πŸŒ„ Revisiting Chocolate Hills After 8 Years.

2011 was the last time I visited this amazing world wonder – Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Now 2018, I am now revisiting this never been faded tourist destination of Bohol.

Watch the vlog below.

William Pombo, my friend, it was actually his first time to see a Chocolate Hill aside from seeing them in the posters and in the internet. Wala pa din kupas, the fact that this tourist spot was also distracted by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, among others. Bohol tourism department was truly able to rehabilitate the area that was damaged due to the aftershocks.

There are few changes – I didn’t see the swimming pool anymore and the store on the top of the highest hill is no longer there. But other than that, everything was still maintained.
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πŸ“ Location: Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

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