#YTVPH Group Promotes a Sense of Belongingness on their Successful Year-End Party.

Join Jonathan “Tansyong” Orbuda as he will bring you to an event of Youtube Vloggers Philippines in the course of his vlog. Share this guys to your friends if you think they’re looking for something that helps them grow as a content creator – Youtube,Facebook or Blog.

Photo courtesy of Paola Mae Torres
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Sense of Belongingness is one of the reasons why we joined a group. Do you still remember the time that you joined in a club during your college or high school days? It was because you considered that group a haven where you can execute your passion.

On December 10,2017. A facebook group of Pinoy Content Creators named Youtube Vloggers Philippines (#YTVPH) organized a year-end party held at The Regency Hotel, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, and Pasig City. The party has an entrance fee which was amounting to PHP 400 for all professionals and working creators while only PHP250 for students; and the said event was participated by numerous aspiring Content Creators in the country. Indeed, when I said “aspiring” – it means they’re small time youtubers who are passionately creating awesome videos and uploading it in the social media.

“The good thing with - Small time youtubers with zero to thousands subscribers-, we helped each other to grow. I can see how they started and how they became confident on their craft” said Gab Jornacion, one of the proponents of the event.

The party lasted for four hours with full of performances from the talented youtubers – violinist, guitarist and singer. There were raffles and giveaways from different sponsors and I was lucky to get a 3D-2N free travel to Ilocos . Moreover, foods and drinks were served right at the start of the party. The highlight of the said event happened on the last part wherein I had to meet the content creators and mingle with them. It was undeniably cool seeing everyone’s talking to their own camera.

 I can feel the sense of belongingness – all of them were crazy.

Watch The Video Below:

If you think you’re an aspiring creator and you wanted to join the group, CLICK HERE and it is for free (no catch at all) . You just have to follow the house rule.

📍 Location: Exchange Road cor. Meralco Ave. and Jade Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines

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