🏒 My Condo Lifestyle In the Urban Zone of Manila, Philippines.

Hello Tansyong Lovers! Two years ago, I shared you guys my biggest gift ever that I gave to myself – owning a dwelling.  I’ve been opened with my life online and to you guys that I was renting an apartment for almost 8 years before I came up the idea of owning a unit .Imagine, I calculated how much I paid for my rent in 8 years, and I can even purchase a Toyota Vios , supposedly. But then, since I wasn’t capable that time entering into mortgage responsibility, I opted to rent instead just to have a roof within the city.

From the day that I started to pay my equity until the moment that already transferred into my own condo unit, I haven’t showed you guys my unit. And so, I decided to give you an idea on how I live now in my own small space.

Below is the video that I filmed on November 2017 when I transferred to my new unit.  I sold my two door ref and TV because it doesn’t fit in my new unit. I also left my washing machine in my old apartment because the condominium complex has its own Laundromat.  I hired a tricycle to bring my belongings. It wasn’t easy guys! Seemingly, I was starting all over again.

Watch the VLOG “Lipat Bahay

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One year living inside my own space is beyond description. Despite of its limited space, I can easily invite my friends without hesitation that your landlady might stop you of doing so. I was able to indulge the so called privacy. Nawawala ang pangamba na mapapalayas ka anytime. I even started to buy some appliances – TV and Ref.

Living in a condominium is not perfect as I expected. There were also some problems that I had encountered, aside from its monthly bills, I experienced that someone knock on my door in the middle of the night compromised my security. There was an instance that when the typhoon came, a water-leak shookt me twice which questioned the durability and quality of the condo. I even reached to the point that I felt regret of buying a condo unit from 8990 Holdings – a developer of Urban Deca Tower.

Nevertheless, there is no such place like home wherein I’m excited to go home after your work because I have now my own private place. I am also obliged to go to work every day because I have mortgage to pay every month. Indeed, everything that I’ve experienced was part of adulting.
It has been one year since I occupied my unit. Things have been changed, when I started to live here, there was no cockroach at all and now, I am problematic on how I killed them all.
Anyway, let me show you my unit now and narrate what really my lifestyle is.


πŸŒ„ Revisiting Chocolate Hills After 8 Years.

2011 was the last time I visited this amazing world wonder – Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Now 2018, I am now revisiting this never been faded tourist destination of Bohol.

Watch the vlog below.

William Pombo, my friend, it was actually his first time to see a Chocolate Hill aside from seeing them in the posters and in the internet. Wala pa din kupas, the fact that this tourist spot was also distracted by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, among others. Bohol tourism department was truly able to rehabilitate the area that was damaged due to the aftershocks.

There are few changes – I didn’t see the swimming pool anymore and the store on the top of the highest hill is no longer there. But other than that, everything was still maintained.
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🏨 Overnight Manila Brings You The Top of the Line Properties Alternative to a Hotel.

Escaping the congested area in Manila and avoiding the stressful fast pace of life – just for one day or more, doesn’t need you to travel going to provinces. However, you can just book a short term stay-cation within the urban zone and you can feel the tranquillity that you’re looking for.

But how? Just simply book a property for stay-cation from Overnight Manila.

Overnight Manila is a highly recommended hospitality management company that provides you access from different real properties around Manila. They are visible in major platforms like Airbnb, Homeaway, TripAdvisor,and Booking.com. Moreover, they handled guest communications, booking and verification check. With a reasonable price, you can stay for a short span of time or so at Acqua Private Residences, Azure Urban Resort Residences, Knightsbridge Residences and etcetera. Nothing to worry about as guest can arrive anytime of the day or night and they will personally hand you the key.

In addition, if you’re a property owner and wanted your idle place to generate income without hassle, Overnight Manila will do it for you. They will market your property in a comprehensive approach by carefully listing in major booking platforms and search optimization. They will take care of your property to maintain the hotel quality standard; and they will make sure that your property is out risk from theft and vandalism by checking the rooms before the guest leaves.

This is beneficial for you, if you’re an OFW or a busy property owner who owns an unoccupied condo units and who doesn’t have sufficient time to manage and market on it.  Overnight Manila doesn’t believe in a long term contract and owners can pull out their properties anytime if you’d like to. You can even freeze the booking availability if you need to use your own unit and just resume whenever it becomes idle again.

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 RATING: ⭐⭐⭐

Meanwhile, I personally experienced how Overnight Manila handled their client. They kept in touch with me via email regarding the details of my stay. One of their employees met us at the lobby to personally welcome us. She brought us to the various amenities inside the building.


 RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

We stayed at Knightsbridge Residences located at the heart of Makati. I was honestly amazed because of the sophisticated ambiance of the place. When I arrived at the lobby, I noticed right away their security guards “like they’re all pleasing in my eyes darling!”. Inside, you can discern that the interior and architectural designs were actually inspired by United Kingdom theme. The intricate designs on the ceiling   are proof how luxurious the place is. The chandeliers are massive that give a tungsten ambiance around the place. At the hallway, artificial deer antlers are attached on the wall adjacent to the elevators door and it gives a characteristic of the place.

Heading towards to our room, I really love the hotel standard bed and the sofa-bed that can accommodate four guests. The lights are sunken on the ceiling which gives a homey feeling.  The bathroom is clean that has hot and cold shower available. Toothbrush, shampoo, soup and tissue paper are also in there - offered. It has a decent kitchen with induction cooker, rice cooker and kitchenware. Coffee, tea and chocolate drinks are also for free. The wall facing to City Hall is entirely made of glass so that you can see outside without actually doing there. Indeed, dining table with four chairs is also available.

As an online content creator, internet is really essential for me prior of booking a hotel or condo. But I was surprised how fast the internet they have as I was able to broadcast live in my Youtube Channel in 720 resolution.  If you want to stay the whole day inside, that is fine because they have Ruku TV with Netlfix and Youtube.

Watch the Live Session Below:


RATING:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Naloka ako teh! 

Numerous amenities are available based on your life style. If you’re a bookworm, then go to the library. If you have active lifestyle, then use their complete gym equipments and yoga/dance room. If you want to showcase your sexiness, then go to the swimming pool with Jacuzzi.  If you belong to Gen X and Y, then go to arcade and movie room. If you’re Millennials, then indulge their game room. Sauna, Steam room, you name it, they have it; among others.



Since it was Sunday night, unfortunately the nightlife was somewhat pale, but bars, clubs, spas and other establishments were still open. I was just expecting a more dynamic nightlife which obviously – it wasn’t. It was actually raining and that might be the reason why the bars were not that kind of vibrant. But if you stay at Knightsbridge Residences, the access to various establishments isn’t stressful as you can just walk – eg. City Century Mall and etcetera.

Undeniably, my 31st birthday stay-cation that was held at Knightsbridge Residences is one of my unforgettable moments as I was able to bond with my friends at the same time I was able to work with Overnight Manila as a social media partner.

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