our family but to the whole humanity.

Here are the PHOTOS:


#YTVPH Group Promotes a Sense of Belongingness on their Successful Year-End Party.

Photo courtesy of Paola Mae Torres
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Sense of Belongingness is one of the reasons why we joined a group. Do you still remember the time that you joined in a club during your college or high school days? It was because you considered that group a haven where you can execute your passion.

On December 10,2017. A facebook group of Pinoy Content Creators named Youtube Vloggers Philippines (#YTVPH) organized a year-end party held at The Regency Hotel, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, and Pasig City. The party has an entrance fee which was amounting to PHP 400 for all professionals and working creators while only PHP250 for students; and the said event was participated by numerous aspiring Content Creators in the country. Indeed, when I said “aspiring” – it means they’re small time youtubers who are passionately creating awesome videos and uploading it in the social media.

“The good thing with - Small time youtubers with zero to thousands subscribers-, we helped each other to grow. I can see how they started and how they became confident on their craft” said Gab Jornacion, one of the proponents of the event.

The party lasted for four hours with full of performances from the talented youtubers – violinist, guitarist and singer. There were raffles and giveaways from different sponsors and I was lucky to get a 3D-2N free travel to Ilocos . Moreover, foods and drinks were served right at the start of the party. The highlight of the said event happened on the last part wherein I had to meet the content creators and mingle with them. It was undeniably cool seeing everyone’s talking to their own camera.

 I can feel the sense of belongingness – all of them were crazy.

Watch The Video Below:

If you think you’re an aspiring creator and you wanted to join the group, CLICK HERE and it is for free (no catch at all) . You just have to follow the house rule.


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