🏒 My Condo Lifestyle In the Urban Zone of Manila, Philippines.

Hello Tansyong Lovers! Two years ago, I shared you guys my biggest gift ever that I gave to myself – owning a dwelling.  I’ve been opened with my life online and to you guys that I was renting an apartment for almost 8 years before I came up the idea of owning a unit .Imagine, I calculated how much I paid for my rent in 8 years, and I can even purchase a Toyota Vios , supposedly. But then, since I wasn’t capable that time entering into mortgage responsibility, I opted to rent instead just to have a roof within the city.

From the day that I started to pay my equity until the moment that already transferred into my own condo unit, I haven’t showed you guys my unit. And so, I decided to give you an idea on how I live now in my own small space.

Below is the video that I filmed on November 2017 when I transferred to my new unit.  I sold my two door ref and TV because it doesn’t fit in my new unit. I also left my washing machine in my old apartment because the condominium complex has its own Laundromat.  I hired a tricycle to bring my belongings. It wasn’t easy guys! Seemingly, I was starting all over again.

Watch the VLOG “Lipat Bahay

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One year living inside my own space is beyond description. Despite of its limited space, I can easily invite my friends without hesitation that your landlady might stop you of doing so. I was able to indulge the so called privacy. Nawawala ang pangamba na mapapalayas ka anytime. I even started to buy some appliances – TV and Ref.

Living in a condominium is not perfect as I expected. There were also some problems that I had encountered, aside from its monthly bills, I experienced that someone knock on my door in the middle of the night compromised my security. There was an instance that when the typhoon came, a water-leak shookt me twice which questioned the durability and quality of the condo. I even reached to the point that I felt regret of buying a condo unit from 8990 Holdings – a developer of Urban Deca Tower.

Nevertheless, there is no such place like home wherein I’m excited to go home after your work because I have now my own private place. I am also obliged to go to work every day because I have mortgage to pay every month. Indeed, everything that I’ve experienced was part of adulting.
It has been one year since I occupied my unit. Things have been changed, when I started to live here, there was no cockroach at all and now, I am problematic on how I killed them all.
Anyway, let me show you my unit now and narrate what really my lifestyle is.


πŸ“ Location: PH, Sierra Madre, Brgy, 69 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, 1550, Philippines

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