Wood Products Craftsmanship of Taytay, Rizal.

Philippines’ woodwork industry is really growing now, given the fact that scarce wood supply affect this industry since illegal logging in the country is strictly monitored by the Authorities. An evidence of inclining business is when you visit Taytay, Rizal.

Taytay Rizal is the major supplier of Wood products, such as furniture for home, sala set, and wood carving as well. The said municipality held also the title of “Wood Work Capital of the Philippines”. Innumerable manufacturers located within the town are exporting such great products. From simple design to complicated details of each artwork, named it and you can find it here. You can also order a “customized made products” that will fit your desired notion.

Right after we paid a visit the St. Jhon the Baptist Church, we went ahead to the location where in we can find the said wood products. In Baranggay Muzon, along the Manila East Road, a numbers of store and showroom are lining up to offer such amazing products. From Oriental-Asian to Elegant European designs are visible on the highway.

I did an impromptu interview; one of the employees told me that doing the business of such nature is a gift from above. “ Maswerte nga kami dito kasi kahit medyo mahirap ang trabaho at mabibigat, nanakakain pa din kami”, Mang Lito, telling his story while doing the “Finishing” of the Furniture.

Truly, during our ocular visit, I mean window shopping, Taytay Rizal really proved us that they deserved to entitle as the “WoodWork Capital of The Philippines”. The production/manufacturing industry contributes the income of the municipality, and a tremendous help to the livelihood of its locals.

Sample Designs


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