Quickie Stopover at Magic Lagoon Bar/Grill/Restaurant Subic Bay, Zambales

“Call of nature” is one reason why we stopped over at Magic Lagoon. On our way to San Felipe, Zambales with “Journeying JAMES” and with other travelers we decided to stop in just a short span of time from our long trip.

When I took a glance outside right from our van, I noticed a Magic Lagoon Bar/Grill/Restaurant signage. Everyone came out from the van, so I joined.

I am with Lealeny Mani aka the 711 Girl

Outside, it was awesome morning, plus the green environment was perfect for picture taking. Some were smoking, some were looking for the rest room, and others were having a conversation. I went ahead to the bar with some of my newly friends, it was cold and nice weather. We took pictures and started to rove around.
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I am with Bella Donna aka the Bully Teacher

At the back of the Bar or simply adjacent to its location is the lagoon. I was amazed with the picturesque view of the entire lagoon. Surrounded with trees that adds up the panoramic nature. The vicinity is perfect for jogging during morning. You can also take a break at a placid and casual waterway. Actually, the bar is a classy facility with immaculate restrooms. The beauty of the large lake is open 24 hrs for you to relax and for fishing so if you are a shift worker, you can stop-by anytime of the day or night to relax at this unique establishment. This fun facility is located across the street from the Subic Yacht Club, beside Le’ Mans Go Kart, along Rizal Highway which is the main road leading into the Freeport.

Since, It was just only quickie stop over for only 20 minutes; I don’t have enough time to taste their specialties. I asked one of the employees what are their best menus if ever I’ll come back. Classic Filipino dishes such as Inihaw na Sugpo, Talaba, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na Baboy, Adobong Hito, Steamed Alimango, Deep Fried Hito, Sisig, Fried Rice, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Calameres. I checked also their menus listed Kare Kare, Samot Saring Gulay, Inihaw na Tilapia, Tinola Native Manok, Inihaw Tahong and Leche Flan. You will also find a few standard American items such as a Club House Sandwich.

Moreover, Sit back and sip on your beer or eat a home-style, grilled Filipino meal at a private native-style table with your own large umbrella made of large coconut leaves. You may alternately choose to sit under the very large shaded and covered common bar area next to the water. Yes, there is a full bar serving mixed drinks, beer and wine.

This Place is also perfect for the nature lovers; you may choose to spend some time on the docks, rent a fishing poll and throw your line in the water to test your hand as an expert fisherperson. This is a full-featured facility with fishing, boating and hiking available to all patrons. Yes, you can even rent a boat and venture onto the very large lake/lagoon to investigate the various little coves or find your special fishing spot. This is family fun at its best!

If you are in need of a little exercise, simply take a walk around the paths of the tree-lined facility. You and your children will enjoy viewing the various turkeys, geese, ducks, and other fouls around the park.

The Magic Lagoon Bar/Grill/Restaurant
Building 716 Bincentenial Park
Rizal Highway
Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines
Phone: (047)-252-1475

From Left Christoper Sarmiento, It's me Athan, Lealeny and Mariel

continue trip to LIW-LIWA ..

📍 Location: Central Luzon, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines

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